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Sistema telemático para aplicaciones en carretera, como alerta de conductores que circulan en sentido contrario y búsqueda de aparcamientos para camiones


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme alemana ha desarrollado un sistema telemático multifuncional para evitar conducir en sentido contrario y detectar el número de aparcamientos en áreas de servicio de autopistas. Este sistema pasivo puede integrarse en infraestructuras existentes y no requiere el uso de equipos adicionales en los vehículos. Las ventajas incluyen bajo coste y fácil manejo. La empresa busca operadores de carreteras, administradores de tráfico y planificadores urbanos con el fin de establecer acuerdos de comercialización con asistencia técnica, cooperación técnica o investigación.


Telematics system with various road applications, such as, warning wrong-way-drivers and finding parking spaces for trucks
A German SME has developed a multifunctional telematics system for avoiding wrong-way driving and for determining numbers of free parking spaces at motorway parking areas. The passive system can be integrated in existing infrastructure and needs no additional equipment in vehicles. Advantages include its low costs and easy usability. The SME seeks road operators, traffic managers and city planners for commercial agreements with technical assistance, technical cooperation or research agreements.
Two traffic problems can be solved with a new telematics system:

Firstly, wrong-way drivers are causing numerous (sometimes mortal) accidents on roads and motorways. Most of these accidents happen on merging traffic lanes or motorway entrance ramps. Various measures have been tried to prevent accidents and warn other road users. However, existing solutions such as induction loops, acoustic or electromagnetic sensors have not met market expectations as far as costs, reliability, installation and maintenance expenditures, alarm reach and energy supply stability were concerned. Thus, comprehensive solutions have never been introduced on a broad scale.

The second problem is truck parking on motorway parking and rest areas caused by the steadily increasing traffic. The truck drivers have to keep their driving and rest times, whereas the search for free parking is increasingly difficult due to the partly overcrowded parking spaces. Not infrequently dangerous situations arise, as the truckers simply stop in rest area entries or even on the hard shoulder to find a free parking space quickly. With knowledge about free parking spaces maybe at the next rest area, these situations can be avoided. A digital information system to report free parking spaces in real-time and give forecasts about occupancies would contribute to solve the problem.

A German SME and two research institutes have developed an innovative telematics system/intelligent transport system (ITS) that addresses both scenarios, as well as traffic counting in further future applications, with one common technology component.

1. The detection system for wrong-driving offers an efficient, low-maintenance, retrofittable warning system which allows for a broad scale application on roads and highways.
The system consists of emitters and receivers that can be easily installed in existing delineators or reflector posts. The system functions irrespective each kind of vehicle passing. The different emitters and receivers span a permanent and secured radio field across the road. Objects in this radio field can be detected and be classified by a tomographic method. Once a vehicle passes by, the radio signals are muted, thus reducing the reception strength. The alteration of the signal strength within the radio field is measured by a special software which permits to draw conclusions about the driving direction of the vehicle.
Once a wrong-way driver is detected, optical signals (LEDs) will warn him or her about the situation. Furthermore, information is automatically forwarded to a master module which informs the traffic management system (the police or ambulances) immediately.

2. The counting system for parking spaces is positioned at rest areas where all vehicles are detected at the entrance and exit, classified according to truck and passenger car. The number of incoming and outgoing trucks is calculated and will be coupled with all numbers of available parking spaces. The current status of the parking space is sent to a cloud based web portal and can either be made available to traffic operators or carpark operators. Also all traffic users can be informed via various interfaces, e.g. smartphone applications. Further application possibilities for these system arise from the parking space management for cars in cities.

The system is tested, evaluated and accepted and will soon be officially certified.

The German SME seeks road operators, traffic managers and city planners interested in installing the system for commercial agreements with technical assistance. The German SME would assist in the implementation.
Furthermore research institutes or industrial partners interested in further development of the current technology are sought for international projects in the framework of technical cooperation or research agreements.
Advantages and Innovations:
The technology is unique in the combination of its elements and has been proven to be more reliable than existing solutions:
- fast and easy to install
- retrofittable
- low installation and maintenance costs
- functions irrespective of weather conditions
- fore some applications powered no external energy supply needed due to energy-harvesting by solar panels in preparation
- invisible installation in delineators or reflector poles
- Detection-alarm-chain to the recipient less than 5 seconds
- web portal for data provision, statistics and interfaces. Interfaces for example for information processing through TMC and radio or smartphone-App. Also data provision for police and ambulances feasible
- High reliability and accuracy
- No data-security related problems since vehicles are only detected but not identified

Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The system will soon be CE-certified.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The German SME looks for road operators, traffic managers and city planners for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Task to be performed is in the integration of the technology into existing structures. The necessary know-how and adjusting will be delivered by the German company. Also research institutes or industrial partners which want to further develop the technology are sought for international projects in the framework of technical cooperation or research agreements.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
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Technology Keywords:
01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
02010001 Planificación y seguridad
01006009 Procesado de señales
02008005 Road Transport
02008006 Traffic Engineering / Control Systems