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Sistema de suspensión basculante para llevar la experiencia de conducción al siguiente nivel


Oferta Tecnológica
Una universidad holandesa ha desarrollado un sistema de suspensión basculante para scooters eléctricos y automóviles que ofrece una nueva experiencia de conducción. Este sistema resuelve el problema de aceleración incómoda del conductor en relación con el vehículo, que causa la sensación de ser lanzado hacia atrás o hacia adelante. La tecnología consiste en un sistema cinemático pasivo que se integra fácilmente en un scooter eléctrico existente o automóvil. La universidad busca fabricantes de scooters y automóviles con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Tilting vehicle suspension lifts driving experience to next level
A Dutch university of technology developed a tilting vehicle suspension system for electric scooters and cars. By tilting the driver forward during acceleration and backward during braking a truly new driving experience is being generated. The proposed technology consists of a passive bar linkage system that can be easily integrated in an existing (electric) scooter or car design. The university is seeking contacts with scooter and car manufacturers that are interested in a license agreement.
Most drivers, especially scooter drivers, are quite familiar with the experience of being thrown back and forth inside or on their vehicle, during changes in velocity. A team of Dutch scientists developed a state-of-the-art vehicle suspension, that deals with this problem.
This tilting vehicle suspension truly lifts man´s driving experience to the next level.
It solves the problem of uncomfortable acceleration of the driver in relation to the vehicle, which arouses a feeling as if pulled back or launched forth. Especially electric scooters have the ability to accelerate extremely from standstill. Changes in velocity might cause unsafe situations and result in an uncomfortable feeling.
Current solutions, like anti-squat or anti-pitch mechanisms may succeed in minimising undesired tilt, but do not reverse it into desirable tilt. The proposed solution successfully deals with that crucial aspect as well and moreover, compared to most anti-squat solutions, it is much more compact and can be easily integrated in e.g. an existing electric scooter design.
The solution consists of a passive bar linkage system, that causes a tilt of the vehicle´s driver(s) relative to the ground and is constructed in such a way that no sensors or actuators are needed to provide these specific motions. The driver is being tilted forward during acceleration and tilted backward during braking. When traversing an inclining or a declining surface, the inclination respectively declination is (partly) compensated by the tilting of the suspension system. Moreover, the vehicle suspension system can be adapted to allow sideways tilt in four wheeled vehicles. The result of adapting this state-of-the-art vehicle suspension system is that the driver experiences a feeling of always being straight up in the seat. With some imagination the driver´s sensation can be compared with a magic carpet ride.
Advantages and Innovations:
The system allows for tailor-made optimisation by adjusting the system to, amongst other things, the weight of the driver and other users including their baggage. User testing confirms that users experience a more comfortable, safer and more enjoyable ride.
This invention truly has the impact to improve the perception of electric scooters. Because it is more sporty, it definitely changes the image of a lazymen´s bike. Above all, it adds something magic to the silent ride, akin to a flying carpet. This trailblazing innovation is very promising for producers of electric vehicles, like for instance scooters and motorbikes. Besides that this suspension system helps to stabilize small cars, with a relatively small wheelbase for their height.
· Undesired tilt is minimised and reversed to desired tilt
· Compact and easy to integrate in scooter
· No sensors or actuators needed
· Applicable to vehicles with two, three and four wheels
· Drivers experience a more comfortable and safer ride
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The university is seeking contacts with scooter and car manufacturers that are interested in a licence agreement.


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