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Solución de voz del cliente basada en la nube para el sector público y privado


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme alemana especializada en aplicaciones móviles ha desarrollado una plataforma de gestión en la nube basada en el estándar Open311 que satisface la necesidad de una solución versátil de voz del cliente para el sector público o privado. Esta solución ha sido diseñada para aumentar el grado de participación del usuario en un mundo en creciente movilidad y para dotar a las administraciones (públicas y privadas) de una solución de gestión de interacción multicanal y ofrecer servicios orientados al usuario. La empresa busca distribuidores con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica para lanzar la tecnología al mercado y acuerdos de investigación para continuar con el desarrollo de la plataforma.


Cloud-based Customer feedback solution for the public or private sector
A Greek SME specializing in the field of mobile applications has developed an Open311 compliant cloud-based management platform, addressing a worldwide need for a versatile Voice-of-the-Customer solution for the public or private sector.
The company is seeking collaborations with reliable distribution partners to penetrate the European market through commercial agreements with technical assistance and further develop the platform through technical or research cooperation agreements.
With innovation at the core of its business strategy, the SME is involved in state of the art mobile and cloud technologies and native applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5.

The research and entrepreneurial experiences of its personnel, drives the steady growth of the company which has since built a strong expertise in a variety of different domains such as:
- Smart Cities
- Public domain communications
- Open data
- Active and Healthy Ageing
- Real time notification systems
- Social networking platforms

The company´s personnel have built a strong expertise in a variety of different research and innovation fields, as highlighted by their participation in several EU-funded projects as well as in a variety of different business success stories.

The company´s innovative platform constitutes an integrated cloud based system for the enhancement, intensification and acceleration of communications between organizations and their target audiences. Based on the Open311 standard, the platform provides sophisticated services for citizens to submit requests and monitor their progress, to pay their bills, to share their experiences and prioritize their needs and for organizations to efficiently manage multi-channel complaints and organize their resolution, to consume insightful user feedback, to become connected with other societal actors, to engage their target audiences and to better allocate its human and material resources. Moreover, and without risking full Open311 compatibility, it integrates several extensions to the standard in order to further enhance its effectiveness and to maximize its benefits for individuals and organizations.

A dedicated, personalized and highly-customizable web dashboard is provided for organizations to gain access to their organisation´s instance. The dashboard is fueled by a Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine laying at the heart of the platform´s back-end. Through the integrated CEP engine, end users and their devices are transformed to mobile agents transmitting single events to the platform which subsequently process detected situations and reports them to the respective departments of each participating organization through the dashboard. Workers feedback and reports, data streams from cooperating organizations, users´ collected unique characteristics, historical data and defined rules and scenarios comprise the different types of inputs that CEP supports in order to generate the requested outputs.

The platform is designed to increase user engagement levels in a world of growing mobility and empower administrations (public or private) with a sophisticated multi-channel interaction management solution and provide user-oriented services.

Advantages and Innovations:
A key competitive advantage of the platform refers to its modular design and its capacity to support full Open311-compliance and to provide complementary services enhancing the standard. The application targets not only organizations without Voice of the Customer systems in place but also entities already utilizing Open311 compliant back-end systems for such purposes which are effortlessly integrated, requiring only a minimum configuration while enabling possible existing applications to work seamlessly.

The platform´s back-end is hosted on the cloud and is built as Software-as-a-Service solution, meaning participating entities are not required to invest on any infrastructure installments.

Additionally, features and advantages also include:
· Offline operation for mobile clients, which ensures a minimum operability for applications in case of absence of internet connectivity and an asynchronous submission of pending reports when connectivity is restored
· Identification of possible duplicate reports and minimization of such unwanted replications
· Social media integration
· Enable the creation of horizontal digital ecosystems and enhance the possibilities of successful Public Private Partnerships
· Advertisements placement features and ability to run targeted advertising campaigns and increase revenue by collaborating with advertisers
· Competitive price scheme and zero acquisition cost
· Support for explicit situation recognition and for respective exclusive actions definition
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Other

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is seeking collaborations with:
- Software/hardware SMEs or research organizations with interest in initiating strategic and business development, partnerships. Public domain back-office systems specialists, public domain service providers, businesses associations, mobile application development companies active in the market of Voice of the Customer solutions or Smart Cities specialists possess the characteristics sought to initiate a long and lasting partnership. The key tasks to be performed with potential partners, will be the design of innovative and smart ways to integrate the platform with existing or under development solutions to enhance both ends´ competitive advantages and sharing knowledge and resources, based on the identification of our common interests in reaching greater target audiences. Such partnerships are envisaged to be implemented through research or technical cooperation agreements.
- Local distribution partners, who are interested in leveraging their resources to promote the platform. Partners should be SMEs with some experience in collaborating with public authorities or vertical domains of the private sector (e.g. Tourism, Food, Public Utilities). This experience is a prerequisite for a successful partnership through a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01004002 Aplicaciones para el turismo
01004001 Applications for Health
01004005 e-Government