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Sistema de software y hardware para monitorización y evaluación de las señales bioeléctricas del corazón humano


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa italiana especializada en desarrollo de software y hardware está fabricando un sistema para monitorizar, grabar y procesar las señales bioeléctricas del corazón humano. El dispositivo recoge información del paciente mediante electrodos y envía esta información a través de señales WiFi a la aplicación basada en web. Esta aplicación puede visualizarse desde cualquier dispositivo móvil, como tabletas, smartphones y PC. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica para adaptar la tecnología propuesta a los equipos y dispositivos de los socios, o acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica en las áreas de telemedicina y monitorización sanitaria.


Software and hardware system for monitoring and evaluation the bioelectrical signals of the human heart.
Italian company specialized in developing software and hardware is producing a system to monitor, record and process the bioelectrical signals of the human heart. The company is looking for partners to perform technical cooperation agreement aimed to adapt the technology proposed to partners´ devices/equipments and/or to perform commercial agreement with technical assistance in the area of telemedicine and health monitoring.
The company based in the Marche region is specialised in research and development of new technologies to produce a portable medical device with high measurement accuracy. Up to now the company has built and sold more than 300 medical devices that respect the international ISO standard 13485. The company provides an high precision electrocardiograph, small and easily transportable and a web-based application which monitors the information provided by the device. In accordance with CEI EN 60601-1-11 the offered technology can be used by professional healthcare structures (hospitals, medical offices, surgical centers, dental clinics, birth centers, health care facilities, health care facilities for multiple treatment and emergency, medical services), by home health assistance (home/place in which a patient lives or other places where there are patients). Potential users are hospitals, pharmacies, public and private clinics, sport clinics for rehabilitation, post-traumatic rehabilitation clinics for elderly, mobile clinics, ambulances, nursing homes, social care facilities, general practitioners,mobile sanitary structures, gyms, training centers and everyone needs a professional device for ECG measurement. The device gathers the informations from the patient through the body electrodes and send them through WiFi signals to the web-based application.
This application can be viewed through any smart device like tablets, smartphones and PCs in order to have: an ECG ElectroCardioGram- trace with 6-lead or 12-lead, an automatic measuring and diagnosing for ECG waveform parameters as well as the calculation of their standard deviations, a simultaneous control of 8 portable devices and the ability to easily switch between any of them. The technology allows to create a PDF file of the ECG trace with all related values of self-diagnosis and the possibility to store ECG traces and the possibility of reviewing them. The company is looking for partners in the sector of medical equipment interested to adapt and/or integrate their devices with the technology proposed. Partners can be also manufacturers of portable devices with wireless technology or software developers who will implement their equipment for the analysis and monitoring of the heart rate.
Advantages and Innovations:
The offered technology is very small and compact portable device easier to handle and manageable compared to the normal ECG. The technology allows to increase the number of potential users (everyone who need a professional device for ECG measurement). This device is fully compatible with Mac, Windows or Linux PC and with all tablet or smartphone with Android, iOS or Windows system. It allows data transmission via WiFi. The device can be connected to an existing LAN network or used directly through its own hotspot functionality.The proposed technology offers the choice between 6-lead or 12-lead ECG for the examination and an automatic measuring and diagnosing of ECG waveform parameters as well as the calculation of their standard deviations. A simultaneous control of 8 devices and the ability to easily switch between any of them is possible. ECG data can be stored locally or sent to a specific remote location (e.g. Cloud, FTP, intranet, etc.) where a further in-depth analysis of the traces could be applied. It provides higher specs e.g. higher sampling rate (1000 samples/s over 500 samples/s) and higher signal resolution (24 bits over 16 bits) than its direct competitors. It presents totally free, multilanguage control software and it is easy to integrate with pre-existent software and hardware solutions.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
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Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner sought: manufacturers of medical equipment, research laboratories on electronic devices with wireless technology, hardware and software developers of medical solutions for remote diagnostics, telemedicine, real time monitoring.
Role of partner sought: manufacturers of medical equipment or research laboratories who want to integrate their devices with a software or a hardware for the analysis and monitoring of cardiac signals (hearth signals); manufacturers of medical devices or research laboratories with wireless technology who want to implement their devices with a software or a hardware for the analysis of the bioelectric signals (human body signals); software developers who wants to integrate their products with software for the analysis and monitoring of the heart rate. The device´s software is able to talk (ie send and receive data) with all major operating systems, both fixed and mobile and the company is able to provide partners with software and hardware fully customizable for another unit of another brand that wants to integrate its functionality.
Type of partnership: technical cooperation agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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Technology Keywords:
06005004 Diagnóstico remoto
06005003 Gestión de información sobre salud
06005002 Sensores y productos inalámbricos
09003 Sistemas electrónicos de medida