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Tecnología básica científica-deportiva para parques de fitness al aire libre multigeneracionales


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme especializada en patios de juegos y parques de fitness al aire libre y una universidad procedentes de Alemania han desarrollado una tecnología científico-deportiva para equipos de fitness al aire libre. Esta tecnología puede integrarse en parques de fitness al aire libre multigeneracionales y permite realizar movimientos de traslación y rotación simultáneamente y ejercicios multidimensionales debido a la combinación de mecanismos giratorios y basculantes. El nuevo sistema está indicado para realizar actividades guiadas en espacios públicos al aire libre, que hasta ahora solo se realizaban con equipos de fisioterapia en interior. La empresa y universidad buscan socios con experiencia en fitness al aire libre interesados en establecer acuerdos de cooperación o comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Sports-scientific basic technology for multigenerational outdoor fitness parks
A German SME specialized in playgrounds and outdoor fitness parks and a German university have co-developed a sports-scientific technology for outdoor fitness equipment. It can be integrated in multigenerational outdoor fitness parks. It allows for simultaneous translational and rotational movements and multidimensional exercises due to a combination of rolling and tilting mechanisms. Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.
The number of people above the age of 65 in our societies increases constantly. The impact of an ageing population on public health care systems is a challenge policy makers have to face. Public outdoor fitness parks become increasingly important in the context of public health prevention measures in order to stimulate regular body exercises among the population.
But exercise equipment has to be based on scientifically tested movement patterns if harmful, unnatural body postures and injuries shall be prevented.

A German SME has co-developed a product family of outdoor fitness devices based on a proven sports-scientific concept together with a German university. The new system aims at guided exercise activities in outdoor public spaces which have until now only been realized with physiotherapeutic indoor equipment. However, indoor fitness devices are not resistant to extreme temperature variations and not protected against extreme weather conditions. Also, indoor sport-therapeutic equipment often does not include playing elements as movement incentives and cannot be used without professional personal instructions. With the classic technical approaches using pulleys, hinges, ball bearings, springs and ropes, only a limited range of outdoor movements has been possible to date.
The newly developed technological approach combines an already existing rolling mechanism with a tilting mechanism which has not been used yet in outdoor devices.
By combining the rolling and the tilting technique, which is open on several sides, guided and free translational and simultaneous rotational movements become possible, which were previously only possible outdoors in skating, snake or wave boarding, surfing or skiing. The tilting mechanism essentially consists of a particularly robust rubber-plastic connection, which is inserted into a steel housing (square tube) and is traversed by two parallel steel axes. Due to different loads and rotation of the steel axles, the rubber-plastic connection in the steel housing is compressed or stretched. Depending on the user´s body weight, the tilting mechanism reacts slowly, cushioning and with increasing angle with increasing resistance until it comes to a standstill at a certain angle, depending on the application of force. This specific, natural movement pattern makes it particularly interesting for the use in exercise equipment.
The basic technology is used in straight horizontal movement, in ascending and descending movement, in horizontal curve movement, with two feet on one tread or with two separate treads and for one person or two persons simultaneously.
The new functional principles have been implemented in five different devices: a balancing board which functions similar to a skateboard, the balancing swing which simulates the movement on a half-pipe, the balancing snake which is based on the movement model snake- or wave board, the balancing shaft with two separate stands for the feet and the balancing rocker for two persons.

Partners with experience in the playground or outdoor fitness sector are sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance. The new technology can be integrated into existing fitness or public health schemes or newly installed ones. The technology transfer will be supported by the technological knowhow of the German SME. Technical cooperation agreements for a further improvement of the technology for multigenerational parks or special arrangements for the elderly are also possible.
Advantages and Innovations:
The developed technical specifications cannot be found in other products on the market. It is the first outdoor equipment which enables simultaneous translational and rotational movements due to a combination of rolling and tilting mechanisms

Advantages are:

- Multidimensional and differentiated movement patterns similar to real body movements
- Differentiated difficulty levels for different intensities, constitutions and age groups
- Multiple and individual challenges to users as far as coordination, mobilization, strength and endurance are concerned
- Integrated option for individual performance improvements and playing elements create high user incentives
- Robustness against vandalism
- Resistance to rain and sunlight exposure
- No external instructions needed
- No danger of misuse or injuries
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Ideally the future partner has experience with outdoor fitness parks and playgrounds for the public sector (municipalities, local authorities or health associations) or in the private sector (senior citizens facilities, rehabilitation centres, sport clubs, fitness centres). Possible partners could also be landscape architects, city planners and planners of public parks.

Ideally, the partner should have established contacts to assembly teams which ensure the smooth installation of products.

Task to be performed is the integration of the new technology into existing outdoor fitness or public health schemes. The technology transfer will be supported by the technological knowhow of the German SME. The SME offers advice and assistance in planning the design and layout of the playground or fitness area including 3D visualisation. This way individual solutions for each user can be implemented according to dimensions and requirements of the playground and fitness equipment .

There is also scope for technical cooperation agreements and the common planning of projects and the development of new ideas for products and services for the elderly in the context of multigenerational fitness parks.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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