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Sistema de localización precisa en interiores basado en cintas inteligentes


Oferta Tecnológica
Un equipo de investigación de una universidad italiana ofrece un sistema de localización en interiores basado en cintas inteligentes e infraestructuras de comunicación. Este sistema puede aplicarse para ofrecer servicios de comunicación avanzados basados en posición y desarrollar edificios inteligentes. El concepto ha sido validado por simulación computarizada. El equipo de investigación busca socios industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica y desarrollar el prototipo del sistema.


A system for accurate indoor localization based on smart tapes
A research team from an Italian university proposes an indoor localization system based on smart tapes and communication infrastructures. The system can be applied for providing advanced position based communication services and for creating intelligent buildings. The system concept has been validated by computer simulation. The research team is seeking industrial partners for a technical cooperation to develop a system prototype.
The Italian research team is active in the field of electronic communications. Particularly, the research activities concern the following topics: statistical signal analysis, digital signal processing, wired and wireless access networks and related technologies.

Indoor localization systems provide position estimates using data from a large number of sensors spreaded in the area. The practical realization of these systems presents several problems. The main ones are related to the rapid positioning and precise localization of sensors in the area. In order to avoid ambiguities each sensor identifier should be automatically set to be unique in the area. Finally, when active sensors are employed, the power supply is a critical aspect. The usage of batteries as well as power saving could render the maintenance of the localization system problematic.

The proposed technology based on smart tape concept and telecommunication infrastructure, allows solving these problems, effectively. The localization system is scalable since there is no limit of sensors that can be located in the area. In case of active sensors, smart tapes also provide a solution for powering. Finally, the position information obtained by smart tapes can be very accurate as shown by simulation.

Given its technical features, the proposed localization system is an enabler for a practical realization of the intelligent building/intelligent automation paradigms. Availability of accurate position information allows creating and providing a multitude of innovative communication services for persons inside buildings and large environments such as hospitals, supermarkets, exhibitions, railway stations, airports, etc.

The scope of the technical cooperation agreement is the development of a system prototype, which can be turned into marketable products. To this aim, the system prototype should be tested in a real indoor environment such as a supermarket or a hospital. The partner sought is expected to ensure competence, expertise and equipment for the smart tape manufacturing, system integration (of smart tape and communication software and infrastructure) and testing activities.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main innovation of the proposed localization system relies on the use of smart tapes which ensure the following advantages:
-ease installation even by non-skilled technicians;
-simplifying powering;
-localization accuracy on the order of tens of cm while other technologies permit accuracy on the order of meter;

In addition, the adoption of standard technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) 4.0 or 4.1, guarantees compatibility with every smart phone or tablets equipped with integrated Bluetooth technology. The standard technology also ensures that electromagnetic emissions are comply with regulatory imposed limits;
Finally, the accurate position information provided by smart tapes can be used to offer enhanced communication services inside existing buildings or future "intelligent" buildings. Accurate remote assisted guidance to persons moving inside the area and tracking of persons and objects, are example of possible innovative services inside buildings and large environments. These services can be easily provided using app running on smart phone and tablets being especially suitable for vulnerable people.
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Italian research team is interested in technology transfer with Small and Medium-sized industrial companies, active in fields of communication software development, electronic technologies and manufacturing. The research team is seeking industrial partners able to develop a prototype that can be tested in a real environment such as a supermarket or a hospital.
The partner is expected to ensure technologies and manufacturing expertise for smart tapes prototyping. Expertise in communication software development is also requested in order to develop:
-apps for smart phone/tablets aimed to read data provided by sensors and server in the area;
-communication software to be run on the server for processing localization algorithms.
In addition, the partner is expected to realize the system integration of smart tapes and communication software. Finally, the partner is expected to participate in field testing.
The research team is ready to collaborate with the industrial partner in the development of localization algorithms. The research team is also ready to support partner in the system integration and testing activities.


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