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Solución sin productos químicos para resolver problemas de incrustación, taponamiento y corrosión en procesos industriales


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme flamenca ha desarrollado una combinación de nanorrevestimiento y tratamiento de ultrasonidos para eliminar o reducir considerablemente bioincrustaciones, taponamientos y corrosión. Se trata de una tecnología alternativa o adicional al tratamiento de líquidos con productos químicos. Los nuevos reglamentos sobre el uso de productos químicos (REACH) y la restricción o eliminación constante de sustancias activas han obligado a la industria a buscar soluciones alternativas. Además aquellos productos químicos que son más seguros y ecológicos muy pocas veces cumplen las normas. La empresa busca socios industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


A chemical free solution for fouling, scaling and corrosion in industrial processes
A Flemish SME, active in the industrial cleaning sector, developed a combination of nanocoating and ultrasonic treatment that leads to elimination or strong reduction of biofouling, scaling and corrosion, which forms an alternative or additional technology for the treatment of liquids with chemicals. They are looking for industrial partners to cooperate via a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
A Flemish SME developed an alternative technology to to solve problems with fouling, scaling and contamination in general of liquids in industrial processes. The technology is based on a combination of nanocoatings and ultrasonic treatment with the know how of the company.
Problems of biofouling, scaling, corrosion and contamination are currently solved with chemicals such as surfactants, inhibitors, dispersants. New regulations on the use of chemicals (REACH) and the constant restriction or abolition of acitve substances forces the industry to look for alternative solutions. In addition, safer and environmental friendly chemicals seem rarely meet the standards. As environmental regulations make the cooling water healthier, the problems with fouling, scaling, algae growth are more of a concern than in the past.

The Flemish SME offers a solution for this fouling, scaling and microbiological contamination in industrial processes.

A treatment of industrial equipment with a dirt repellent nano-coating results in easy-to-clean surfaces. These surfaces tend to be less contaminated with foul, scale and microbiological organisms.

The coating can be applied on site during a shut down or in house (spare parts). The main properties of this type of coating are a high hydro- and oleophobicity, durability and strong chemical and uv-resistance. The temperature resistance is up to 750°C. The coating is suitable for the food-industry (cerificate available). The very strong adhesion to metal substrates leads to a durable solution for unsolved fouling problems.

Although the market for nano coatings is growing rapidly in the OEM the use of nano coatings as a solution for existing industrial challenges is very limited. One of the reasons is the lack of expertise in the application of these coatings in an industrial environment (retrofit).

The SME offers the expertise to industries that are confronted with these type of problems and together with the operational management they define the problem and the way these nano coatings can be applied.

The benefits of this approach for the industry are the following:

- less fouling and remaining deposits during procress
- less microbiological contamination
- avoids clogging
- strong reduction or complete elimination of cleaning- and disinfection chemicals
- protection against chemical and bacteriologic induced corrosion
- ...

Following industrial equipment has been succesfully treated in the past with nanocoatings: tanks, tubes,separators,cutters,impellers. Testresults are expected for headboxes, heat exchangers and moulds.

Strong references are available on demand. The SME is currently looking for industrial partners that are confronted with the problems mentioned above. Partners can be found in several domains:

- food industry
- oil and gaz/refinery/off shore
- paper and pulp
- power plants
- marine
- water management

Because both of the used technologies are still evolving, the Flemish SME offers a custom made solution to the client.

Potential industrial partners are willingly to mount/investigate testpanels in their productionprocess. Perform a feasibility test with a few m2 for the coating and follow the results. Together with the Flemish client optimisations will be done. If possible compare the actual situation with the new method and help to estimate an ROI.
Advantages and Innovations:
- less fouling and remaining deposits during procress
- less microbiological contamination
- avoids clogging
- strong reduction or complete elimination of cleaning- and disinfection chemicals
- protection against chemical and bacteriologic induced corrosion

Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Industrial partner that is confronted with problems such as scaling, fouling and corrosion that are currently solved by the use of chemicals. The partner wants to limit the use of chemicals by introducing alternative non-chemical based technologies. The partner will be informed of successful cases in the past (references) and is prepared to introduce a test at low cost.

Industrial partner (also SME´s) can have 3 roles:
* investigate mounted testpanels in the production process
* feasibility test : provide 1- several m2 for the coating and follow the results
-> interaction with the Flemish partner to optimise
* help with estimation of ROI by comparing the new method with their current situation (requires insight in production and cleaning methods and the figures - with NDA!)


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
07001010 Micro y nanotecnologías relacionadas con la agricultura
08001004 Procesado de alimentos
10002013 Tecnologías verdes / producción limpia
10004001 Tratamiento de aguas industriales