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Sistema de posicionamiento de trenes para operarios de transporte por ferrocarril de pasajeros y mercancías


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme británica está desarrollando un sistema de posicionamiento de trenes que no depende de GPS (sistema de posicionamiento global) y que no necesita ninguna otra infraestructura más que las vías ferroviarias. Este sistema muestra la posición exacta del tren en relación con un mapa de redes, señalando la vía en la que está el tren. El sistema utiliza una cámara de infrarrojos instalada en el tren para detectar las vías, puntos y distancia recorrida. Se buscan socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de fabricación, licencia o joint venture.


Train positioning system for passenger and freight rail operators.
A UK SME is developing an infrastructure-free, train positioning system with no reliance upon GPS (Global Positioning System), which does not require any additional infrastructure other than the track rails and points. The system will return the exact position of the train relative to a network map pin-pointing which track the train is on. Partners are sought for manufacturing, licensing and /or joint venture agreement.
Railway systems relying on track-side features can have problems due to the changing environment. Similarly, track-side infrastructure based systems can lose accuracy when infrastructure is moved either deliberately or through theft. GPS (Global Positioning System) based systems have difficulties in cuttings, tunnels and other GPS denied environments.

The major advantage of this system, which is being newly developed by the UK SME, is that it relies only on the main constant feature of a railway, the rails. For a train to be operable, the rails must be in place and in a predictable position relative to the train. This alone is used by the new system to track train progress across the rail network.

The system uses a train-mounted, low light sensitive infra-red camera to detect rails, points and distance travelled. System software fuses optical flow distance measurements with rail track and point detections to provide a specific track identifier and track position. Information is sent to the control centre via GSM/GSM-R/Sat-phone or other methods.

The network map is held on a cloud-based server and the train mounted system outputs the train´s navigational history in track-space. The server-side system correlates that information to the rail network map to determine the train´s position with an accuracy of less than two metres longitudinally and precisely which rail. The design ensures the data and bandwidth requirements are minimal, requiring only a few bytes of data to be transmitted per second. The system outputs the following data:

- Direction taken at last point (left or right);
- Distance travelled since last point;
- Speed;
- Acceleration;
- UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) Timestamp.

This is enough information for the cloud-based server to precisely pinpoint the position of any train to a specific track and within a maximum of two metres longitudinal error at any time.

The company is seeking partners with experience in providing technology and systems to the rail industry in the UK and internationally for commercial exploitation of the new system via manufacturing, licensing and joint venture agreements.
Advantages and Innovations:
Benefits of the new system include:
- Infrastructure free;
- GPS free;
- All weather capability;
- Operable in all light conditions;
- Cheap components;
- Low power and bandwidth requirements;
- Ease of maintenance;
- No modification required to the train envelope.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Worldwide patent pending.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is seeking partners who are experienced in delivering new technology and systems into the rail industry in the UK and internationally. They are aware of the strict safety and performance requirements of the rail industry, and need partners who have successfully worked with those requirements in past projects.

The company would like to explore partnerships with such organisations, and they would be interested in discussing licensing agreements, joint venture agreements and/or manufacturing agreements with them. It is envisaged that the partner´s role would be to manufacture and commercially exploit the new system.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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