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Tecnología de transmisión para vehículos eléctricos de amplio rango y con baterías eléctricas que transforma flotas actuales de autobuses urbanos y camiones de reparto en vehículos de ultra bajas emisiones


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme británica con 20 años de experiencia en sistemas de transmisión ha desarrollado tecnologías de conversión de autobuses diésel y camiones de reparto en vehículos eléctricos o vehículos eléctricos de amplio rango. La empresa busca operadores de autobuses urbanos u otros vehículos comerciales, como camiones de reparto, que precisen convertir sus flotas actuales en vehículos de ultra bajas emisiones. Estos sistemas son una alternativa a los motores de combustión interna y, gracias a esta transmisión, no es necesario realizar cambios estructurales en el chasis. La empresa ofrece una solución completa de conversión bajo acuerdos de servicio tecnológico.


Battery electric and range extended electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain technology for conversion of existing fleets of urban buses and delivery trucks to low or zero emission vehicles
A UK SME specialising in the design and manufacture of class-leading battery electric and range extended electric vehicle (EV) drivetrains for buses and commercial vehicles is looking for urban bus operators who need to convert existing fleets to ultra low emission vehicles. The SME would provide a complete conversion solution under technological service agreement arrangements.
Low or zero emission vehicles for passenger and goods transport in cities around the world are now becoming essential in order to improve air quality and reduce the associated healthcare costs. Diesel is falling out of favour and low emission LPG, hybrid and battery electric technologies are now showing that they are ready to be considered as viable alternatives. Once cost of operation is taken into account, the business case for implementing low emission vehicles is a compelling one. Since existing diesel vehicles may still have a perfectly good chassis, it makes more economical sense to convert these instead of starting with a new chassis. A UK SME has developed its own cutting edge battery electric and range extended EV drivetrains that are specifically designed for integration into chassis that previously ran diesel engines.

There may also be the need to convert first generation hybrid buses that are no longer in use due to reliability or warranty costs issues. These vehicles are often still costing operators money due to the high upfront cost and it would make sense to get them back into service and earning their keep.

A UK based company that has 20 years of experience in electric drive technology has developed a range of technology solutions for the conversion of existing diesel buses and delivery trucks to full battery electric vehicles or range extended EV vehicles. The company is looking for operators of urban bus or other commercial vehicles such as small delivery trucks that have a need to convert them to low or zero emission. A complete conversion solution would be offered to meet the needs of the operator under technological service agreements.
Advantages and Innovations:
The low weight drive train technology that has been developed together with the weight efficient packaging of high energy density batteries enables an electric drivetrain solution to be offered for existing vehicles without increasing the original vehicle un-laden weight.

The electric drive systems developed replace the existing internal combustion engine and transmission and do not require structural changes to the vehicle chassis. Systems are installed to match the weight of the drive system removed so there is no reduction in passenger carrying capability.

This technology provides a true zero emissions solution for passenger transport vehicles. Batteries can be re-charged in less than 4 hours overnight and may be topped up during the working day.

Reduction of fuel costs by ~85% compared with a diesel powered vehicle.

The vehicle would requires almost no maintenance and reduce the operating costs of the vehicle to a minimum.

All noise and vibration that was produced by the internal combustion engine is eliminated. This provides a more pleasant passenger experience and reduces maintenance and wear on the body work of the vehicle.

Range extended systems using liquified petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG) or hydrogen can be provided where extended operation is required. For range extended systems, zero or low emission operation can be selected automatically via GPS position sensing.

For both EV and range extended systems, a return on investment in less than three years can be achieved through reductions in fuel costs and maintenance costs.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner sought - SME or large companies or public sector bodies

Specific area of activity of the partner: commercial / public fleet operators of buses or delivery trucks

Task to be performed by the partner sought - consider suitability of technology and discuss service agreements to convert vehicle fleets


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
02009011 Air pollution control for cars and transport
02009002 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
02009024 Powertrain and chassis
02009027 Sistemas de transmisión
02009006 Traction/Propulsion Systems