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Sistema de reciclaje flexible para convertir plásticos y aceites en combustibles estándar


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme irlandesa ha desarrollado un proceso de reciclaje portátil, económico, modular y flexible basado en pirólisis como catalizador para gestionar aceites residuales y plásticos no reciclados y convertirlos en combustibles estándar. La empresa está interesada en establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica para ampliar el potencial de mercado, acuerdos de fabricación utilizando la capacidad y métodos potenciales con posibilidad de intercambiar derechos de propiedad intelectual, y acuerdos financieros con cesión total de la tecnología e IPR.


A flexible recycling system to convert plastics and oils into standard fuels.
An Irish SME has developed a portable, cost effective modular flexible recycling process using pyrolysis as the catalyst to manage waste oil -Y- non recycled plastics -Y- conversion into upgraded oil -Y- fuel. They offer commercial agreement with technical assistance to expand the market potential; manufacturing agreement using the potential extra capacity -Y- methods with a possibility of sharing intellectual property rights (IPR) -Y- financial agreements with full assignment of the technology -Y- IPR.
Waste utilization has been centred on combustion of all waste materials aiming at maximizing volume reduction, but the combustion route has proved problematic due to elevated generation of dioxin and CO2 emissions. Also using combustion in some case destroys the material and so forgoing the possibility of any valorisation of the waste.

Waste oils and plastics in particular are two of the most abundant pollutant residues that are generated causing a negative impact on the environment through their lifecycle.

Waste oil is used oil containing not only breakdown products but also impurities from use. Some examples of waste oil are used oils such as hydraulic oil, transmission oil, brake fluids, motor oil, crankcase oil, gear box oil and synthetic oil.

In relation to plastics and reclamation of same, there remains a portion of the plastic waste stream that cannot be mechanically recycled due to contamination, lack of markets or the inability to separate plastics that can make recovery unfeasible.

Waste valorisation is one approach whereby utilising pyrolysis technology as the conversion system to manage waste oil and non-recycled plastics and the conversion into upgraded oil and fuel, creating a reliable source of alternative energy from an abundant, relatively low-cost feedstock along with the other benefits of a range of valuable commodities.

An Irish SME, in the pyrolysis and plastic recycling solutions business, has developed a multiple pod and or continues solution, utilising Pyrolysis (which is a thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen (or any halogen).

The system can be operated with electricity without use of any catalysts. It has been developed and demonstrated at a pilot scale and can be adjusted to accommodate industrial waste, e.g. automobile plastics and packaging materials oil and water mixtures and residues to produce upgraded oils and carbon along with the added benefit of valuable reusable raw material that can be used as another fuel to power combined heat and power (CHP) auxiliary systems.

The SME is offering a number of possibilities as follows; commercial agreement with technical assistance to expand the market potential; a manufacturing agreement utilising the potential of extra capacity and methodologies. There is also a possibility of a financial agreement which can encompass full assignment of the technology and all associated IPR´s.

However, any of the mentioned possible agreements will be further discussed on an expression of interest (EOI) status.
Advantages and Innovations:
- The system is modular in form.
- Cost efficient and easily scalable to suit the needs.
- Operated with electricity without use of any catalysts
- Flexibility in recycling arrangements e.g. tyres, plastics to oil, waste oil enhancement.
- Can be aligned with CHP (combined heat -Y- power) systems.
- Portable.
- Low amount of residues as by-products (specific to oil upgrading).
- In alignment with environmental regulations utilising gas cleaners (know-how) to reduce e.g. NOX´s (Nitrogen-Oxides) emissions in flue gases.
- Remote-monitoring.
- High conversion ratio of up to 95% (oil upgrading specific)
- Oil from waste and oil to oil upgrade can be suitable for a range of application, such as generators, forklifts, agricultural vehicles etc.
- Oil (from automobile, packaging plastics, tyres -Y- oil to oil upgrades) can be used as a component for a blended fuel ratio mix with e.g. diesel.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Exclusive Rights,Other

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
In relation to a commercial agreement - knowledge of the waste valorisation arena and associated market place is desired.

In relation to a manufacturing agreement - fabrication capacity and knowledge of furnaces, condensers, emission scrubbers, centrifuge with key component sourcing ability.

In relation to a finance agreement - funding to take on the various scenarios and also the possibility of taking full assignment of the technology and all its associated IPR´s.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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