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Soporte técnico para reducir la formación de acrilamida carcinógena en el procesamiento industrial de alimentos


Oferta Tecnológica
Un organismo español de investigación por contrato especializado en la industria alimentaria ofrece su experiencia, tecnología y capacidad investigadora para reducir la generación de acrilamida carcinógena en el procesamiento industrial de alimentos (fritura, asado y horneado). El organismo ofrece soluciones personalizadas y viables para reducir la presencia de este componente que se adaptan al tipo de alimento y al proceso de producción, tanto a nivel industrial como doméstico. Las aplicaciones incluyen la evaluación de aspectos críticos de la formación de acrilamida en procesos de producción y diseño de estrategias de control, reformulación de snacks, diseño de procesos y recomendaciones a nivel de consumidor para cocinar alimentos. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica, investigación o servicios de alto valor añadido.


Technical support to reduce the formation of carcinogen acrylamide in industrial food processing
Spanish contract research and technical organization specialized in food industry engineering offers its expertise, technology, and research capacity to limit the generation of carcinogen acrylamide in food industry processes, such as frying, roasting or baking. They offer customised and feasible reduction solutions depending on the type of food and the manufacturing process, in the form of technical, research or high added value services agreements.
Acrylamide is a by-product of the Maillard reaction that is listed as a probable carcinogen (group 2A, IARC) for humans. It is formed during the cooking of certain foods at high temperatures (> 120 ° C) through frying, grilling or baking processes, especially in starch-containing compounds, so it affects a wide range of processed products (French fries, snacks, breaded products, baked goods, cookies, coffee, nuts, etc.).

Considering that cancer is one of the main health problems, there is a growing concern, shown by different international institutions, that has given rise to a series of recommendations detailing the desirable thresholds in various food products. It is expected that, in the medium term, these recommendations will become enforceable in the form of restrictions.

Aware of the need of the industry to reduce acrylamide contents, researchers from this Spanish organisation have carried out different research studies aimed at developing technical solutions to reduce the presence of this compound in processed products, both at the industrial and domestic levels.

Given that each food matrix is different in terms of product composition and processing, the researchers begin by conducting acrylamide analysis, based on which they are able to determine the most appropriate methodologies to tackle the reduction of this compound: 1) Parameterization and adjustment of industrial processes such as baking, toasting or frying, aimed at proposing the most convenient modification of processes or combination of technologies; 2) Pre-treatments before heating: immersion in solutions, parboiling, etc.; 3) Addition or substitution of ingredients in product formulation: e.g. formation of acrylamide inhibitors. In addition, our researchers have extensive experience in developing and assessing alternative heating systems other than conventional frying (for example, fried hot air or microwave).


- Evaluation of critical aspects of acrylamide formation in production processes and design of control strategies.
- Reformulation of snacks.
- Process design.
- Recommendations at consumer level for food cooking.

The organization is interested in working with food industry partners wanting to implement advanced technology for the reduction of acrylamide in food production. Also with research partners interested in deepen its knowledge and engineered solutions for the reduction of acrylamide. They offer partnership shaped as technical/research cooperation or technical services agreements.
Advantages and Innovations:

¿ Obtaining healthier products.
¿ Process design (industrial and domestic) that contributes to reducing the levels of acrylamide in the final product.
¿ Study of the organoleptic characteristics of the product.
¿ Ability to evaluate acrylamide bioaccessibility through in vitro digestion studies.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Industrial partners interested to implement advanced technology in reduction of acrylamide in its production.

Research partners interested to deep in knowledge and applications.


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