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Tecnología de soldadura de superficie de tres capas para reparación de agujas en la industria ferroviaria


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa serbia ha desarrollado una tecnología muy eficiente de soldadura de superficie de tres capas para reparación de agujas en la industria ferroviaria, que son dañadas debido a las cargas a las que se someten. Este procedimiento ofrece ventajas demostradas en ensayos químicos, mecánicos y metalográficos realizados en un laboratorio acreditado y en campo. Para reparar las agujas, la profundidad del desgaste debe ser de 4 a 8 mm, mientras que si el daño es mayor no es recomendable el uso de la tecnología. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de joint venture para producir y lanzar la tecnología al sector de infraestructuras ferroviarias.


Technology of three-layer surface welding for reparation of railway switches
Railway switches are being damaged due to the loads to which they are subjected to. A highly efficient technology for three-layer surface welding for railway switches reparation, has been developed. The Serbian company is seeking joint venture for production and bringing the technology to the railway infrastructure market.
Serbian company has developed efficient technology for three-layer surface welding for railway switches reparation. Since railway switches are subjected to heavy loads, a highly efficient procedure for three-layer surface welding has been developed for their reparation. The technology is a result of the project financed by the Serbian ministry of science, and was achieved within the cooperation among two private companies and one faculty. This procedure possesses a number of advantages proven by chemical, mechanical and metallographic tests, conducted in the accredited laboratory and on the field. The depth of wear-off of 4-8 mm is optimal for reparation, while deeper damages are not recommendable.

A semi-automatic apparatus for surface welding has been constructed and tested, with the possibility of full automation. Procedure is fully developed, thus making this technology fully operational and ready for market use.

The Serbian company offers cooperation to potential partners in line of defining client-oriented solution in utilization of developed technology. Cooperation should take form of joint venture which should result in production -Y- marketing of the equipment for maintenance services. Foreign partners should be actively engaged in the areas of railway and street cars transport/infrastructure, mines, refineries, thermo-power plants and similar.

Current and Potential Domain of Application: Domain of application is railway traffic, which can be divided onto 3 groups: first that is railway owned by railway companies, secondly street-car railway network, and thirdly internal railway network, such as within petroleum facilities, mines, thermo-power plants, etc.
Advantages and Innovations:
Object of innovation is newly developed technology of reparation of railway switches, by surface welding with the application of additional material, in three layers, using self-shielded filled wire. It is proven that utilization of this additional material provides the highest level of efficiency; it is easiest for work on the terrain; provides the best quality of welding, inspite of additional gas protection absence. All of chemical, mechanical, metallographic testing, which were conducted, have proven that, used technology of surface welding provides the most optimal property combination - tenacity is increased four times, especially on lower temperatures, while the time of crack initiation is prolonged due to the four to five times higher resistance toward crack-growth of the surface welded layer. Time factor time for reparation is 4.2h, while for replacement is needed 7.1h. By surface welding the place of the maximum tensions is transferred from the zone of basic material, into the more favourable structure of the welded-on layer. Positive repercussion is prolonged service life three to four times. Cost of reparation is five times lower than the cost of replacement of damaged switch by new one, for comparison referent costs in Serbia are - 2000 EUR for reparation as opposed to 10 000 EUR for replacement. Surface welding, in one, rarely two layers, by obsolete electric-arc welding procedure, up till now, used for minor repairs, usually, results in very low efficiency, and the quality of joint is questionable, separation of welded-on layer occurs, as opposed to new, high efficiency technology with known characteristics of the joint without separation of welded-on layer.
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
Secret Know-how
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
This is the classic case of know-how, since all of the knowledge on the technology lies within closed circle of the team, depicted in greater length in the section dealing in exploitation of research results, which has developed it, from the idea, over the prototype stage of technology and procedure, up to the field tests and full work procedures. All rights concerning cooperation and/or know-how or technology transfer are has been trusted upon privately owned company submitting this technology offer.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Three types of partners are of interest: firstly those are the partners that, in connection of their area of activity, have railways within their infrastructure; secondly those are the companies that provide maintenance services for railway infrastructure, and thirdly, partners able of executing technology transfer into the area of railway infrastructure;

Task to be performed by the partner sought: for partners belonging to the first and second group that is the acquisition of offered custom technology, and for the partner belonging to the third group, it is ennoblement of successful contacts with their partners or clients which belong to the first two groups.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
02004 Diseño de planta y mantenimiento
02008004 Transporte por ferrocarril