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Sistemas a medida de soporte a la decisión para actividades orientadas al mercado


Oferta Tecnológica
Una consultora italiana con 20 años de experiencia en planificación estratégica orientada al mercado ha desarrollado nuevos sistemas a medida de soporte a la decisión con aplicación en distintas áreas de gestión, pero especialmente indicados para actividades de internacionalización de pymes. La empresa busca instituciones (asociaciones comerciales, cámaras de comercio, etc.) y compañías privadas con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica y licencia.


Tailor-made Decision Support Systems for the Market-oriented Activities
An Italian consulting firm with twenty-year long experience in market-oriented strategic planning, has been developing innovative and customized decision support systems
(DSS), enforceable to many managerial areas, but particularly suitable for the SMEs' internationalization activities. The company seeks Institutional entities (Trade Associations, Chamber of Commerce, etc.) and private firms for commercial agency agreements with, if required, technical assistance and for license agreements.
Especially during economic crises like the one we have been experiencing worldwide,SMEs need any sort of possible help:not only loans and subsidies,but also managerial support,preferably focused on the few areas of potential development and profitability,such as the internationalization,through an essential innovation of the decision-making processes.
Thanks to the 20-year long experience gained from hundreds of projects in the most diversified industries and markets,the SME proposing this system is specialized in designing and developing of customized managerial models and tools that support the most critical and complex market-oriented decisions. This expertise is particularly strong in the areas of internationalization,but likewise enforceable to startup management (both in terms of product/service launch and firm commencement),business networks and market revitalization of declining companies.
These customized managerial tools reconstruct,simulate and measure the market scenario,the competitive context and the interactions between the firms and the external environment,in order to markedly improve the effectiveness of the most complex and risky entrepreneurial decisions and, consequently,the competitiveness of the client firms in all the business sectors.
The mentioned user-friendly tools address issues such as:
1. Strategic market choices, with a particular focus on the international dimension: identification and assessment of countries' and target markets' potential, entry and development strategies, improvement, focalization, differentiation, and/or adaptation of the product/service line, investment strategies and selective allocation of companies' resources, related organizational design and adjustments
2. Marketing mix design and management: product/service line and supporting services, pricing, logistics and distribution channels,sales force,branding and communication campaigns
3. Management of the implementation phases of the selected strategic and organizational choices
4. Collection,processing,interpretation and management of the critical information on the external context through the design of effective and efficient top management dashboards
5. Identification and definition of new business opportunities and future developments
6. Activation of a systemic process able to trigger continuous market-oriented entrepreneurial innovation in the areas of products,services and processes
7. The minimization of the ecological footprint or the optimization of the overall social impact of the organizations on the community.
The SME's know-how can be implemented not only in the traditional manufacturing industry but in many other managerial areas and sectors, (renewable energy, environment, high-tech, services, utilities, ...),without any constraints,where a systematic and customized decision-making support is required. In summary, this technological offer is broadly across-the-board.
Recently,a leading-edge company specialized in intellectual property assessment (Valuation Consulting Ltd, London)informally estimated the economic value of the company methodological know-how (enabling the development of these market-oriented managerial tools) ranging from €2,5 to €3 million.
Most of these tools are currently being adopted by educators and consultants in the context of various management education and consulting projects sponsored by the Italian Institute for International Trade:over the last seven years,more than 300 SMEs around Italy have been using selected tools,with significant results in terms of improvement of their methodological approach to internationalization.The SME is looking for committed clients and partners that,in order to win otherwise impossible challenges, count on commitment,skills development and the creation of high-performing market knowledge base,through the integration of multiple perspectives and contributions in order to innovate and improve their competitive performance
Advantages and Innovations:
The proposed solution offers a series of important benefits for the SMEs acting as final users:
·it helps at clarifying managers' ideas about the behavior of the reality and the nature of problems, promoting a systematic and structured reasoning
·it provides a logical basis for quantifying and measuring industry and market phenomena
·by being explicit and "transparent", it can be shared, discussed and negotiated; so, it doesn't suffer managers' psychological or emotional problems
·it allows to conduct easy sensitivity analyses and ''what-if'' simulations, essential activities in order to improve and control the competitive performance as a whole;
·it represents a permanent, accessible and innovation-driven knowledge base, that can be moved over time and space, instead of being confined in the brains of few experts;
·it allows the identification and control of aspects and variables that require more in-depth analyses or specific data;
·it is the almost only way for a continuous updating of the logic behind the decisions;
·it allows a continuous enrichment,over time, of the knowledge base, the production of statistics, the identification of trends, benchmarks and best practices
·it can constitute the backbone of a planning and innovation system, that, once designed, just needs to be fed over time with new inputs, with limited additional efforts
The involved private and public institutions supporting the SMEs in their market-oriented decisions will take advantages as follows:
·possibility of integrating and improving the various services delivered to the associated companies,above all in the areas of internationalization
·improved growth opportunities for the organization,increased profitability of the operations, and creation of a highly valuable knowledge base
·an extremely positive impact on the entire social community in terms of growth of innovative economic activities, promotion of entrepreneurial ventures, and creation of qualified new jobs
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
Secret Know-how,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights,Copyright
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
All these managerial tools and DSS will be protected by exclusive rights and, in case of tutorials aiming at facilitating their use, by copyright.
Besides, the SME's methodological know-how will be strictly secret, while the company reserves the right to trademark the agreed deliverables.
Possible interventions and assignments with clients and partners will be subject to specific Non-Disclosure Agreements in order to protect the IPR.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The SME is seeking innovation-driven partners on two levels:
1. Intermediate level: Public and Private Institutions supporting the SMEs' internationalization processes (Chambers of Commerce, Trade and Industry Associations, Research Centers, Universities, etc.); the above mentioned Institutional Entities will make these tailor-made DSS available to their members or associates, promoting their well-aware fruition, developing more effective services for the internationalization of their SME members, and producing incremental profitability to the benefit of all the stakeholders;
2. Final level: Entrepreneurs and Managers of SMEs engaged in all the manufacturing sectors and service industries, without excluding consultants and professionals involved in the consistent management areas; these stakeholders will use directly the customized DSS, taking the referred before advantages, in terms of innovation opportunities, market competitiveness improvement, and creation of high-performing knowledge base;
Both the partner typologies will provide ongoing feedbacks in order to allow an enduring update and improvement of the already developed DSS.
The SME is interested in partnerships settled by commercial agency agreement (with technical assistance, if required and appropriate). In addition, the company aims at investigating licensing agreement opportunities: for instance, noting the consistency of the required technical configuration, it could license the DSS delivered to a specific Chamber of Commerce to another Institutional Entity, operating in a different geographic area or Country.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
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