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Soluciones médicas de impresión


Oferta Tecnológica
Una start-up italiana especializada en bioimpresión desarrolla bioimpresoras 3D, estructuras clave y materiales composicionales para reparación y regeneración de tejidos humanos y aplicaciones en dermatología, ortopedia, dentales y osteoarticulares. Su know-how combina tecnologías farmacéuticas, ingeniería mecánica, biomateriales, biotecnología y química analítica. La empresa ofrece terapias innovadoras de reparación de tejidos mediante impresión 3D para cicatrizar heridas crónicas con el uso de hidrogeles bioabsorbibles basados en apósitos de chitosán. Se buscan socios industriales que trabajen en el campo de la salud con el fin de establecer acuerdos de fabricación, financiación o licencia para industrializar sus productos.


Printed medical solution
An Italian startup, specialized in bioprinting activity, develops 3D-bioprinters, key structures and compositional materials targeting human tissue repair and regeneration. The startup is looking for industrial partner working in the health-care area for manufacturing, financial or licensing agreement for the industrialization of its products.
An Italian startup, specialized in bioprinting activity, develops 3D-bioprinters targeting human tissue repair and regeneration with dermatology, orthopedic, dental and osteo-articular applications. The startup know-how is a combination of pharmaceutical technology, mechanical engineering, biomaterials, biotechnology and analytical chemistry.
The startup is proposing an innovative 3D printed tissue repair therapies, suitable to help the healing of chronic wounds, through bio-absorbable hydrogels based on chitosan dressing.
The R-Y-D area of the startup is working on the development of new materials (bio-inks), like stimuli-sensitive bio compatible and bioresorbable polymers. These bio-inks are dispensed from the 3D printer in a layer-by-layer approach to build finely tuned scaffolds (materials engineered to cause cellular interactions to form new functional tissues) in a variety of advanced designs, presenting high improved cell-compatibility.
Experimental models (in vivo experiments), performed and coordinated by the startup´s experienced staff, are used for investigating the tissue repair and tissue regeneration properties of the developed products.
The startup is looking for industrial partners working in the health-care area (pharmaceutical or biomedical companies) interested in the development of innovative medical devices in the regenerative medicine field.
The startup wants to pursue the industrialization process of its products, throughout a manufacturing agreement, but it is also open to financial or license agreement to support the product industrialization.
Advantages and Innovations:
The 3D printed product of the company is able to:
- address a controlled tissue repair process;
- present controlled biodegradation and transpiration;
- distribute and release drugs in a controlled way;
- avoid the use of toxic materials.
Moreover, the dressing:
- has high water content (customizable);
- has effective sponge effect on heavily exuding wounds;
- is easy to apply and remove with no pain for the patient;
- is 100% Natural;
- does not contain active ingredients;
- did not provoke evidenced allergic reaction;
- is available in different dimensions and thickness.
The technology offers the possibility to produce different products, as well as the use of other biopolymers such as collagen or hyaluronic and the whole manufacturing process can be easily transferred to an industrial scale.
The 3D-printing platform is continuously under development through the creation of highly reproducible, robust and flexible instruments for the controlled modulation of such biopolymers.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how,Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The startup is looking for pharmaceutical or biomedical companies partners interested in the development of innovative medical devices in the regenerative medicine field.
The startup is seeking a manufacturing agreement to support the industrialization process of its products, but it is also open to financial or license agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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