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Solución de monitorización inteligente en tiempo real para logística con certificación de la cadena de frío


Oferta Tecnológica
Una start-up catalana especializada en logística de la cadena de frío, almacenaje y transporte ofrece una solución certificada para suministros farmacéuticos en transbordos multimodales. Esta solución permite el control y cuidado de mercancías sensibles en tiempo real y ahorra costes gracias al uso de modelos predictivos. El sistema consta de un dispositivo multisensorial sin instalación que ofrece una solución de posicionamiento/seguimiento conectada a la IoT y sensores integrados de temperatura, humedad, presión atmosférica, geolocalización, orientación e impactos. La empresa busca usuarios pioneros especializados en logística farmacéutica para probar la solución mediante acuerdos de servicio y comercialización con asistencia técnica o licenciar la solución para mejorar sus servicios premium en Reino Unido.


Logistics intelligent real time monitoring solution with cold chain Certification is looking for first adopters in UK pharma distribution sector
A Catalan startup specialising in cold chain logistics, warehouse and shipment technology, offers a certified solution for pharma deliveries in multimodal transhipments, giving control -Y- care of sensible merchandise in real time and saving costs by using predictive models. They are seeking British early adopters specialising in pharma logistics to test the solution via services or commercial agreement with technical assistance or by licencing the solution to upgrade their UK premium services.
A Catalan startup, specialized in logistics, distribution and management of the cold chain, is offering a new patented technology for goods tracking to define predictive models, and it has been selected to participate in SCALECAT pilot program for scaleups.

Specific needs in sectors demanding control and care of merchandise in real time throughout its journey (initial storage, distribution centres, last mile...), have motivated the technological solution.
In response to the specific demands from industry and drawing on experience, knowledge and abroad technical capability the Catalan company launched a solution, a system composed by a small datalogger, a license, a platform, accessories and services connected with Internet of Things, with high value features for pharmaceutical sector and allied.

The system consists in a multi sensorial device, without installation, offering a positioning/tracking solution connected to the IoT. It has embedded sensors of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, geolocation, orientation and impacts.

· It uses different types of batteries, making the solution suitable for any type of transport with all guarantees.
· It provides online monitoring of the cold chain, allowing control and tracking of sensitive goods during transportation and always from a common denominator, online and associated with Internet of Things.
· All the data can be integrated by an API to the CRM of the customers.
· The integral intelligent solution, in conjunction with its own Platform, a wide and different range of businesses can benefit; Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Agri-foods, Medical, Chemical, ... in transport by land, train, sea, fluvial, and air (with ´Automatic Flight Mode´ function).
· Provides traceability of freight transport Multimodal and/or Transhipment.

Solution is currently used in different countries around the world.

A medium size British company that operates in pharma logistics is required to adopt the solution in UK market, at a special first tester conditions.

There are three types of partnership considered:
a) Service agreement: Catalan partner would provide the complete service so that the British partner can offer added value to its regular service.
b) License agreement
c) Commercial agreement with technical assistance
For b. and c., Catalan partner would provide access to the platform and data, so the British company runs the added value service to the final pharma customer.
Advantages and Innovations:
Competitive innovations:
¿ Traceability: information available anytime and anywhere, and accurate monitoring of the state of the cold chain,
¿ Intelligence in the device, sending advanced warnings,
¿ Long-life battery under normal environmental conditions (12-18 months).
¿ Incorruptible. It cannot be manipulated and data transmitted is encrypted.
¿ Does not require the use of owned software, as the information can easily be downloaded from the cloud.
¿ Hierarchical structure of users programmable by the client (permissions). Multi-user Users configurable by the client, without additional cost and without limit of users.
¿ Multifunctional Serves to be used in static (warehouse) and / or in movement (distribution), without the need to change the model
¿ Does not require installation.
¿ Does not require RFID infrastructure (no smart gates, no routers, etc ...)

Competitive advantages:
¿ Anticipation. Scheduling events that trigger alarms.
¿ Grouped management of devices.
¿ Alerts configurable by the user.
¿ Information in real time anywhere and with any device (tablet, computer, mobile, etc). Free APP (for Android), available.
¿ API available
¿ It has EN-12830 certification and can be calibrated.
¿ Certification of flight mode available. Valid for multimodal use (road-maritime-aerial)
¿ Suitable for outdoor use (IP65).
¿ System adaptable to the needs of the client to be an integral development of the company (hardware, firmware, software, platform and front-end)
¿ Cost Reduction. Reduced indirect costs (device recovery, laborious reading, time forwarding information, ...)
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
-System patent applied for EU, EEUU and Asian countries.
-PCT for other part of the system, ongoing.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Potential partners should be a medium size company working in pharma logistics and delivery.

The role of the partner sought, in the case of a service agreement, would be testing the technology by offering added value to its customers in a special delivery service for annually periods. Remotely catalan company will provide full technical assistance.

The role of the partner sought, in the case of a License agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance, would be using the platform for its customers or own premium services, upgrading its service catalogue for pharma industry. Remotely catalan company will provide technical assistance with remote firmware versions updates.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Restrict dissemination to specific countries:
United Kingdom


Technology Keywords:
01003025 Internet of Things
02008007 Sistemas de trasbordo
10002010 Tecnología de sensores remotos
02008002 Transporte intermodal