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Sistema de información sanitaria eficiente, rentable y fácil de instalar para vida cotidiana asistida y telemetría médica


Oferta Tecnológica
Una start-up portuguesa de base tecnológica ha desarrollado una plataforma de eSalud basada en sensores inalámbricos para la monitorización continua del estado de salud y ubicación de personas mayores o con enfermedades crónicas. Esta plataforma permite integrar la información médica del usuario en un lugar seguro, al que pueden acceder los profesionales sanitarios. La plataforma facilita la asistencia rápida en situaciones de emergencia enviando alertas automáticas al cuidador y al sistema de emergencias centralizado. Se buscan centros de día, residencias, empresas de rehabilitación y profesionales en el campo de atención domiciliaria con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia, comercialización con asistencia técnica o servicio.


Efficient, low cost and easy-to-deploy home health information system for Ambient Assisted Living and Medical Telemetry
A Portuguese technology-based start-up has developed a wireless sensors' based e-health platform for the continuous monitoring of health status and location of the elderly or chronically hill people. The platform enables the integration of the user's medical information in a safe place where it can be accessed by health care providers, whether formal or informal, and facilitates the rapid assistance in emergencies by sending automatic alerts for the caregiver and/or centralised emergency system.
The increasing ageing of the population combined with issues of independence and quality of life results in the fact that many elderly people live separated from their families, often living alone or accompanied by another old person and significantly increasing the number of elderly people found dead at home without any assistance, formal or informal.

Moreover, regarding people with an increasingly busy day-to-day that make up the active population, it is difficult to keep the continuous surveillance of their elderly relatives with diagnosed diseases.
In the case of these elderly that need to be continuously monitored due to cardiovascular problems or others, it becomes essential to have a platform to empower this process and which allows the remote monitoring.
Also in the case of independent elderly without diagnosed problems, it may be of interest to maintain monitoring of vital signs and their activities, allowing a timely intervention in case of emergency, such as a fall.
A third of people aged over 65 fall at least once a year. These falls, which might result in fractures, can immobilize the elderly, who need urgent medical attention. In the case of an elderly person who lives alone, he/she can spend hours without being assisted, which will increase the effects of a fall that could be harmless.

The new e-health platform responds to the problem identified, allowing for the continuous monitoring of vital signs or other parameter type and the reporting of the data information to a remote application for the caregiver.

The new e-health platform developed enables the integration of user information (elderly or chronically ill) in a safe place where it can be accessed by health care providers, whether formal or informal. Through continuous monitoring of health status and location of the user, the platform facilitates expeditious assistance in emergencies, since when anomalies occur, alerts are automatically issued for the caregiver and/or centralized emergency system. The system is based on two complementary modules:
· A mobile application which is responsible for acquiring and processing the data monitored by the Bluetooth wireless sensors and for transmitting these data to the central server. This module is also responsible for triggering alerts if the values fall below or above the thresholds previously defined.
· A web application in which the caregiver can consult the monitored data in real time and also define and setup a set of parameters.
The wireless sensors available in the solution enable the monitoring of the following parameters: Heart rate; Oximetry; Blood Pressure; Location; Glucose; Weight; Temperature.
Concurrently, the company is developing other products based on this technology to address other markets such as the monitoring of well-being.
Advantages and Innovations:
Continuously monitoring of vital signs and daily activity information can help to promote better healthcare and better quality of life.
Medical telemetry is not a new concept, but the vast majority of available solutions are not capable to re-organize its different sensing components on a network and to transmit and retransmit data to other sensors or expand it to several devices. In addition, most available products in the market require the patient to stay in bed and the few ambulatory wireless products are usually too big and heavy.
In recent years, there have been many technological developments that aim to address this problem, due to the large market potential.
This e-health platform is aimed at different types of patients (characterized by their diseases or symptoms) and at the part of population that is concerned about their health. It is also directed to the promotion of health and well being allowing the user to measure his continuous heartbeat during physical activity and monitor the evolution of his physical condition. The consultation of health data history and evolution might be done online and shared with the health professional, given that in order to protect the privacy of the users, the system needs to have bidirectional authorization.
The platform is modular and cloud based in order to add new features easily and to be highly/worldwide scalable.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
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Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Partners and potential clients are:
- Homecare companies and professionals
- Nursing homes
- Day care centers
- Residential homes
- Rehabilitation companies
Interested partners have the option of signing a license agreement, to engage into a commercial agreement with technical assistance or to establish a services agreement.


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Industry SME <= 10
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