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Software de simulación de sistemas mecánicos para análisis dinámico y optimización de parámetros de productos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme eslovaca ha desarrollado un software de simulación de sistemas mecánicos que permite realizar el análisis dinámico y la optimización de los parámetros del producto. Este software permite identificar y combinar las variables de diseño que más afectan al rendimiento y controlar el efecto de las variaciones sobre el sistema para mejorar el diseño. La empresa tiene experiencia en el sector de la automoción: determinación de cargas dinámicas en componentes, optimización de mecanismos de suspensión y dirección, transmisión de cargas dinámicas, etc.


Dynamic analysis and optimisation of product parameters using mechanical systems simulation tool
A small company situated in Western Slovakia is offering collaboration with the aim to achieve impressive results in performance properties of new products by design synthesis, considered as the optimisation approach where the best-possible technological principles from various fields (rigid and compliant body mechanics, hydraulics) are applied together within the common environment of the Insight mechanical systems simulation tool. They have experience mostly with the automotive industry.
In recent years, mechanical engineering has been redefining itself, and even in traditional access domains, things are quite different from what they once were. Nowadays there is an increasing need to develop a wide variety of new, undreamed-of products that must satisfy increasingly stringent requirements and conform to the needs of their users. For example fundamental demands in automotive industry are based on car safety and driving comfort. These properties result from applying a modular system approach instead of beginning with an overall vehicle concept in mind.

A small company situated in Western Slovakia has experience mostly in the area of automotive industry, namely determination of dynamic loads on the components, optimisation of wheel suspension and steering mechanisms, dynamic optimisation of power unit mounts including Eigen value analysis and frequency response to the torsion and vertical excitation, transfer of dynamic loads from road to the vehicle during prescribed driving regimes, study of component flexibility on full vehicle performance, determination of proper gains for lane change manoeuvre, etc.

Up to now the universal criteria for quality of transmission of motion and forces in mechanisms are not known, but upgrading some properties satisfying known partial criteria usually improves rest of them, so solution is almost always a compromise.

Via their Insight design optimisation method, this company adjusts design variables to minimise or maximise a performance measure respecting defined constraints. They set ranges on how far to vary the design variables and add general restrictions to keep the optimised design within overall limits. Using optimisation, they can find the best performing values for all important design variables.

Current and Potential Domain of Application: They have experience mostly in the area of automotive industry.
Current and Potential Domain of Application
They have experience mostly in the area of automotive industry.
Advantages and Innovations:

The Slovakian company offers utilisation of its Insight tool for:
· Identification and combinations of design variables that most affect the performance of the user's model (screening) from a multi-disciplinary point of view.
· Control of the effects of variations in a system in order to improve quality due to real-world manufacturing and operating conditions (robust design or the Taguchi method).
· Refinement and optimisation of the user's designs by Response Surface Method (RSM) statistics techniques implemented in the Insight module by fitting polynomials containing terms from coefficients and factors to the results of the runs, which gives an easy-to-use approximation of system behaviour.
· Achieving lowest complexity of virtual prototype.
· Reaching acceptable compromise of its performance properties · Reduction of complaints and guarantee claims by using Insight as a quality assurance tool.
· Design tool for new products.
· Reduction of design costs.
· Continuous and measurable improvement.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for partners for further technical development and testing of this system.
Type of Partnership Considered:
Technical consultancy
Testing of new applications


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01001001 Automatización, sistemas robóticos de control
02009001 Diseño de vehículos
02001 Diseño y modelado / prototipos