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Tecnología patentada de resonancia para diversas áreas de la oftalmología


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa sueca del sector de tecnologías médicas ha desarrollado y obtenido la patente de una tecnología de resonancia que actualmente se emplea en diversos campos de la oftalmología, como medidas de la presión intraocular en pacientes con glaucoma, incluyendo el queratocono. La tecnología ofrece un valor añadido en áreas como medición del pulso ocular y aplicaciones biomecánicas, como medición de la viscoelasticidad (histéresis corneal) y efectos del tratamiento del queratocono. La empresa busca inversores y socios industriales interesados en adquirir la empresa o patentes mediante acuerdos financieros. El objetivo es aumentar las oportunidades de mejorar la tecnología a nivel global.


Patented resonance technology used in several ophthalmology areas
A Swedish medtech company has developed a patented resonance based technology that today is used in several ophthalmology areas, such as Glaucoma intraocular pressure measurements in patients, including Keratoconus. In order to strengthen the chances to scale-up this technology on a global basis the company is now offering investors and industrial partners to acquire the whole entire company or the patents via a financial agreement.
In the industrialized world 50% of all people that suffer from glaucoma are not aware of it (in China 90 %) as it has not been diagnosed. Glaucoma is the leading cause of permanent blindness in the world, it is important to detect the disease early to prevent further impairment of the vision. 60 million people are estimated to be affected from glaucoma. In 2020, the number of cases will have risen to 80 million but it could be as high as 150 million.

Keratoconus is an asymmetrical, degenerative eye disease that is caused by a defection in the corneal growth. Normally the disease starts at the age of 10-20 and is estimated to occur in 1 of every 2000 persons in the general population. However, most experts in the field estimate that the true prevalence rates are much higher than previously reported - perhaps as high as 1 in 500. The development of sensitive and advanced technologies designed for screening is needed.

The Swedish company was founded in 2000 based upon new innovations within resonance technology further developed in close collaboration with a Swedish University, where research was made on ophthalmologic related diseases as described above. This resulted in an innovative and novel way to measure the pressure in the eye. A tonometer using this unique resonance technology was developed, which is the main product for the company today.

The technology has a great added value in several ophthalmology areas in addition to Glaucoma intraocular pressure measurements (IOP) measurements in patients, including Keratoconus. These areas include:
- Measuring ocular pulsation.
- Biomechanical applications including measuring of viscoelasticity (corneal hysteresis) and effects of cross-linking treatment of Keratoconus.

Today there are no effective technologies to measure viscoelasticity while cross-linking treatment is rocketing due to new treatments that stiffen the cornea. Thus, there is a great need to measure the results. This technology has been proven to provide accurate measurements under these conditions in clinical trials.

In addition, the company has an ongoing project with new application areas with various user segments. One of the current development projects within the company is a veterinary tonometer calibrated for different type of animals (dog, cats, horses etc.) but also measuring IOP regardless of patients´ position makes it very useful in veterinary use.
The company has an additional project with a well-known space agency where this technology can have great value for increasing the understanding of the effect of long-term exposure to microgravity.

This relatively small medtech company with limited resources and experience in scaling-up this kind of business globally is in need of finding a partner with sufficient development and commercialization capabilities, to successfully make full use of the technology globally.

The company is now offering investors or an industrial partner to acquire the technology including the two patents and/or acquire the all shares in the company.
Advantages and Innovations:
The technology has a great added value in a number of ophthalmology areas as it can be used for a range of different measurements and indications, including:
· Measurements of intra-ocular pressure, in glaucoma patients (and animals)
· Measuring of ocular pulsation
· Biomechanical measurements of viscoelasticity (corneal hysteresis)
· Measurements to diagnose keratoconus
· Measurements of cross-linking treatment in patients with keratoconus
· More advanced biomechanical measurements in clinical ophthalmology
The technology is patented
The company has products that are being sold on the market already.

Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The first patent covers the method and the device measuring the intraocular pressure and the second patent covers the method and the device for measuring of oedema.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The preferred buyer is either an investor with experience in scaling-up medtech-companies globally or a company that is active on the medical device market and would like to broaden their business and/or acquire a technology as a base for further research and product development in the area of resonance technology and biomechanics.

The objective is to select a suitable buyer of the company and/or its technologies and to complete the transaction during 2017.

More company and process information will be made available subject to completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

A virtual data room will be available. Business-related documentation is provided mainly in the English language whereas legal documentation is mostly in Swedish.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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