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Tecnología de plasma atmosférico de bajo coste para desencolado de tejidos de algodón


Oferta Tecnológica
Un investigador italiano con experiencia internacional en aplicaciones industriales de plasma frío atmosférico ofrece know-how para la producción de máquinas industriales de plasma atmosférico destinadas a la industria textil. Estas máquinas ofrecen un importante ahorro de electricidad y agua en los procesos de desencolado y tintura de tejidos de algodón. Se buscan fabricantes de máquinas para la industria textil interesados en adoptar esta tecnología ecológica mediante acuerdos de cooperación técnica.


Low cost atmospheric plasma technology for optimized desizing of cotton fabrics
Italian researcher with international experience, specialized in industrial applications of cold atmospheric plasma, proposes know-how for production of industrial machines of atmospheric plasma for textile industry, that provide strong reduction of electric energy and of water consumption for the processes of desizing and dyeing of cotton fabrics. Producers of machines for textile industry interested to adopt ecologic technology are sought for technical cooperation agreements.
Cold atmospheric plasma is innovative technology that find many novel applications in different branches of industry. An Italian researcher has developed specific technology and know-how for production of specific machines of cold atmospheric plasma for textile industry. Low cost in-line treatment of cotton fabrics by means of cold atmospheric plasma, using only ambient air, provides significant reduction of electric energy, of water consumption and process time for desizing and dyeing of cotton fabrics.
Desizing and dyeing processes are the most expensive operations in textile finishing as soon it is required big amount of energy and of hot water for cleaning the fabric from sizing agent and for subsequent dyeing. The quality of desizing and dyeing is the critical point for the commercialization of final garments. In actual production cycle, the necessity of big amount of hot water and of multiple rinsing is due to the hydrophobicity of sized cotton fabric and due to the poor solubility of size agent in water. Primary effect of cold plasma is effective cold oxidation of substrates that produces strong wettability by means of polarization of substrate surface. In textile applications, plasma effectively converts hydrophobic fabrics to strongly hydrophilic ones. In proposed application for the optimization of desizing, plasma directly oxidises the size agent on cotton yarns without heating, due to the chemical action of oxygen radicals (atomic oxygen) generated in air by plasma.
Plasma treatment brings also to fast penetration of dye in folds and sewing and to better shade of colour on final garments. In case of dark colours dyeing, desizing process can be completely avoided due to the cold atmospheric plasma pre-treatment. Apart of desizing and dyeing processes, plasma treatment permits to optimize bleaching and mercerization processes, providing the reduction of soda and hydrogen peroxide concentrations. Other applications of cold atmospheric plasma on cotton fabrics are the improvement of anti-bacterial properties, as well improved bonding of nano particles on fabrics.
This plasma technology and the above described applications could be implemented in existing or new machines for textile industry, and producers of such machines are sought for technical cooperation agreements.
Advantages and Innovations:
According to "Markets and Markets" analysis, textile industry segment held the largest share of 31,6% of plasma technology market in 2015. According to the global forecast, textile segment of cold plasma applications will rise from USD 1,38 billion in 2016 to USD 2,91 billion up to 2021. Atmospheric pressure cold plasma in ambient air is applied in-line, without vacuum chambers and without specific gases and chemical substances. The process cost of "dry" plasma treatment is low, meanwhile it produces significant saving of electric energy and of water. Innovative machine of atmospheric plasma uses only ambient air and works in the in-line regime. Optimized plasma treatment doesn´t imply on other properties of cotton, meanwhile effectively optimizes desizing and dyeing processes.
Proposed original atmospheric plasma machine is much more effective than similar machines of different producers, and it excludes burnings or other damages on fabrics.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Patenting of the principle and of the construction of innovative atmospheric plasma machine for cotton fabrics will be performed prior to the development, under agreement with the partner.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Ideal partner is the producer of the machines for textile industry, especially for desizing and dyeing of cotton fabrics.
Another expected partner is cotton dyer interested for the best available economic and ecologic solutions for the production.
This technology and the above described applications could be implemented in existing or new machines for textile industry through technical cooperation agreements.


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R&D Institution
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