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Soluciones globales para comunicación móvil segura


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa eslovaca especializada en comunicación segura ofrece plataformas totalmente escalables para comunicación móvil segura, incluyendo comunicación de datos y voz, transferencia de ficheros y mensajería, con cifrado potente para garantizar una información 100% segura. La aplicación está disponible para diversos dispositivos: teléfonos móviles, smartphones, tabletas y ordenadores personales (portátiles y de sobremesa). La empresa busca socios interesados en soluciones de comunicación segura para establecer acuerdos de comercialización con asistencia técnica, servicio o investigación.


Comprehensive solutions for secure mobile communication
A Slovak company specialized in the secure communication provides to customers, its own developed, fully scalable platforms for secure mobile communication including voice, data communication, file transfer and messaging - all with strong encryption which makes information 100 % secure. The company is looking for partners interested in secure communication solutions to cooperate with via commercial agreement with technical assistance, services agreement or research cooperation agreement.
The Slovak company is an innovative leader in the area of ICT in Slovakia. The company provides the full range of its own developed products all for secure communication. The company was founded in 1996 by a group of technical experts and in the coming years pioneered several new technologies.

The above mentioned technology is fast to implement and easy to use software solution targeted for any type of secure mobile communication such as voice calls, text messages, chats, file transfers and voice conferencing. It is designed to be used by anybody who wants to protect and secure his voice calls, messages, sensitive documents, photos or any files against unauthorized usage.

The technology offers a wide variety of secure communication.

Secure voice calls
- voice communication between two participants - similar to a standard telephone call - in a special, secured (with strong encryption) mode without impact on the call quality. For secure voice call the application automatically creates unique encrypting keys securing the connection. During the connection, all information transmitted by the technology system is encrypted by the sender and decrypted by the receiver. Nobody, not even the communication server, is able to intercept the communications.

Secure text messages
Text messaging with encrypted content, attachments and more advanced features.

Secure file transfer
- any file with any size to be sent with encrypted content; in addition to sending standard documents and files. The client application offers to take a picture or video by using camera, record an audio and send it as a file to any recipient in an easy and simple way, downloadable on participant demand.

Secure chat conference
- secure chat conferences between two or more participants with possibility of transfer encrypted instant text messages, images, audio, video and all other types of files; enables multiple chat sessions.
When user closes the application, no information remains stored in the device. This means that no forensic analysis is able to retrieve any sensitive information (like voice calls, text messages, files and contacts) from the user's device.
The core technology infrastructure is based on client-server principles and consists of following client and server software modules:
- Communication server
- CA (client application) Server
- Operator Studio
- Client applications (for all operational systems - iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows

Client applications are made for end users' mobile phones and personal computers (PCs). Server modules provide mainly authorization and mutual connection between individual users. The technology can be delivered as scalable solution which meets specific customer requirements. It's dedicated for individuals, private companies and governmental bodies.
This solution is provided and guaranteed by a well-experienced qualified company of good report in the field of mobile security. Secure mobile communication products are present in countries throughout the world and used mainly by individuals (sales representatives, top-managers), important private companies, as well as by governmental institutions (army, intelligence services).

These products are suited for any corporate, governmental or individual user, requiring a secure mobile communication. The company is looking for partners interested in secure communication. Partners are sought to cooperate via:
- commercial agreement with technical assistance (the technology is offered for acquisition, the transfer of the technology is offered), - services agreement (the Slovak company is offering its specific technological services connected to offered technology solution)
- or via research cooperation agreement (cooperation in EC research projects. Topics of interest: security, ICT, transport, e-health).
The Slovak company preffers these 3 cooperation forms as the best for its further cooperation development.
Advantages and Innovations:
The technology client application is available for variety of devices and platforms:mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, personal computers (laptops or desktops)

The technology supports most of the latest mobile phones running on one of the following operating system: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows

The solution has intuitive and modern user interface; crystal clear sound for voice communication. It supports all the most used Internet (IP) networks.

End-to-end security
Data are encrypted before sending and are decrypted after delivery to receiver. Data are never decrypted during transfer.
Server never knows encryption communication keys and is not able to decrypt the content.

No permanent information
No information remains stored on user's device. It means that sensitive data will not become compromise even in case of device is lost or stolen.

Hardware encryption - for increased superior security
The technology is available as a pure software solution or as a combination of software and hardware. Hardware encryption is done by specially designed and secured microSD card - Mobile Security Card (MSC).
Fulfilling NATO security and communication standards, certified as a product for secure mobile communication for transfer of classified information in several countries. The technology is positioned in the NATO Information Assurance Products Catalogue (NIAPC) with classification up to and including NATO RESTRICTED

It could be deployed as simple product type solution or as a complex communication solution connected to all other systems. The core technology infrastructure is based on client-server principles and consists of client applications (for all operational systems) and server software modules.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Trade Marks,Copyright

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner: any partner interested in secure communication. The partners are sought especially for acquisition of the technology and for research project cooperation.

Field of activity of partner: business cooperation with partners interested in secure communication is expected.

Role of partner:
- Research cooperation agreement - Cooperation in EC research projects. Topics of interest: security, ICT, transport, e-health
- Services agreement - the specific technological services in the field of secure communication are offered.
- Commercial agreement with technical assistance - the technology is offered for acquisition


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01006003 Comunicaciones móviles
01003009 Protección de datos, almacenamiento, criptografía, seguridad
01003006 Software
01006005 Tecnología de redes, seguridad de redes