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Tecnología electrotérmica


Oferta Tecnológica
Un centro de investigación español ha desarrollado dos tecnologías electrotérmicas: una tela tejida electrotérmica para aplicaciones industriales que requieren un proceso de curado homogéneo a alta temperatura y una almohadilla electrotérmica para aplicaciones con un mayor confort térmico. Estas innovaciones ofrecen al cliente un tejido ligero, lavable y flexible capaz de generar calor consumiendo poca energía. El centro de investigación busca empresas en los sectores de ropa, deportes, automoción, hogar (tapizados y colchones) e industrial interesadas en establecer acuerdos de licencia o cooperación técnica.


Electrothermal technology
A Spanish research center developed two innovations from electrothermal technologies : an electrothermal woven sheet for industrial applications requiring homogeneous high temperature curing process, and an electothermal knitted pad for increasing thermal comfort applications. These innovations provide the customer a lightweight, washable, flexible textile able to produce heat with low energy consumption. They are interested in license or technical cooperation agreements with companies.
The Spanish technology center has developed two innovations based in electrothermal technology for industrial applications requiring high temperature curing processes (woven sheet) and for increasing thermal comfort (knitted pad).

1. - Electrothermal woven sheet is a high performance thermoelectric solution for industrial applications requiring high temperature curing process. The solution is based on the woven fabric combining several functional materials, thermoelectric fibres, isolating polymers and high tenacity fibres to support rough environments and high performance temperatures from 80ºC to 200ºC. The textile solution provides homogeneous temperature distribution and stable electrical behaviour, while maintaining the textile properties of flexibility and lightness.

The main characteristics of the woven sheet structure are:
- Woven thermoelectric element, combining thermoelectric fibres and aramids
- Metal braid electrode to connect to the power supply
- Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film sandwich for electrical isolation
- Exterior meta- aramid fabric - High tenacity and high temperature resistance
- Two internal J type thermocouple for temperature calibration
- One external J type thermocouple for process control

Electrothermal woven sheet technical specifications
- Customised dimensions
- Voltage: 230Vca
- Max. Power: 0,8W/cm2
- Max. Operative temperature: 220 ºC

Its flexibility allows adjusting to irregular shapes maintaining uniforms heat distribution. To obtain optimum performance it is recommended to include control elements and temperature detection inside of the heating element.

2.- Electrothermal knitted pad for increasing thermal comfort applications, ideal to be integrated in upholstery and home wear, as well as comfort at the automotive sector, and any application where maximum flexibility is required. Electrothermal knitting pad is a cotton laminated textile element integrating an electrothermic knitted fabric pad.

The main characteristics of the electrothermal knitted pad structure are:
- Lined knitted fabric combining electrothermic lines with 100% polyester lines
- Biocompatible soft Cotton fabric lamination (COTT/ELAST 96/4%)
- Plug Jack connector -Y- textile cable, friendly to skin contact

Electorthermal knitted pad technical specifications
- DC Output:
- 15/16/18/19/20 V at max. 2A
- 22/24V at max. 5A

The asset can be used as a technology embedded on final products, i.e.: cycle maillot, or as an equipment or tool during thermal processes, i.e.: curing carbon fiber materials during resin transfer moulding process. Both cases require customization solution to the final application.

The research centre is looking for companies interested in implementing one or both of these technologies to their products.

The partner sought may come from clothing and sport, automotive, home (upholstery and mattress), industrial (composites curing pad) sectors.

The research centre is interested in a license agreement with these companies in order to transfer its know-how.

The research centre is also interested in a technical cooperation agreement with companies willing to develop a customized product involving one or both of these technologies. The Spanish research centre could provide its expertise in design, development and manufacturing of pre-series.
Advantages and Innovations:
- Both solution provide homogeneous temperature distribution and stable electrical behaviour, while maintaining the textile properties of flexibility and lightness.

- Heating application solutions in the market have limitations: non heating uniformity on the whole surface and low level of adaptation to the body or element to be heated.

- This innovative solution achieve 100% heating uniformity on the whole surface and is easy to customize the solution to different products and process requirements.

- Can also work with low and high voltage and the temperature range is very wide (up to 400ºC).

- Thermo electric fibres woven: homogeneous heat distribution
- Heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibres: high tenacity and high temperature performance
- Fabric and film lamination: thinness
- Manufactured integrally from textile processes: flexibility

Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
They are looking for companies of consumer end-products from various sectors: clothing and sport applications, automotive sector, home (upholstery and mattress), industrial (composites curing pad) for a licensing agreement of the technology.

They are also interested in a technical cooperation agreement with one of the mentioned companies to design a customized product for their market. In this case, the research centre could provide his expertise to the company interested by the technology and perform the design, development and manufacturing of pre-series


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R&D Institution
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