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Solución innovadora de software móvil/web con nueva herramienta de marketing y programa de fidelidad


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa informática de Serbia ha desarrollado un nuevo canal publicitario con programa de fidelidad para cines, teatros, estadios, museos y anunciantes. Las principales ventajas incluyen el uso de una aplicación móvil en vez de tarjetas de fidelidad y la mejora en la promoción de contenidos y publicidad mediante notificaciones push y redes sociales con recompensas para los usuarios de la aplicación. Se buscan socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia, comercialización con asistencia técnica, cooperación técnica y financiación.


An innovative mobile/web software solution that comprises a new age marketing tool and loyalty program functionality
IT company based in Serbia developed a new advertising channel with loyalty program features for cinemas, theaters, stadiums, museums and advertisers.
Advantages over existing solutions: using mobile app instead of loyalty cards, intensifies advertising and content promotion via push notifications and social networks with rewards for the app users.
Looking for partners interested in license, commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation and financial agreement.
The Mother Company, founded in 2000, is an IT company specialized in designing and developing bespoke solutions, with references in US, Canada and Europe. The clients are software solution vendors, industry leaders in Global Trade Management, Social and Health Care Management, Human Capital Management and Banking.
The Mother Company has also developed own ticketing software solution used by Cinemas, Theaters and Ticketing agencies.
The spin-off company is founded with idea to position itself as a leading provider of Gamification loyalty solution in entertainment industry. It leverages The Mother Company's 14 years experience in international business and 8 years experience in Entertainment industry.
This mobile/web solution will improve cinema's impact and visibility not just in web site traffic but in the biggest smart-phone users group that is the weakest spot of all cinemas.
This innovative solution is designed especially for marketing purposes in entertainment industry, culture and sport, in order to empower their market potential, giving its clients (cinemas, theaters, ticketing agencies, stadiums) powerful tool to attract more Patrons/Visitors.
Although The Solution can be used independently, it can be connected to ticket sales solutions in the industry through defined API. It is already done with own ticketing solution. In this way, it makes one unique package for event management and ticketing industry.
The goal is to intensify visibility and sales of its clients by improving their communication channels: web site visits, Facebook and Twitter engagement. That will attract new customers, reward customers, keep customers and finally build a community of loyal customers.
The main motive for Patrons/Visitors to use the The Solution is building a profile and getting the value from gifts, discounts, transport, etc. There is a socializing aspect as well.
The Solution is a multi-platform web application that will be approached by client's web site or the mobile application and it has many features. Here are some :
- event list for movies, concerts, sports...
- event details with descriptions, performers, trailers...
- booking/reservation options
- FB share/like, tweets, G+,
- finding transport and people to socialize with
The Solution is white labeled and customizable.Company offers several types of collaboration:
Licence agreement for businesses interested in using its solution,company can offer different business models, based on fixed or variable fee, purchasing license - fixed fee, leasing - fixed monthly fee or variable monthly fee model, based on effectiveness and measurable results, The Maintenance agreement is offered in all cases.
Commercial Agency agreement with Technical assistance, company offers a revenue sharing model.
Technical Cooperation Agreement, Company offers a synergistic approach, connecting its products on technical level and common approach to the market with revenue sharing model.
Financial Agreement for investors, ready to invest in the company, in order to position The company in the global market, company offers an adequate company share.
Advantages and Innovations:
This new age marketing tool and loyalty program combines a set of attractive features based on the latest technologies and enables marketing managers and advertisers to attract their target group in an efficient, amusing and cost effective way.
Advantages over existing solutions:
· using mobile app instead of loyalty cards, with user behavior tracking and usage analysis.
· intensifies advertising and content promotion via push notifications and social networks with rewarding the app users.
Some facts, related to cinema market represent its advantages in a best way:
Cinema market is losing young and mid age patrons because of the expansion of new technologies and new trendy channels of entertainment content distribution. Now mostly depending on audience between 35 and 60.
Young adults, aged 25 - 34 use smart-phones more than any other age group with 74% of the market and teens aged 13 - 17 are grabbing up smart phones at a much quicker rate than young adults.
This mobile/web solution will improve cinema's impact and visibility not just in web site traffic but in the biggest smart-phone users group that is the weakest spot of all cinemas.
New age mobile loyalty app keeping patrons informed, engaged, rewarded and loyal.
Direct Advertising through push notifications visible to the Mobile App users and indirect advertising through social networks sharing (FB,Twitter, Google+) visible to Mobile App users friends.
There is a possibility to use this tool as a new channel of promoting cinema's sponsors and 3rd party advertisers (let sponsors reward your patrons).
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Exclusive Rights,Copyright
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Copyright, registered at Intellectual property office of Republic of Serbia.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partners : organizations specialized in entertainment, culture and sport industry, like Cinemas, Theaters, Museums, Advertisers, Sport clubs and associations as possible business partners (for Licence agreement); Enterprises specialized in providing equipment and/or services to the market mentioned above, or resellers, with global or local distribution channels network, already positioned in this market (for Commercial Agreement with technical assistance); Software solution vendors or specialized High Tech suppliers (Digital Signage equipment) who have compatible products, eligible to connect with company (Technical Cooperation) ; VC capital funds or individuals as our partners (for Financial Agreement).

Role of partners :
In License agreement model - company expects fair and professional relationship
In Commercial Agreement with technical assistance model, - company expects from partner to promote and sell company's product to the targeted niche, and possibly provide basic customer training and first level customer support.
In Technical Cooperation model - company expects from partner to collaborate on technical level, to make common effort in order to achieve a new, synergistic value of company's products and common approach to the market by sharing sales channels.
In Financial Agreement model - company prefers "smart money" concept, i.e. investors capable to accelerate company's business growth, future development and entering to different niches, with their market experience and specialization.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01003022 Aplicaciones inteligentes
01003006 Software
01003013 Tecnología de información / informática