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Sistema ecológico y de alto rendimiento para secar lodos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa italiana especializada en tecnologías ecológicas, especialmente procesos de deshidratación y tratamientos de agua, ha desarrollado un sistema flexible y muy eficiente para secar lodos con función de autolimpieza. Se trata de un sistema autónomo que permite reducir el 93% del peso en una superficie de tan solo 15 m2 y cuyo tamaño es el de un contenedor marítimo de 20 pies. El calentador de alto rendimiento incorporado en el sistema genera el proceso de secado, haciendo del equipo un secador autónomo en términos de energía térmica. La empresa busca compañías públicas y privadas del sector de tratamiento de aguas residuales, industrias agrarias y productores de papel y celulosa con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


High performance sewage green sludge dryer offered
The Italian company working in green technologies, in particular in dehydration process and in water treatment sector, developed a flexible, highly efficient, self-cleaning sewage sludge dryer .The company is searching for foreign partners among private and public waste water treatment companies, agro-industries, papers and cellulose producers, for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
The Italian company was founded in 2012 and in 2013 became an innovative Start Up.

The company wants to become a new reality for water treatment sector (polluted or sea water), dehydration and management of water compounds (sludge, leachate, digestate, woody biomass), dehydration of food and a new innovative system for agriculture (in barren and coastal areas).

Thanks to a particular technology they can offer an innovative sludge dryer: it is a stand-alone system to dry sewage sludge, achieving a 93% of weight reduction in only 15 m2 surface (20 ft naval container). The sludge dryer is capable to dry and incinerate sewage sludge, where the input is the wet sludge (around 25% DM) and the outputs are ashes and emissions into the atmosphere (steam and gasses).
A high performance heater inside the system, which is powered by the burnt sludge, generates the drying process, allowing the dryer to be a stand-alone system in terms of thermal energy. It can be placed directly inside the wastewater treatment plant without any modification.

The dryer has the size of a naval 20 ft container (easy to move) and each module treats 1Kton/year of sludge at 25% Dry Matter. The modules can be stacked into vertical systems, to increase the drying production.

The technology, born from the desalination of water from a research of several years, can also be applied to the energy sector.

The company is having the first approach in international trade and now they are searching for foreign partners in their field of activity, in particular they are looking for private and public waste water treatment companies, agro-industries companies, papers and cellulose producers, interested to buy and install the products in their settlements. The company can assist in the installation process. The company can provide further technical assistance after the agreements, also the company can offer maintenance services. Partners can be from any countries.
Advantages and Innovations:
The products of the company use a technology that is only powered by solar energy for every product.

This technology is environmentally friendly and it is also focused on the highest efficiency reached by modern scientific and technological knowledge in renewable energies field.

The main advantages of the sludge dryer are:

Faster evaporation by an innovative turning roller: higher water evaporation from sludge thanks to a specific turning roller able to break and turn the dry sludge crust;

Self cleaning system: to achieve always the best performances with non-stop operations and no need of external maintenance;

Water and ammonia extraction: The ammonia could be extracted from the sludge, producing ammonium sulphate for chemical industries;

69% weight reduction with dry process: Strong weight reduction only with dry process. The dry sludge is perfect as fertilizer;

93% weight reduction with burn process: Possibility to use ashes as raw material in the cement factories;

Flexible treatment: the dryer recognizes automatically the sludge characteristics and it is self-regulating to achieve always the best performances.

Easy software management: A special software has been developed for all the devices (pc, tablet, smart phone, etc.) to monitor and manage dryer remotely as locally, recording all the main data for your report.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partner of the company should be expert waste water treatment companies (public and private), water and energy companies, municipalities and civil waste water, agro-industry (slaughterhouses, dairying) companies, paper and cellulose producers. The partners should be interested to integrate the products and the technology offered in their productive cycle, in a way to increase the competitivity of their process and to reduce the environmental impact.

Partners can be from any countries.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
10004006 Tratamiento / eliminación de lodos
10004001 Tratamiento de aguas industriales
10004002 Tratamiento de aguas municipales