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Sistema magnético con nuevos atributos de campo y polaridad


Oferta Tecnológica
Un empresario griego ha desarrollado un sistema magnético con nuevos atributos de campo y polaridad. El sistema está patentado y ofrece mejoras importantes a las aplicaciones de magnetismo del estado del arte. La polaridad igual o distinta entre dos imanes es independiente de la distancia intermedia. El investigador ha conseguido, mediante una disposición adecuada de imanes, que la polaridad dependa de la distancia intermedia. Se buscan socios industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Magnetic system with novel polar and field attributes
A Greek entrepreneur has invented a magnetic system with novel polar and field attributes. The system is patented and brings significant improvements to the state of the art of magnetism applications. The inventor is looking for industrial partners with applications using magnetism interested in a license agreement.
A Greek entrepreneur and private researcher has invented a magnetic system with novel polar and field attributes. It is well known that the like poles of two magnets repel and the unlike attract each other. Consequently, all the magnetic and the electromagnetic products are evolved only by one magnetic interaction that exists between any two confronted magnetic constructions. As an example, all types of motors and generators make use of the inductive magnetic field that is created between two unlike in polarity confronted magnetic bodies consequently producing an attractive interaction.

The like or unlike polarity between two common magnets is independent from their intervening distance. The Greek researcher has achieved, through a convenient arrangement of magnets to make the polarity dependent on the intervening distance.

The magnetic interactions and polarities between two confronted magnetic constructions through the offered magnetic system, as achieved by the invention, are:
· Different occurring distances between two confronted magnetic constructions affect the polarity.
· A magnetic interaction of unstable or stable balance between two confronted magnetic constructions is created. This is causing immobility at a specific distance range, where a simultaneous co-existence of like-unlike or unlike-like poles is created depending on the application.
· Two magnetic constructions, in different arrangements, can create five magnetic interactions such as: attractive, unstable balance, repulsive, stable balance, attractive with no-contact. The magnetic interactions occurring in five different distance ranges. The intensity of each magnetic interaction can be regulated proportionally.
· The magnetic lines of inductive electromagnetic fields become completely contained and a 100% homogeneous field is achieved.

The Greek entrepreneur is looking for industrial partners to use the invention in order to design and produce new products and applications through a licence agreement.

Advantages and Innovations:
The invention influences greatly any application which is using magnetism. Some indicative examples of the potential innovative applications that can be manufactured by some of the foremost industrial sectors if the invention is utilized are:
a) An "Attractive no contact" interaction, where one magnetic construction attracts the other with a complete air gap between them. This gives the possibility of application so that a train engine for example, can be joined with the wagon and each wagon with the next wagon, possessing a complete air gap in-between, with electromagnets positioned according to the innovative technology.
b) Another case is where a repulsive interaction of the magnetic constructions occurs at greater distances (compared to the above mentioned example) and when these come closer occurs a strong attractive force joining the magnetic constructions. This case can have multiple applications in lifting machines and cranes, in nanotechnology and robotics.
c) From the first example is created a stable balance interaction and from the second example is created an unstable balance, both of them producing the simultaneous co-existence of the homogeneous and heterogeneous fields causing immobility of the bodies. These fields can be used in static and kinetic constructional applications giving the possibility of new assemblies.
d) From the five interactions technology, described in detail in the patent document, an "interlocking no contact" interaction is produced, having as a result the two bodies to function as one without however touching and without exerting any repulsive or attractive force to each other. This technology is beneficial for the magnetic power transmission constructions transmitting motion from an energetic to a pathetic spindle-shaft achieving 100% non-friction involvement and can be used in the manufacturing of bearings, gears, couplings and multiple assemblies of power transmission.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Greek inventor is looking for industrial partners with interest in magnetism for licence agreement.

The partner sought could have activity in industries like electronics, power generation, power transmission etc. The potential partner will use the invention in order to design and produce new products and applications. The Greek inventor will provide technical support and licence agreement.


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01002006 Dispositivos / materiales magnéticos y superconductores
01002001 Micro and Nanotechnology related to Electronics and Microelectronics