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Solución digital altamente eficiente para gestión de documentación, tareas y defectos en el sector de la construcción


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa austríaca del sector de las TIC ha lanzado una solución basada en la nube para gestión de documentación, tareas y defectos en el sector de la construcción. Esta solución consiste en una aplicación web y aplicaciones nativas para cualquier tipo de smartphone o tableta y graba tareas y defectos in situ y ex situ ahorrando tiempo y costes. El sistema es fácil de usar, está disponible para cualquier plataforma móvil y navegador y su rentabilidad supera el 900%. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Highly efficient digital solution for documentation, task and defect management in the building industry
The Austrian ICT company has launched a cloud based solution for construction documentation, task and defect management. It consists of a web app and native apps for all kind of smartphones and tablets to record tasks and defects on and off site in a cost- and time-saving way. The system is easy-to-use, available for all mobile platforms and browsers and has a ROI of more than 900%. They are looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The construction industry is among the least digitized branches and faces the following challenges: Today nine out of ten construction projects are not finished on time and on average one to two defects per ten square meters occur in each real estate project. One reason for the industry´s productivity problem lies in its fragmented structure. The profit margins in the construction industry are the lowest of any industry except for the retail market. .
This cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution will address the above mentioned problems for project managers, architects, technicians and facility and property managers. It offers documentation, task and defect management in construction and real estate projects of all sizes via web access and mobile apps for all types of iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices.
The Austrian company has defined two different roles in a real estate project:
- Users have access to the web application and the mobile app and a monthly service fee is charged.
- Invited subcontractors and watchers (e.g. controlling or general management who are not in operations) have only access to the mobile application. They can use the solution free of charge.
The first step in using the product is to create an account. Then the user can create via the web application one or more projects by filling in the project details and uploading building plans to be able to directly locate defects and tasks. Even large construction plans with many layers can be added without a loss in quality.
Next, users can invite colleagues and subcontractors to participate in their projects. This way the project coordinator can share in real-time the status of the project or distribute tasks. The project coordinator can even manage the information distribution between all participants by assigning different roles and rights.
Users can now record defects or update a specific task or ticket progress on site with a mobile phone or tablet which will be synchronized with the web app in real time and vice versa. Each ticket is located directly in the building plan. Text, photos, voice recordings, status and colleagues/contractors can be added to every ticket.
All information on project and ticket status is logged chronologically. All progress is reported by an in-app notification and/or e-mail. Also, every assigned task is reported to the assignee.
Members can filter information by project, plans, company, assignees, priority, progress, due dates, ticket type and category and much more to get sophisticated in-depth views about the progress or generate exportable reports with a few clicks.
Several statistical features are included, which help e.g. to monitor, if colleagues or subcontractors have capacities available.
The company now seeks industry partners in the construction, architecture, engineering, monitoring and facility management industry for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Advantages and Innovations:
Users save on average seven working hours per week, which is 18% of their working time. Companies have a ROI of more than 900%, not considering the savings from avoiding adjustments and subsequent issues.
- Cloud based: no installation required; can be used anywhere, anytime, also offline
- Ease of use: fast, intuitive; no training required; support effort per user per year is less than one hour
- Flexible: all kind of tasks and defects can be reported, updated and monitored with a minimum time effort.
- Business model: pure licence fees, no consulting or service costs. Total cost of ownership for customers is much lower; free support and updates
- Available for all platforms -Y- browsers and native for all smartphones -Y- tablets (iOS, Android, Windows, even Blackberry)
- User on-boarding in less than 10 minutes. People can immediately start to work on their projects
- Also smaller projects benefit from this solution.
- Highest security standards, which are regularly audited externally.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
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Type and Role of Partner Sought:
SMEs, large companies

Commercial agreement with technical assistance: The company is looking for resellers with digital competences in the construction, architecture, engineering, monitoring, facility management industry.


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Industry SME 11-49
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01003020 Building Automation Software
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