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Tecnología de metalización por difusión


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pequeña empresa rusa ha desarrollado una tecnología de producción de revestimientos difusivos de níquel - cobre, níquel - cromo y titanio para acero, aleaciones duras y hierro. Esta tecnología aumenta la resistencia al desgaste y a la corrosión y la resistencia térmica de piezas de maquinaria, herramientas de acero y aleaciones duras, moldes de compresión y troqueles para procesamiento a presión. Gracias a su versatilidad, la tecnología puede utilizarse en diferentes mercados. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de fabricación y cooperación técnica.


Diffusion metallization technology out of fusible liquid metal solutions and equipment for its realization commercially
Small Russian innovative company developed production technology of diffusive nickel - copper, nickel - chrome, titanic coatings on steel, hard alloys and iron. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance of machines parts, steel and hard-alloy tools, compression molds, stamps for pressure processing increases. Company is looking for partners for manufacturing agreement cooperation and technical co-operation.
The technologies of a vacuum dusting (physical vapor deposition) and chemical sedimentation from a gas phase existing in the market (Chemical vapor deposition) are characterized by unevenly covering, the element structure of coverings is limited, and process of coating is difficult and doesn´t give the chance to combine it with thermal processing. The technology of coverings developed by the company by diffusive doping technique is simple and consists in isothermal endurance of a product among fusible solutions of the metals forming a diffusive covering on products.
Product of the company is a diffusive covering on customers´ products, and technological lines and licenses sale to large plants that increases the profit. The price of a product is significantly lower than import analogs, and surpasses them in quality.
Main advantages of new technology are increase of details and tools efficiency, corrosion rate reduction in 1000 times, evenly coverings on products of any configuration happens, the covering diffuses with the top layer of a product, excepting its flaking. The consumption of materials is economic due to melt reuse. Chrome molds and molds created by the proposed technology with the diffusion of the titanium coating were tested for confirming new technology efficiency. Coating was flaked off after 560 presses on a chrome molds surface. The molds created by new technology sustained without cracking of 2530 presses. Also carbides were tested which showed the low durability when cutting. The distinctive features of the coating on the new technology are diffusive nickel-copper coating which provides improved resistance of cutting plates in 2.1 times; diffusion doping can be applied in all industries (oil, engineering, military, and others) where there is a need to improve productivity and continuity of the process. Versatility of the technology gives the opportunity to use it on different markets. The coating improves the main operational characteristics of the components and tools used in production.
The company looks for an industrial organization as a partner for technical cooperation agreement, for technology testing, and technology introduction. The company must have a base for conducting experiments in an industrial environment and the personnel able to conduct and record the monitoring of the technological process. If it is successful introduction of the technology, the company offers the partner exclusive terms of use of technology. The manufacturing agreement cooperation is also possible. Manufacturing of machinery details and mechanisms with high strength characteristics is proposed under the order.
Advantages and Innovations:
Innovative component of the project consists in development of diffusion metallization technology out of fusible liquid metal solutions as well as its combination with the surface plastic deformation providing substantial increase of operational properties of structural and tool steel and hard alloys.
Competitive advantages:
1. Increase of efficiency of covered products in 5-10 times compared with such products (of the same material) without coating; improvement in operational characteristics of machine parts and mechanisms, having high cyclic and dynamic loads and which are affected by hostile environment, increasing tool life.
2. High energy efficiency and material costs reduction for the metallization process; the combination of the coating process with the processes of thermal processing, possibility of solution reuse;
3. Quality improving of the processed surfaces (compared with the same unprocessed detail) by healing small defects such as cracks on them and reduce roughness, to reinforce the surface layers of the covered product
4. Lack of flaking when product deformation, unlike the same product without coating, making covering on thin products and products of the most complex configuration;
5. The possibility of forming of products both single-component and multicomponent coatings on the surface (viscosity increasing in the surface layers of metal at their simultaneous high wear resistance and low friction coefficient);
6. Environmental friendliness of production due to vacuum installation (eliminates possibility of harmful pollutions, and also excludes contact of the service personnel with harmful substances).
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
All patents are from Russian Federation 2004 - 2014

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Industrial organization.
Production and use of industrial equipment, machines, tools for oil and gas, automotive, engineering, food, medical, aviation and other industries.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
02011001 Aeronautical technology / Avionics
02011002 Aviones
02011003 Helicópteros
02002002 Recubrimientos
02002015 Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)