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Sistema de información geográfica para planificación turística


Oferta Tecnológica
Una universidad italiana ofrece experiencia en sistemas de información geográfica (GIS) para el sector turístico. Los sistemas de información geográfica se aplican en numerosos campos, incluyendo geografía, silvicultura, desarrollo y planificación urbana y estudios medioambientales, y se han utilizado con éxito en el sector turístico para la recogida, análisis, modelización y presentación visual de datos turísticos. La tecnología GIS utiliza ordenadores, software y datos para ayudar a los agentes del sector turístico a identificar y visualizar tendencias de mercado, patrones, oportunidades y amenazas que no sería posible obtener con datos en papel y en formatos tabulares. La universidad busca departamentos públicos y agentes del sector turístico con el fin de establecer acuerdos de comercialización con asistencia técnica, servicio y cooperación técnica.


Geographic Information System for tourism planning.
A University in North Italy is offering their expertise on Geographic Information System (GIS) tools for tourism sector. They are looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance, service agreements and technical cooperation agreements with public departments and stakeholders in tourism.
Tourism is one of the most rapidly increasing business sectors in the world and the success of this business sector varies from country to country depending on different policies, ability to develop sufficient infrastructure to support, ability to manage and create market and overall marketing through the whole world about the product. Many of the countries depend on the tourism sector for their economic growth.
Geographic Information System (GIS) is an analytical tool, originated from Computer Aided design (CAD) it helps to create maps at different scales in different projections with a database to generate new information and present it in different formats (other than maps). It also creates links between spatial and tabular data and find out spatial relationships between the features of maps. It helps to collect, store and integrate spatial data to analyse and present them as new information. It is considered as a powerful tool to perform these works.
GIS has been applied in many fields including geography, forestry, urban development and planning, and environmental studies and it has been successfully used in tourism for collecting, analyzing, modeling and visual presentation of tourist data.
Capabilities of GIS in Tourism:
· Data entry, storage and manipulation to Tourism Resource Inventories;
· Map production to Identify most suitable location for development;
· Data queries and searches to visitor management/flows;
· Spatial analysis to analyze relationships associated with resource use;
· Spatial modeling to assess potential impacts of tourism development;
GIS applications can provide three different types of information:
· Tourism resource maps - analyse the resource set to identify how much is available and where it is. To determine the capability of an area for the creation of new tourism products or services, identifying locations suitable to tourists or tourism.
· Tourism use maps - To analyse the resource set to evaluate land use options and identify zones of conflict or complementarity, such as access points, water, wildlife habitats etc.
· Tourism capability maps - To analyse the resource set to monitor tourist resources at risk due to management, planning decisions and other sectors;
The prerequisites for building an interactive map are:
· Collecting the existing and adding new data;
· Having a possibility of quick and easy update of attributes, as information about certain locations is often changed (working hours, phone numbers...);
· Select and categorize relevant information;
· Adjust the data to a user through filters, different layers, zoom and search options;
· Sharing the data with public through a simple and intuitive interface.
Advantages and Innovations:
The integration of tourism data and GIS data is still a big challenge for the tourism industry today.
Information Technology and GIS makes use of computer, software and data to help Tourism Industry stakeholders identify and visualize market trends, patterns, opportunities, threats which otherwise may not be possible with data on paper and in tabular formats.
Tourism is a composite of activities, facilities, services and industries that deliver a travel experience, that is, transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking establishments, entertainment, recreation, historical and cultural experiences, destination attractions, shopping and other services available to travelers away from home.
Potential Benefits of Tourism GIS
· Intelligent Mapping
· Analytical Capabilities
· Modeling and Prediction
· Revenue Generation
Usage of GIS and Information Technology systems can facilitate better tourism planning and management. The list of capabilities that can be useful for this industry can be but not limited to following:
· Thematic cartography can be generated in a fast and inexpensive way
· Maps are produced in variable scales according to different kinds of users
· Information can be updated fast and easily
· To make applications with basic information and to produce new information through variable combination is faster and cheaper that crossing data in manual way
· They can show results in cartographic, statistical, or table form
· Errors can be corrected dynamically, saving the time and material that they would cost if corrections need to be done on printed maps or tables
· Cartography can be presented with better and more accuracy
· Information can be integrated easily, through automated relation between different databases that describes the same geographic space according different themes
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