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Solución de evacuación y rescate en estructuras de gran altura para emergencia personal


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa rusa fundada en 2006 ha desarrollado y obtenido la patente de un sistema de paracaidismo y rescate basado en un sistema neumático autónomo para evacuación y rescate de personas sin capacitación de 18 a 75 años de edad con un peso de 45 a 150 kilos o un padre con un niño de hasta 35 kg de peso en estructuras de gran altura (rascacielos, plataformas offshore, torres, grúas, aerogeneradores, buques, etc.). El equipo, que pesa 25 kg y tiene unas dimensiones de 850x450x350 mm, cuenta con un sistema de suspensión de fácil manejo y puede almacenarse durante 10 años con revisiones cada dos años y medio. La empresa busca socios para establecer acuerdos de licencia y cooperación técnica.


Personal emergency high-rise escape and rescue solution
Russian company developed the patented rescue parachuting system, based on autonomous pneumatic system for secure emergency self-escape-Y-rescue of the untrained person from high elevation structures. Partners searched under license, technical cooperation agreements
Russian innovative venture company was founded in 2006 in Moscow and specializing in R-Y-D and innovative projects.
Now in the world, in addition to traditional ways of saving from high-rise buildings in emergency situations, there are no technologies that would ensure the safe descent of people in a hopeless situation. Russian company developed the forefront solution based on new type of parachuting systems - autonomous rescue pneumo-transformable chute backpack system (ARPTCB) which provides rapid self-escape and secure rescue of an untrained personage of 18÷75 years old weights 45÷150 kg or a parent with a child up to 35 kg weight (or any valuables cargos) from high-rise (5 ÷1000m+) facilities (skyscrapers, offshore platforms, towers, cranes, wind turbines, high board ocean vessels etc.) in case of emergencies than traditional evacuation methods are impossible.
The general tactical specifications are the next: 1. total assembly mass - 25kg; 2. rescue payload mass - 45 ÷ 150 kg; 3. descent elevations - 5÷1000+ m; 4. landing velocity - 5÷7 m/s; 5. landing angle - < 30°; 6. footboard barrier elevation - 1,5 m; 7. descent time - 3÷200 s; 8. launch initialization time - 15÷20 s;
The technology weight is 25 kg with back-pack dimensions 850x450x350mm with easy- to-use suspension system. It can be stored in ready-to-use mode within 10 years with check-ups every 2.5 years.
The company is looking for developer, builders of high-rise residential buildings, and companies from aero-cosmic sector and other stakeholders under technical cooperation and license agreements. Within the framework of the agreement on technical cooperation of Counterparty sought should find local partners from among scientific organizations for joint upgrade of the product under those standards of foreign Countries. Expected that the partner will determine the necessary level of regional licensing and its procedures. Under the license agreement the partner purchase the technology for its production which Includes: - exclusive license for the production: of one version (900 series); on a specific territory (country or region); for limited license term (5 years); full set of working design documentation; full set of working technological documentation. The Russian company will provide the technical assistance on organization and establishment the production (on a contractual basis). The licenser is paying deduction of royalties from sales/production of finished product.
Advantages and Innovations:
1. A brand new free parachuting technology (means and escape method) for emergency rescue from heights higher than 50 m where practical methods for safe evacuation of a person are not available on the market - autonomous rescue pneumo-transformable chute back-pack system;
2. New type of light weight air-proof film-coated fabric (TPU) for air-beam inflatable frame structure.
3. Synergy approach based on a rapid inflatable air-beam single volume frame structure made from TPU fabric provides:
- Elastic catapult ejection of a human from a window of an emergency object;
- Forced deploy of the canopy with only 3÷5 m loss of height and irrespective of air flow speed pressure for deployment (usual parachute requires of 25÷100 m free fall and/or 250-350 km/h speed of airplane to be deployed);
- Guaranteed safe landing with 5-6 m/s vertical velocity on any underlying surface in urban terrain using integrated air-frame shock absorbing pneumo dumper.
4. Fully automatic mode of usage (after manual activation of the apparatus) and all the descend and landing envelope accelerations are bearable for an ordinary person that make the rescue solution available for use by untrained people from 18 till 75 years old;
6. Crash test dummy Hybrid-III 50% percentile was instrumented, calibrated with the help of centrifuge, certified and used as anthropomorphic instrument for human acceleration checking during field tests and validation
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how,Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
5 Trade Marks ™ received in Russia.
Patents of invention were granted in 19 countries (Russia-7; EU-8; USA-2; Singapore-2; Japan-2; China-3; Canada; Australia; the Ukraine; Malaysia; S. Korea; Indonesia; U.A.E.).

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Within the framework of the agreement on technical cooperation of Counterparty sought should find local partners from among scientific organizations for joint upgrade of the product.
Under the license agreement, the partner purchase the exclusive license for the production


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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