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Sistema/estación de exposición para el disfrute multisensorial de obras de arte en una exposición


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme italiana tecnológicamente avanzada ofrece un sistema para el disfrute multisensorial de obras de arte. A diferencia de otras soluciones conocidas, este sistema permite disfrutar de diferentes obras de arte con una sola herramienta de exposición. La solución pone a disposición una serie de obras de arte seleccionadas por el usuario que se posicionan automáticamente y son físicamente accesibles al tacto en una estación única que también puede emplearse por personas con discapacidad sensorial. La empresa está desarrollando un prototipo y busca socios tecnológicos con el fin de completar el desarrollo y obtener un producto listo para el mercado. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica.


An exposition system/station for multi-sensory enjoyment of multiple objects at an exhibition
This Italian high tech SME offers a handling system for the multi-sensory enjoyment of artworks. Unlike the known solutions for the multi-sensorial enjoyment of the artworks, it enables the enjoyment of different artworks in a single exhibition tool. The company is developing a prototype and seeking technological partners in order to complete the development and get a ready to market product, under technical cooperation agreements.
This Italian high tech SME operates since over fifteen years with specialised research centres in the development and application of imaging technologies for the enjoyment of documents and artwork collaborating with many public and private bodies.

Alongside this sector, the company is engaged in the development of technologies for the implementation of an attractive and accessible enjoyment tool for museums and exhibitions of cultural interest, with particular attention to people with sensory impairments. As indicated by the European Union, "accessibility is also made of perceptual and cultural sensitivity". Museums and other places of culture and art should be accessibile and challenging for different group of users, including people of different ages, backgrounds and levels of education and for people with sensory impairments.

Nowadays, the exhibition spaces are primarily usable through the sight, so, in museums and more generally in other places of culture, the usability is limited or even prevented to people with visual impairment.

To overcome this, special seats or tactile museums have been developed, where the user is allowed to touch the exhibited artwork. The outcomes achieved by using these systems, mostly in the case of pictorial artworks, however, is limited when the user has visual disability. In fact, even if the shapes painted on a framework are somehow reproducible in relief and perceptible to the touch, the artwork is not usable as whole as a set of textures, lights and shadows.

Different devices have been developed for multi-sensory enjoyment of artworks to recreate sounds or play video in order to complete the visual perception. However, in the known solutions for the multi-sensorial enjoyment, single special locations where the user can approach the work, or its reproduction, and perceive it through touch are provided. Although, in some of the developed technologies, the user can operate the reproduction of auditory, visual or tactile stimuli related to the artwork, each multisensory station always provides for the display and the enjoyment of a single artwork. This implies a consequent obstruction of the museum hall or of the room used for the education and in more difficulties in the organization of exhibition itineraries.

In view of the above, the Italian SME has developed a solution that enables to make available a set of artworks selectable by the user, so as to be automatically positioned and physically accessible to the touch, in a unique exposure station able to be used also by people with sensor impairments.

The aim of the solution is to provide a handling system for the multi-sensory enjoyment of artworks, which allows to reduce the encumbrance associated with individual multisensory stations, i.e. able to expose a single work. The developed and patented system addresses primarily at people with sensory impairments. It allows the exploitation of works of art even to the visitors with sensory impairments of museums, art galleries and libraries, through the transmission of stimuli that induce in the user sensations and emotions capable of "communicating" art, translating artistic artifacts into multisensory works. For the transmission of multisensory stimuli it uses: audio playback devices, olfactory devices, a touch panel, sensors that detect the user´s finger position on the surface of the same artwork and based on the detected position enable devices emitting an acoustic, thermal, vibration,visual or olfactory signal.

The Italian SME is currently engaged in the development of the technology and it has achieved a prototype that works with the reproduction, trough different multisensorial stimuli, of the Magritte´s painting "The son of man". The next task of the company is to reach a product ready for the market so the company looks for partners in the framework of technical cooperation agreements with which to collaborate for the further development of the technology.
Advantages and Innovations:

- The most important innovative aspect of the patented system, compared to the different devices for multi-sensory enjoyment of artworks already available on the market, is that it enables the enjoyment of different artworks in a single seat.

- Moreover, it allows to reduce the size of the individual artworks exposure stations.

- Thanks to the system, the user is able to enjoy the artworks without having to move along a display path and this is a great advantages for the people with sensory impairments too. The user can select the artwork of his interest, move and position the artwork automatically selected .


- The system allows to expose the artwork so as to be accessible to the touch and sight and operate multisensory devices able to reproduce visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile stimuli.

- It allows to reproduce and transmit multiple stimuli multisensory able to illustrate an artistic work, where in said system can be realized and operated with low costs.

- It presents conformation, height and width such as to allow a user with limited mobility to get closer with the wheelchair.

-The system not only allows people to enjoy a work, but, at the same time, it enriches the experience of visiting of people without sensory impariments by offering the possibility to know the artifacts through a multimodal approach involving as many senses as possible.

- It may include audio playback and olfactory devices and tools for images / videos reproduction. In particular, said devices are able to be controlled by means of an electronic processor. Moreover it may include activation buttons or sensors that trigger audio playback, video playback and / or reproduction of olfactory stimuli. Such sensors and buttons are accessible by the user who may operate it by means of touch or a voice command. It may also include captions, to print characters and / or Braille characters.

- Finally, it is simple, safe and reliable.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Italian SME is looking for technology and industrial partner with complementary skills, associations and cultural and creative industries to complete the development of the prototype and develop a ready to market product. The Italian SME has developed the reproduction of a famous painting and looks also for partner (cultural and creative industries, associations for people with sensory impariments etc....) with skills in the sector of visual thinking strategies to cooperate in the creation of new reproductions of works of art/archaeological artefacts/illuminated manuscript.

The cooperation will be carried out under technical cooperation agreeements.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
11002 Educación y formación
11006 Participación de los ciudadanos
11009 Productos creativos