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Solución LED industrial avanzada


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme croata especializada en sistemas de iluminación industrial ha desarrollado una tecnología avanzada que resuelve los problemas de la mayoría de sistemas de iluminación LED industriales. Este sistema fácil de usar permite un control completo y gestión total de datos con acceso online 24/7. El resultado es un sistema que ahorra hasta el 35% de energía y con un flujo luminoso un 35% mejor. Se buscan inversores con el fin de establecer acuerdos financieros o socios estratégicos para firmar acuerdos de joint venture.


Advanced industrial LED solution
An SME from Croatia specialized in industrial lighting systems has developed an advanced technology solution for major problems in industrial LED lighting products. The result is up 35% energy savings or 35% better luminous flux. They are looking for an investor to sign a financial agreement or for a strategic partner to sign a joint venture agreement.
SME from Croatia specialized in industrial lighting systems has developed a advanced system that is easy to use and beside the high savings, it allows a complete control and full data management with 24/7 online access.
Many companies are unsuccessful at controlling the costs of their lighting and providing adequate illumination of their work spaces. This has an especially significant impact on efficiency issues in major industrial companies. The cost of lighting on average is between 15 and 20% of a company´s electric bill (in storage and logistics facilities, even up to 90%). Most companies can reduce their lighting costs with these advanced intelligent systems by 50-80%.

Other main features are:
- More than 35% higher efficiency (130-150 lm/W efficiency)
- Best lighting performance - no glare, no zebra effect
- Extended useful life time 100.000 h, warranty up to 7years
- Intelligent temperature and performance management
- High perceptual intelligent system - additional savings
- New areas of savings (Logistics), new possibilities of savings(Production)
- Plug -Y- Save intelligent system, Universal -Y- Custom system at the same time

The system also allows to obtain the GreenLight certificate from the European Commission for reduced electricity consumption and optimize your upcoming tax on environmental pollution by emissions of CO2.

The company is a member of the larger Group. The Group of 5 companies is present in 11 countries and has substantial local references for successfully implemented projects in the field of industrial lighting solutions since 2008. The company has been working for past several years - intelligent, advanced, comprehensive LED system integrating knowledge and experience in replacing existing industrial lighting with an energy-efficient system quickly and cost-efficiently.
They developed solutions (up to 90% cost savings, no maintenance up to 25years, 500%improved lighting levels, 1-3 years ROI) for exiting problems (high lighting costs, poor life time expectancy and performance, high investment costs) that are present on the market of currently available LED lighting industrial technology. The company is starting a global expansion and looking for investors that are willing to invest in the company on market potential of 40, 5 billion Euros in EU only.

They are looking for a partner (lighting industry or company) to sign:
Financial agreement - looking for investor to build up company for exit with double branding or sell out to major lighting producer.
Joint venture agreement - looking for a strategic alliance with a goal of increasing the market share of an existing product and promoting it, through jointly agreed strategy.
Advantages and Innovations:
The company is specialized in industrial lighting systems and has several years of practice in monitoring and testing LED as a light source solution. All the products available on the market have many technological and quality restrictions.

Problems of Standard industrial LED lighting systems:

- 20-45% essential loses on optics of LED light source
- Existing LED products use standard lens or reflection solutions
- Mediocre lighting performance, limited distribution of light on working surface
- Dangerous glare
- Zebra effect- LED is highly intensive light source and produce dangerous multiple shadow effect
- Overheating problems rapidly reduce the useful life time
- Slow reaction of control systems, limited usage

Solutions with Advanced LED lighting system:

- 7% loses - special optics, luminance flux is reflected only one time
- Cutting edge technology of light distributions with patent pending optics -Y- body structure.
- Superior optics light distributions guarantee best project uniformity. Optics are adjusted to newest high power LED elements, glare is diminished to lower level.
- No Zebra effect- Intensive light is reflected and diffuse
- Intelligent system to consistently increase light output of LED elements during total lifetime of LED elements to secure constant light levels on working places.
- High performance wireless intelligent system - additional savings, new areas of savings (logistics -Y- street).
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
They are looking for a partner (lighting industry or a company in the field) to sign:

Financial agreement
Looking for a partner to invest in further development or to sell the technology.

Joint venture agreement
Looking for a strategic alliance with a goal of increasing the market share of an existing product and promoting it, through jointly agreed strategy.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
04007002 Alumbrado, iluminación
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