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Solución inteligente para monitorizar y gestionar en tiempo real el consumo energético en edificios


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme francesa especializada en ingeniería térmica y energética ha desarrollado una solución única (hardware y software) para monitorizar en tiempo real los flujos de energía en edificios sin utilizar controladores lógicos programables, lo que reduce considerablemente los costes de instalación. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica para integrar la solución o desarrollar conjuntamente nuevas características que permitan su interacción con otros equipos funcionales. También está abierta a establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Smart solution for monitoring -Y- managing all types of energy consumption in buildings in real time available for technical cooperation agreement or license agreement.
A French SME, specialised in thermal -Y- energy engineering, has developed a unique solution (hardware -Y- software) which monitors energy flows in buildings in real-time without using any Programmable Logic Controllers which allows a high reduction of installation costs. The SME is open to technical cooperation agreements to integrate its solution or to co-develop new features to make it interact with more functional equipment. The company is also looking for license agreements.
A French SME, created in 2012, has developed a smart all-types-of-energy monitoring device which monitors energy flows in buildings in real-time. The device instantly detects overconsumption and immediately suggests corrective actions.

The system is interoperable with existing open protocols and compatible with various types of hardware. Users will be 100% independent from any type of protocols or any type of hardware already installed or foreseen.

The solution is highly innovative as it replaces traditional Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with automation software. As there is no need to install wires, the installation costs are drastically reduced.

Technical Description
The solution is composed of a hardware embedding a Linux operating system that enables a virtual controller using Input / Output interfaces. The different interfaces all have the same firmware with an identical protocol. The interface is an actuator giving the order for action to equipment in response to messages received from sensors scattered within the building according to the critical points which need to be monitored (presence of people, indoor and outdoor temperature, brightness, etc.). Having the same firmware is an essential part of the solution. Indeed, once an action has been programmed for a flow, one can simply duplicate the program for all other flows of the same class. The installation and the maintenance are provided.

Any industrial company which needs to monitor, control and adjust their equipment use to reach the optimal efficiency could benefit from this innovative solution to monitor and manage various flows: water, electricity, gas and industrial fluids.

Collaboration partnerships
The company is open to various technical cooperation partnerships with companies interested in integrating the solution or in co-developing new features to make it interact with more functional equipment (counters, Mechanical Air Extract System, programmers, etc.).

The company is also open to license agreements with BMS (Building Management System) companies willing to commercialise the solution.
Advantages and Innovations:
The added value of the device lies in its ability to offer a BMS (Building Management System) solution combined with highly efficient automation, whose strengths are:
1) Competitive installation price (cost savings for installation due to reduced installation time - only one cable, no Programmable Logic Controllers) ;
2) Energy consumption in buildings reduced by around 30 %
2) Rapid return on investment: (18/24 months)
3) The solution does not require reloading the firmware in case of change in automation or acquisition. Updates could be made remotely, through the internet.

Further considerations:
-The system could work with wireless sensors in order to collect data thanks to the solution without cable installation (remote communication with Sigfox, Bluetooth or CPL)
- The implementation of the solution allows the company/building owner to apply to the ISO 50001 norm
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The solution is patented in Europe under French priority, and Francophone Africa. The company plans to extend this patent in countries like Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Europe

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
1) Technical cooperation agreement with technological companies for further development to adapt the first version of the solution:
- To make it interact with more functional equipment (counters, mechanical air extract system, programmers, etc.) and adapt the solution to the national standards for gas, water and electricity national requirements or materials as connectors) in other countries ;
- To extend the communication with other protocols (others than open protocols);
- To extend the range of compatible types of hardware and make the solution adaptable with future international demand.

2) License Agreement with companies providing BMS services and willing to commercialize the solution
Final clients targeted are large industrial or pharmaceutical (R-Y-D) companies which are looking for energy efficiency.

The company is also seeking partners like electrical and energy maintenance companies to provide and install the solution within clients across Europe


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


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