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Sistema de software sofisticado basado en web para control total de redes de medición de la calidad del agua, aguas residuales o aire con detección y respuesta inmediata ante peligros


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa alemana ha desarrollado un sistema de software para el control y gestión total de redes de medición automática con aplicación en monitorización de la calidad del agua, aguas residuales y aire. Este sistema detecta de forma inmediata contaminantes y peligros en distintas estaciones de medición mediante muestreo automático para análisis en laboratorio y envía alertas y mensajes instantáneos, permitiendo un seguimiento rápido de la fuente y ofreciendo la respuesta más rápida posible. Se buscan socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica e investigación.


Sophisticated web-based software system for the entire control of water, waste water or air quality measurement networks allowing immediate hazard detection and response
A German company offers a web-based software system for the entire control and management of automated measuring networks applicable to water, waste water and air quality monitoring. It allows the immediate detection of pollutions and hazards at the various measuring stations by automatic sampling for lab analysis as well as instant warning and messaging, thus resulting in fast tracing of the respective source and the quickest possible response. Company seeks technical or research cooperation.
A German company has developed a highly sophisticated software system for the entire control and management of automated water quality measuring networks. The multitier system is 100% web-based and includes workflows for automated incident-based sampling, administration and control of the equipment in the measuring stations, numerous options for data assessment, illustration and export as well as a messaging / warning system. The system fulfills all requirements for the certification of the monitoring network according to EN/ISO 17025.
Currently applied in water quality networks the new system is also suitable for other metrological networks e.g. air/emissions monitoring networks.
The system includes three components:
1. "Site" component
2. "Server" component
3. "Client" component
1. The "Site" component is directly connected to the individual measuring devices in each measuring station collecting continuously all readings, status reports and malfunction messages. All this data is buffered in the "Site" computer to be transmitted to the "Server" via internet. With an optional plug-in control device all data passes through an irregularity and deviation recognition system where defined quality parameters are checked and an automatic alarm index is generated. If pre-defined thresholds are succeeded the control device generates a "warning". The control device simplifies the evaluation of the current water quality status. Dynamic detection methods such as the double sigma test and the Hinkley detector allow highly sensitive measuring thereby reducing significantly the possibility of false alarms.
2. All readings and status reports of all measuring stations are merged in a metrological network centre and saved in an Oracle database. The "Server" is analyzing and assessing the receiving data immediately. If the alarm index indicates abnormalities of the water condition the responsible administrator is automatically notified by SMS and email (messaging status). Simultaneously a workflow is initiated for automatically taking samples for laboratory tests at all measuring stations and analyzing them accordingly.
3. Finally with the sophisticated intuitive "Client" interface transmitted data sets can be illustrated, compared, assessed and validated based on various available tools. The "Client" interface can be configured in a way, that the administrator / operator gets an overview of all relevant measured values for the evaluation of the water quality in the shortest possible time. In addition equipment, master data, access rights as well as schedules including maintenance cycles are managed via "Client". The captured data can easily be presented because interface vector graphics, excel documents as well as bitmap graphics can be exported while keeping the initial layout.

In 2000 the European Water Framework Directive came into effect. Its broad implementation entails a catalog of minimum requirements for water quality on the one hand and respective monitoring, fast detection and early warning systems on the other hand.
The proposed software system is offering a comprehensive solution to private owners and public authorities for the effective monitoring of the waters within their responsibility. It facilitates the complete track record of captured data, the early detection of possible hazards at the measuring stations, instant messaging and automatic sampling for lab analysis thus allowing fast tracing of the respective source and the quickest possible response.
The company seeks technical cooperation with private firms or public authorities responsible for water / air quality monitoring, who wish to optimise their monitoring and risk management System. The proposed software system can be adapted to their specific application.
The company is also interested to participate in related research projects within HORIZON 2020 focussing on environmental monitoring or risk management.
Advantages and Innovations:
To the knowledge of the proposer a comprehensive web-based software system for the entire control and management of automated measuring networks for water / air quality is not on the market yet. So far monitoring is mostly realised by independant measuring stations which are individually controlled. The measured data is collected, consolidated and analysed. It is still a big time effort to link up the all this data and draw conclusions about the state of the very local and its threat to the entire water or air quality. The time between a critical incident, its detection, sample analysis and finally an appropriate response is often to long. The respective damage or impact increases accordingly and corrective measures become more time and cost intensive.
The new proposed web-based software system connects all these stations to a network and provides continuous automated monitoring of the captured data. Through immediate response to exceeded thresholds at any measuring station by instant warning and messaging the system allows the early detection of pollutions. Complemented by automatic sampling for lab analysis possible hazards can be identified immediately and respective pollution sources can be traced very fast leading to the quickest possible response.
· the system saves valuable time between a critical incident and corrective measures
· at quick response it limits the impact of a critical incident and therefore the costs of corrective measures
· it saves time and personal costs for the entire monitoring process
· it contributes to the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive
· it is applicable to water monitoring but also to other media/conditions which are subject to continuous surveillance e.g. air pollution, waste water at industrial plants
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type sought:
public authorities responsible for monitoring of waters / water protection; Industry, waste water control;
Industry or public authorities responsible for environmental monitoring (air pollution, ...)
Specific area of activity of the partner:
water quality monitoring, waste water control, air quality monitoring, pollution detection, hazard control and early warning,
environmental monitoring
Task to be performed:
Application of the new software in existing or establishment of new monitoring / networks for early detection of water or air pollution, for waste water control and for other environmental monitoring tasks, adapting the system to the specific application.
Integration of the proposer as partner into related research projects focussing on environmental or risk management.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
10001002 Evaluación de riesgo e impacto medioambiental
10004008 Gestión de rescursos hídricos
10002008 Medición y detección de la contaminación
01004006 Sistemas de gestión medioambientales y sistemas de gestión documentales
01003006 Software