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Tecnología para reducir residuos alimenticios en el sector minorista


Oferta Tecnológica
Un centro tecnológico alemán especializado en gestión de la cadena de suministro, logística y compras está trabajando en un proyecto de investigación sobre la gestión sostenible y reducción de residuos alimenticios en el sector minorista. El centro busca socios internacionales con el fin de establecer una cooperación a largo plazo para desarrollar conjuntamente la tecnología y probar los resultados. En el proyecto se espera obtener un proceso de predicción y planificación inteligente y un software de apoyo a la decisión sobre el uso de pedidos, que ofrece datos reales para realizar pedidos precisos.


Technology to reduce the food waste in retail: research partners and end users for test phase searched.
A German technology centre active in the fields of logistic, purchase and supply chain management is working in a research project for the sustainable management and reduction of the food waste in retail. It is looking for long-term international partners for the joint development and testing of the results. The achieved results are an intelligent forecasting and planning process and software for decision support on the use of ordering, which provides real data for the accurate orders.
A German technology centre specialized in the field of logistic, purchase and supply chain management is looking for partners for a long-term collaboration in developing and produces a new software as innovation solution for the reduction of the food waste management in the retail.
There are many causes for the food waste in retail. A common cause is a manual and an intuitive disposition which is done by a store manager or an employee. In particular, the demand for perishable food is overestimated and ordered too much, then a part of the ordering must be discounted to be sold or distributed free of charge to charitable organizations. Often there is a residual inventory, which achieved its expiration date and has a low quality, which must be disposed. If the order is too low, the store is risking stock-outs and consequently revenues are not performed to the possible extent.
The research project of the technology center focuses on the planning, as well as the adequate determination of the ordering with respect to time and quantity. This is based on the most accurate forecasting regarding to the customers demand. Some of the influencing factors such as irregular purchases of large containers by restaurant owners are not automatically predictable, but may be known in advance through a good interpersonal contact. To capture these influences in a sound manner, the system should be designed as a decision support system that allows the dispatcher to accept the proposed orderings and to transfer the orderings automatically or to correct the inconsistency manually.
For establishing an intelligent forecasting and planning process the disposition contributes as the last member in the order chain.
The aim of this research is to develop an intelligent forecasting and planning process for decision support on the use of ordering. By this method, the overstocks or the stock-outs that lead to the food waste and the lost sales should be reduced.
Main focus of the investigation is placed on the use of innovative technologies in the field of artificial intelligence as well as "self-learning" algorithms in the forecast. This is followed by developing an intelligent scheduling system considering ordering and delivery cycles, packaging units and minimum durability or residual maturities.
Taking into consideration the real multi-year sales data and the number of customers, indeed, are essential to developing models for the purposes prognosis and planning.
A prototype in the form of an App should be developed, tested in each store and on the basis of results regarding preliminary approximation with respect to the favorability of the widespread use should make a decision.
The research group would like to expand the participants to this project with other specialist in this sector and also with final users (companies like supermarkets or catering services) in order to test in a real context the first results of the software. A research cooperation agreement or event a technology cooperation agreement would be signed. The concrete roles and activities of each partner wchould be discussed after the selection process.
Advantages and Innovations:
Automation and software development: Branch dispatchers determine the order quantities based on the information offered by the software (using valuable information like the weather report as well), together with their experience.
To avoid food waste caused by overstocks, accurate predictions with respect to the customers demand are prerequisite. The selection of a suitable forecasting model depends on the type of demand, availability of historical data, type and number of influencing factors on sales. If several years of historical data are available, the time series forecasting is typically used in the retail business.
The German technology centre will create a fully automated central planning software (in form of an App) which mathematically avoid the disproportionate orders. A corresponding app can be developed and tested.
In this context also an app for regional managers of the retail company seems to make sense. One of the advantages of using this App is to provide the regional manager an overview of the various shops of the company. For this purpose, the stocks, the overstocks and the stock-outs are presented in a convenient form in each store and for each assortment. Additionally, there is a possibility to adapt the time series with respect to previous weeks, previous months and previous years. Developing the app for a mobile phone under operating system Android, the data can theoretically be retrieved from anywhere.
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Research institutes for the joint further development of the technology behind the software and the App.

- SMEs or MNEs for the test phase of the software and to become feedback about its usability and attractivity.

They should have been interested in a long-term collaboration for the further needed research activities and development of the technology and its management. With an international perspective, the impact of this solution will be broader.


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01003003 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
02003001 Process automation
02003006 Prototipos, ensayos y proyectos piloto
02003004 Supply chain