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Tecnología para obtener cuero a partir de piel de pescado residual


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa rusa fundada en 2015 ha desarrollado una tecnología para obtener cuero a partir de pescado blanco residual sin utilizar agentes de curtido al cromo, cuyo uso está prohibido. La piel es tres veces más resistente que el cuero animal, además de suave e inodora. La tecnología consta de varias fases y permite modificar los parámetros del cuero conforme a los requisitos del cliente: tipo de curtido (vegetal, sintético o combinado), espesor, suavidad, tipo de colorante (aniónico, revestimiento o complejo metálico), color, efectos (lentejuelas o efectos holográficos) y acabado (mate o brillante). La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Technology of obtaining fish skin leather from waste products
A Russian innovative company developed the technology of white fish skin leather obtaining from the various fish waste products. This skin is three times stronger than animal leather, soft and without a smell. The Russian SME offers the license agreement.
The Russian company from Moscow was established in 2015. The company is a winner of several Russian Federal funding programmes, like the Skolkovo, Foundation for innovation. The company developed the technologies of manufacturing natural fish skin without the use of prohibited chrome tanning agents. The technology allows getting discolored skins of fish, which greatly expands the possibilities of coloring.
Some organizations in all over the world try to make the fish leather, but all these leather has the huge disadvantages, for example:
- somewhere do not know the chemical ways of harvesting meat and scales. They do the manual cleaning while doing damage to the beautiful face of the fish skin. They also spoil very structure of the skin when mechanically pruning meat. Such a skin (after machining) has many defects and can not correspond to technical regulations of different Countries
-somewhere, all the skin is lacquered. It was done to hide the smell
- in other cases they do with the chrome tan (when the skin rotates in a drum with a green solution). And, most likely, their skin is harsh and not elastic enough. This is evident from the fact that the samples are like a "stake", shoes as wooden
So, there are problems with the usual chrome tanning, which has a number of drawbacks:
- difficulties in wastewater treatment;
- the harm caused by chromium salts to the environment;
- people who work in hazardous industries and are in contact with chromium suffer from respiratory cancer tens of times more often;
- when contacting chromium compounds, the acidity of the human skin changes and the defensive functions worsen;
Therefore, in accordance with the new rules, chromium compounds are added to the list of banned substances in the EU.

To solve these problems more than 1000 experiments were conducted. The technologies are developed both for chemical reagents of domestic suppliers and for world producers.
The technology consists of several stages and allows you to flexibly change the parameters of the resulting leathers for customer requests: type of tanning (vegetable, synthetic, combined), thickness, softness (soft skin or to keep the shape), type of dyeing (anionic, coating, metal complex), color, effects (sequins, holographic effects), type of finish coat (lacquer matt or glossy)
The basic necessary technologies are developed. Experimental production with a processing volume of up to 200 kg (5000 dm2) fish skins has been created. Market and consumer analysis are carried out. There are first sales.

The Russian company is ready to sell the license on the technology of production of the fish skin under the license agreement. And invite the cooperation of the enterprise from fish processing enterprises, highly profitable business in the production of fish skin, manufacturers of leather. The Russian company will provide the commissioning works, train the foreign team, provide the online support. All terms of the licence will be discussed after first contact with potential partners.

Advantages and Innovations:
1. Our company knows how to whiten and make white fish skin while maintaining strength properties. Therefore, our product is unique not only in Russia but also in the world market. With this technology, can get fish leathers with the delicate pastel tones premium segment:
a) Odorless;
b) Sturdy (3 times stronger than calf leather) and strength;
c) Has an attractive appearance;
d) Characteristics of the material - a unique pattern, which gives any products from fish skin a special originality.

2. The synthetic tanning methods without the use of toxic chromium compounds are applied. Therefore, in addition to environmental friendliness and complete safety, the fish leathers have some unique qualities:
· lightness,
· abrasion resistance,
· heat retention,
· blowing,
· waterproofing,
· evaporation of sweat,
· low heat transfer (thermos effect)
· providing increased comfort and convenience (takes shape of a person´s leg or body so these shoes will never rub their feet).

3. The price of a fish skin is not much more expensive than conventional calfskins but comparable to the cost of leathers of exotic animals. The fish leather has the lowest cost price in comparison with the skins of exotic animals, due to the low prime cost of raw materials and new technologies of manufacture.

Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Patents in Russia.
Plan for PCT in target Country

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type: SME, large SME
Role of Partner Sought: buy the license on white fish manufacture.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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