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Tecnología de metalización con alambre tubular


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa rusa especializada en aplicar revestimientos mediante proyección térmica ha desarrollado una tecnología de metalización (activated arc spraying) para proteger equipos contra el impacto de temperaturas elevadas. En las centrales térmicas se producen problemas de corrosión y desgaste en equipos que operan a temperaturas superiores a 600 ºC y que están en contacto con la fracción sólida de cenizas volátiles. La empresa busca socios especializados en equipos de reparación y protección de centrales térmicas mediante proyección de revestimientos para ofrecer servicios de certificación. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica.


Technology metallization coatings from cored wires
The Russian company from the Ural region is specializing in the application of thermal spraying coatings, has developed a technology of activated arc spraying on the manufactory and field conditions used to protect equipment from high temperature impacts is looking for partners to conclude technical cooperation agreement.
The small company from the Sverdlovsk region is a private company, which is engaged in engineering in the field of thermal spraying coatings (TS), provides technology for the production of protective coatings based on spraying cored wires (CW) by activated arc spraying (AAS). In thermal power plants (TPP) there is the problem of corrosion and wear of equipment operating at temperatures up to 600 °C and in contact with the solid fraction of fly ash. The annual cost of restoring parts in coal-fired TPP up $ 1.2 bln. Analysis of the methods of increasing the equipment parts life of TPP to corrosion and wear shows that in comparison to alternatives TS coatings stands for reliability, adaptability and sustainability. The applied methods of TS such as plasma and high velocity flame spraying (PS and HVOF) are not satisfy consumers because of the high cost of obtaining coatings derived from low productivity and high costs for spraying powder materials. AAS is a kind of arc spraying (AS), where wires are melted in an arc burning between it and sprayed carrier gas, and the resulting particles are accelerated and in contact with the surface coating is formed. AAS equipment differs from the standart equipment for AS using as a carrier gas of combustion products of propane-air mixture. To form the stream of combustion products of propane-air mixture immediately before the melting wires zone installed combustor. The fuel-air mixture burned in the combustion chamber and flowing out through the spray nozzle, spray the liquid metal consumable electrode to which voltage is applied through the current leads. Direct transfer of energy from the arc to the wire causes high thermal efficiency AS. Here, the proportion of heat input from the arc directly to the spraying material is 60-70%, which is 7-10 times greater than for other modes of TS. This causes the high performance ADM: 18 kg / h (spraying steel), 50 kg / h (spraying zinc). In addition, wire 2-3 times cheaper powders used for other deposition methods. The combination of high performance using wire leads to 3-10 times reduction in costs for obtaining AAS coatings in comparison with other methods of deposition. In the AAS devices spray angle is reduced to 10°, material utilization ratio is 85%, the particle velocity of 140-500 m / s, the degree of oxidation of the steel coating 2,1-2,9%, porosity 2%. In average the technological parameters on 40% higher compared both with Russian and foreign AS apparatus. Efficiency of AAS is $30-90 thsd on the apparatus.

Under the technical cooperation agreement Russian company is looking for partners who are engage in processes for working with metals to finalize this equipment and cored wires. Role of the partner at future cooperation is co-completion equipment and cored wires, certification services for technological solutions developed for spraying high performance protective coatings on components. The Russian company will delivery the equipment and provide the commissioning works. Moreover, the Russian company can make the technical documentation in any language.
Advantages and Innovations:
- For spraying of wear-resistant coating was developed and patented economically alloyed cored wire of alloying system Fe-C-Cr-Ti-Al. The coatings from this wire have the structure of metastable austenite which consuming energy of external load by the formation of the martensitic phase, which causes to increasing hardness and wear resistance.
- The microhardness of the coating is 500-700 HV100, it provides its wear resistance at abrasive wear 1.5-2 times higher than from solid wire. Due to alloying of aluminum and titanium coatings from cored wire have adhesive strength higher than that of nichrome at 10-15%, and 3 times higher compared with solid wire.
- For spraying of coatings resistant to corrosion at temperatures up to 700°C developed and patented cored wire alloying system Fe-Cr-Al, additionally alloyed with silicon and titanium. The test results showed that coating of this wire have the same level of corrosion resistance with the austenitic steels and much higher than that of pearlitic and martensitic-ferritic steels.
- Solid wire for spraying of protective coatings are difficult to manufacture, cored wire have high cost. Firms from US, Germany and other countries developed a range of cored wires on nickel base with the introduction to the charge carbides of tungsten, boron, chromium. The companies provide the necessary protective properties of coatings, however, presence in their structure a large amount of expensive components leads to high cost of materials and as a result increase in the cost of the coating. The cost of the proposed cored wires for arc spraying of protective coatings by 3-5 times lower in comparison with foreign analogues, due to economical alloying system containing no expensive elements such as Ni,Mo,W,Nb,at comparable resistance of these coverings to wear and corrosion.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Russian Federation Patent 19.01.2012;
Russian Federation Patent 25.10.2012.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner: SME, industry.
Field of activity: companies and services which are engaged in repair and protection equipment for the thermal power plants via spraying of protective coatings.
Role: is certification services for technological solutions developed for spraying high performance protective coatings on components of thermal power plants on partner markets.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
02002015 Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)