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Soluciones naturales para producir frutas y hortalizas sin residuos químicos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa española ha desarrollado una tecnología para obtener frutas y hortalizas sin residuos químicos mediante el uso de productos bioestimulantes innovadores formulados con extractos vegetales y minerales. La empresa busca socios interesados en desarrollar nuevas soluciones conforme a sus necesidades específicas o en llevar a cabo ideas y proyectos de I+D para nuevos productos o aplicaciones. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de investigación, cooperación o comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Natural solutions to grow food and vegetables without chemical residues
A Spanish company has developed the technology to obtain residue-free fruit and vegetables by using innovative biostimulant products formulated from plant and mineral extracts. They look for partners interested in developing new solutions according to specific needs and/or partners interested in jointly tackling R-Y-D ideas or projects for new products or applications. Research cooperation, technical cooperation or techno-commercial agreements could be established.
The company offering the solutions is established in Spain. They cover all the steps of the process by dedication of their resources to research, development, innovation, manufacturing and marketing of natural fertilizers, biopesticides and biofungicides based on plants and minerals extracts. They also provide technical advice regarding the use of their products in eco/bio agriculture, which respect the environment and allow farmers to produce their crops at competitive prices and avoiding the use of chemical pesticides.

The natural solutions guarantee the growth of food vegetables that will not have any chemical residue. The company develops the necessary technology to obtain chemicals free fruits and vegetables by using innovative biostimulant products formulated from botanic and mineral extracts. The produced mixes cover all the growing needs effectively so the obtained products allow the farmers to distinguish themselves, to increase their profitability, to open up to new markets with greater added value and to sell high quality healthy food for consumers at large at a competitive price.

Environmentally-friendly, the company studies and respects always the law in each country where their products are sold. So, prior to market, any product is registered in the correspondent public organization, abiding all the legal requirements.

The competitiveness of the customers is very important for the company members, so they accompany the farmers in the process of acquiring the required capabilities to control pests and diseases of crops without chemicals, at a similar cost per hectare than conventional plantations. Thereby, they provide added value to the agroindustry by supporting the obtaining of nice and strong crops, at the same price, and healthier than the competitors´ products. The company opens up new markets for agro industries that intend to grow and harvest healthy, high-quality crops, supplying them to the consumer at a competitive price.

The products can be sorted into three distinct lines:

- Crop nutrition: the fertilization of crops using these natural solutions guarantees respect for the crop itself, the consumer and the environment. This line includes rooting compounds, amino acids and deficiency correctors, along with other items.

- Plants resistance to problems arising from excess moisture: these products are all suitable to be used in organic, integral or residue-free agriculture. They are extremely effective and safe for crops and consumers alike.

- Plants resistance to pests and diseases: the products concerned offer the properties required for the endogenous control of certain pests. These products are not subject to safety time-limits, and are suitable for use in organic or zero-residue farming. They also respect people and the environment.

Currently the company is looking for, on the one hand, partners with specific needs in the development of their environment-friendly products to obtain healthy food vegetables without chemical residues and, on the other hand, companies or other organization interested in searching together ideas for R-Y-D projects and new developments. Research cooperation, technical cooperation or techno-commercial agreements are expected to be reached.
Advantages and Innovations:
Crops treated with conventional products generate food with chemical wastes that may be harmful to the health of any consumer. In many cases the established safety limits are not respected by the producers and this may have a very negative impact for both, humans and animals. Furthermore these bad and very widespread practices contribute to the destruction of the biodiversity and the environment.

The use of natural raw materials, together with botanicals and minerals for the production of fertilizers, bio-pesticides and bio-fungicides products, produces profitable growing safe food, with high quality and suitable for all markets.

The products the company develops are absolutely natural for the protection of crops and allow the farmers to produce profitable fruits and vegetables free of harmful residues, feature that greatly increases quality and provides the suitability for distribution in all the markets.

The products provide improved crop quality with full respect for human health and the environment, and they also contribute to stimulation, recovery and maintenance of the natural fertility of the soil, helping to protect native plants and animal species.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Granted patent or patent application essential,Trade Marks,Copyright

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type of partner: company, research/technology centre, university
- Activity of the partner: manufacturer or user of products to grow vegetable foods, researchers in crop growth issues
- Role of the partner sought: joint development of new products, joint sharing of interesting ideas/knowledge for new projects to be carried out together, joint to register products.


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Industry SME 50-249
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