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Solución inteligente de radiobúsqueda móvil basada en web durante las 24 horas para centros médicos y hospitales veterinarios


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme británica especializada en soluciones de comunicación y gestión de tareas médicas ha desarrollado una solución de radiobúsqueda basada en web durante las 24 horas. Esta solución está indicada para centros médicos y hospitales veterinarios y permite la priorización y gestión eficaz de tareas. La solución es especialmente efectiva durante períodos fuera del horario laboral y períodos de trabajo durante el fin de semana, cuando las llamadas se filtran mediante un coordinador central. El sistema permite una comunicación dinámica bidireccional en tiempo real utilizando las últimas tecnologías móviles. La empresa busca centros médicos y hospitales veterinarios interesados en maximizar los recursos del personal y ofrecer un sistema eficiente de gestión de tareas con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Intelligent 24 hour web-based mobile paging solution designed for healthcare institutions and veterinary hospitals
A UK SME offers its intelligent 24 hour web-based mobile paging solution designed for healthcare institutions and veterinary hospitals, enabling effective task management and prioritisation.

The solution is particularly effective during the 'Out of Hours' periods and extended weekend working periods where all calls are filtered through a central co-ordinator. It provides dynamic two-way, real-time communication using the latest mobile technologies.

License agreement offered.
A UK SME specialised in the provision of medical communication and task management solutions has developed a 24 hour web-based paging solution enabling effective task management and prioritisation for health care professionals. The solution is available for mobile devices and offered specifically to healthcare institutions and veterinary hospitals.

The company has considerable experience in workforce planning, particularly during the out-of-hours (OOH) period, and the issues that hospitals face as a result of the European Working Time Directive. The team includes expertise from individuals with national healthcare service backgrounds who understand the importance of providing prioritised clinical care.

General Information
· The solution is particularly effective when working during the 'out of hours' period and during extended weekend working where there is a requirement for all calls to be filtered through a central coordinator.

· The solution promotes team working with secure task management; as a result, patient risk is eliminated and there is a significant reduction in work related stress and alarm fatigue, particularly for the junior doctor.

· A specialty-based call escalations and unread call alerts help to eliminate risk and ensure that a priority call can never be left unattended.

· The solution allows an organisation to implement the roles of specialist practitioners to cover blood and fluid related work and this reduces the incidence of this type of work being sent to junior doctors, leaving them with more time to spend with the patients that need them the most.

· The solution is entirely web-based and hosted on the UK companies dedicated servers. The company's in-house support team handles all daily system and database back-up routines ensuring that access to the application is fully optimized and secure.

· The system provides a vast reporting function allowing for interrogation of all call activity at a microscopic level.

· The reports provide the out-of-hours team with a clear overview of staff responsibilities, workloads and schedules allowing available resources to be efficiently organised and deployed.

· The solution will enable a health care organisation such as a hospital to recognize, isolate and ultimately re-assign activities to available specialist nurses in the out-of-hours period, resulting in less pressure and a reduction in alarm fatigue for medical doctors.

· The adoption of the system's call method feature during the late afternoon or early evening will ensure that any activities outstanding from the out-of-hours period can be assigned to and handled by available specialist nurses.

· The comprehensive data trail will provide health care organisations with evidence to streamline its workforce and working practices. This will allow an organisation to provide more effective care, improved patient recovery, reduced length of stay and therefore considerable financial savings to frontline services.

· Cloud Based -requiring no installation or support and only minimal local administration.

· Device Independent - compatible on mobile devices across all the main operating systems e.g.Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Medical staff may even log in to the application using their own mobile devices; this is a secure interface with many thousands of connections taking place worldwide on a daily basis.

· Devices will be linked to the organisations secure Wi-Fi network or via the mobile telecoms network. The solution knows which networks are being used and securely serves up call information accordingly.

A yearly license provides
· Unlimited calls, users, data transfer
· Full 24/7 support
· 37hr development package
· One day on-site "train the trainer" package
· Split-site working
· User group access
· Monthly data analysis
· Quarterly stakeholder review
Advantages and Innovations:
Essentially the solutions provide:
· Prioritised communication
· Robust task management
· Unprecedented data capture - a paradigm shift in medical communication and the degree of data capture is unprecedented.
· Cloud based - requiring no installation or support and only minimal local administration.
· Device independent - compatible on mobile devices across all the main operating systems e.g.Android, iOS and Windows Mobile

Key Features include
· Call locking and lock alerting
· Unread call alerting
· Specialty-based prioritisation
· Specialty-based EWS (Early Warning Scores) Escalation
· Full call pathway history
· Ward handover tools/medical handover tools
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Health care organisations, veterinary hospitals looking to maximise staff resources and provide an efficient task management system

License agreement offered.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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Technology Keywords:
01003015 Gestión de conocimiento, gestión de procesos
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