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Tecnología para alcanzar altos niveles de calidad, profundidad e inteligibilidad de sonidos en diversas aplicaciones y sectores


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa española de ingeniería, cuyo equipo está formado por ingenieros de software, diseñadores e ingenieros de sonido, ha desarrollado una tecnología que mejora las características de reproducción de sonido y audio, alcanzando una calidad e inteligibilidad óptimas. Esta tecnología se utiliza en reproductores de música, cines, teatros, estudios de grabación, industria de audio y medicina. La empresa busca profesionales en el campo de sonido para integrar la tecnología en nuevos equipos de sonido y lanzar los productos al mercado. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Technology reaching high levels of quality, depth and intelligibility in sounds to be used in different applications and sectors
A Spanish engineering firm has developed a technology that improves the characteristics of sound and audio playback, reaching optimum quality and intelligibility. Applied in systems for music players, cinemas, theatres, recording studios, audio industry and medical. The company wants to establish license agreements with partners related to high end and sound professionals to integrate the technology in the new sound systems developed and to place the products in the market.
A Spanish engineering company, whose team is composed of software engineers, product designers and sound engineers, is engaged in the production of software for the audio industry.

They have developed a technology among others that substantially improves all the characteristics of professional sound and audio playback, reaching levels of quality, depth and intelligibility that have never been seen before.

The areas of product development are: audio pluggins, hearing aid tools, online mastering station and cinema theatres sound processors optimizes for opera and classical music live events.

The technology can be applied for many different uses and sectors. For the moment it has been used for the entertainment sector (in music players, cinemas and theatres) and in the health sector (in a hearing aid application):

- Cinemas and theatres: the system provides spatial depth and real perspective to place the audience in the real location where the event is happening. It provides outstanding acoustic resolution with real detail, making unnecessary the extreme noise levels which produce the sensation of being at the live event. By managing the complexity of the sound, the system reduces harmonic distortion and intermodulation in cinemas. It also enhances the response of acoustic enclosures.
- Hearing aid application: this system gets the sound through a phone´s microphone or headset, and plays it after its processing so it is adapted to the characteristics of the owner´s ear. It is possible to adjust the levels of listening fatigue of the user or the outside ambient noise over time for a more adaptive and custom experience. It also memorizes the characteristics of different speakers or playback systems and avoids equalization fatigue as it´s based on other technologies which rely on sound object manipulation technique. This project is implemented in:
- Low cost solution for a smart phone App.
- Embed of the algorithm on hearing aid devices which are already on the market
- Blue Tooth compatible devices which are already on the market such as cochlear implants
- Public Address devices (P.A.) which transmit the sound wirelessly to the audience.
- Online mastering station: a commercial platform which provides a service to music bands, producers and studios to access to the traditionally privative mastering process. This will bring new standard qualities for the majority of artists willing to increase the final result of their albums.
- Audio Plugins: a series of audio tools to be used within a Digital Audio Workstation that allows the customers to enjoy the unique sound effects that are offered in many other products.

The company would like to establish a license agreement of their products to be integrated and used by installers of sound systems, manufacturers of smart phones, sound cards, hearing aids, recording studios, sound professionals and any other company related to the sound sector. The technology can be easily adapted to any standard product of the industry and it can be immediately used.

Using this technology and products will considerably improve the competitiveness of the company partners as the quality and intelligibility of the sound will be much better than in the other systems in the market.
Advantages and Innovations:
The technology is based on a unique approach and sound philosophy as there are no other similar audio tools in the market. The software is made to be applied to many commercial platforms and to be run as stand alone programs. It is focused on enhancing the audio playback quality and intelligibility of the audio signal and they run in many standard sound systems as stand-alone and plugins.

These products are focused on a social need and demand. It enhances the life quality of many users and professionals therefore it is most interesting for partners which may include the technology or attend to develop new products through a research program. This may end up with mutual benefit for both parts as there is a vast field on intelligibility and audio quality yet to be explored.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type of partner: Company, Technology Centre and / or University (...)
- Sector of activity of the partner: any sector in which the sound is an important factor
- Role of the partner: collaborate in the installation of the technology in new systems to be used in different sectors


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01003006 Computer Software
01006011 Informática aplicada a descripción de música y sonido
01006003 Mobile Communications
01003017 Speech Processing/Technology
03007 Tecnología / ingeniería del sonido