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Tecnología de previsión y pronóstico del tiempo e inundaciones


Oferta Tecnológica
El equipo de investigación de física atmosférica de una universidad húngara ha desarrollado un modelo de previsión del tiempo e inundaciones. La singularidad de esta tecnología se explica por el hecho de que se adapta perfectamente a la observación con múltiples resoluciones de los factores ambientales en el análisis del riesgo de inundación. La tecnología está indicada para crear mapas de inundación o servicios de (monitorización) de defensa para socios de los sectores público y privado. El equipo de investigación busca socios extranjeros interesados en contratar estos servicios en el marco de un acuerdo de cooperación en materia de investigación y servicio.


Weather and flash flood forecast-prognosis technology
The atmospheric physics research group of a Hungarian university deals with developing a weather and a flash flood forecast model. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that it is well adaptable to multiple resolution observance of the environmental factors in flash flood risk assessment. The practice is not yet widespread in Middle-Eastern Europe. The group is looking for foreign partners wishing to enlist its services in the frame of research cooperation and services agreement.
Related to climate change, the topic examined by the Hungarian university research group, the necessity of the examination of sudden, hardly predictable precipitation loads, convective, torrent precipitations is raised more and more often, as well as the how the water resources management is affected by the hydrological response actions triggered by these meteorological situations. The project offers a solution to preliminary flash flood risk assessment of threatened highland water catchment areas, thus enabling the grounding of preliminary protection plans (e.g. issuing building permits in areas subject to flooding, creating disaster recovery plans, assessing insurance focused risk categories).

The technology is suitable/adaptable for creating hazard and flood maps, or defence (monitoring) services for partners from both the public and the private sector.
The group was formed in 2005, in the frame of a tender examining the consequences of extreme weather conditions. The partners have been closely cooperating ever since.

Special instruments:
- super computer capacity
- instruments needed for fieldwork measurements

In the framework of services and research cooperation they can be contacted by institutes of research and development, laboratories, organisations dealing with catastrophe defence and city management, insurance companies, building companies, whose activities can affected by weather changes and eventual flash floods.
Advantages and Innovations:
The flash flood service, compared to the other services already on the market is innovative because:
- it features a geographical information system method, which is suitable for multiple resolution observance of the environmental factors
- the model takes into consideration that on a given effluence point how much is the environmental factors´ influence on the formation of a flood
- from different input data the information technology method gives a result featuring a standardized new information content that precisely characterizes risks
- the product is able to define the risk level at any point of any water catchment area in a developed information technology environment
- characterized by simple usage, compliance with environmental principles, and cost efficiency
- precipitation forecast service can be provided which, knowing the hazard level, could mean 2-3 hours of lead time in case of evacuation.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
- Flash flood risk map
- Computer controlled hydrological, geomorphological and physical geological modelling board - Sand table

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The research group offers its services towards organizations listed below, who are able to integrate the know-how developed into their knowledge base.
- Institutes of Research and Development
- Industrial laboratories,
- Disaster management offices,
- Settlements and city councils.
Details of cooperation:
- Protection of inhabitants and property, safe positioning of real estates and settlements
- Meteorological services: increasing service portfolio
- Insurance companies: risk assessment
- Building industry: wise building planning, reasonable construction.

The group is looking forward to partners wishing to enlist its services, or sign research cooperation agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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10002005 Biodiversidad / Herencia natural
10002009 Desastres naturales