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Tecnología pionera para transformar energía de movimiento en electricidad


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa británica ha desarrollado una tecnología pionera y asequible de captura de energía que transforma movimiento y lo convierte en electricidad. Esta tecnología patentada es totalmente escalable (de centímetros a metros). La empresa ha desarrollado una serie de prototipos para demostrar a clientes potenciales, ingenieros, agentes, expertos en tecnología y empresas mundiales la eficacia de la tecnología incluso en los entornos más severos. La empresa busca socios con el fin de lanzar la tecnología al mercado y establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica o investigación.


Pioneering technology converting motional energy into electricity
A UK company has developed a pioneering affordable energy harvesting technology that converts all motion and turns it into electricity. The patented technology is completely scalable (cm to metres) and is offered to partners that share the excitement about the technology and what it is able to achieve, generating renewable power where it is needed. Engagement is envisaged on technical or research cooperation agreement basis with partners that can help bring the technology to market.
A South West based UK company has created has a pioneering ´green´ technology, a unique transmission device that can capture all 6 degrees of motion and turn it into electrical power which can be stored. The patented technology is completely scalable and affordable energy harvesting technology that converts motion clockwise, anti-clockwise, back and forth -Y- up -Y- down into electricity. The developer has developed a series of prototypes to demonstrate to potential customers, engineering partners, agents, technology experts and global businesses how good the technology is and why it is power solution even in the harshest of environments. Follow-on patents have also been filed.

The company are now seeking partners that share their excitement about this breakthrough technology and what it is able to achieve, i.e. generating renewable power where ever it is needed, and are now engaging with development partners to bring their technology to market. The technology was initially developed for the marine sector especially buoys and other sectors where power is needed at sea. The unique selling point is that the technology can take fast, slow or chaotic motion from any direction and turn it into useful power which can be stored and called upon when needed. This will greatly reduce maintenance visits especially in severe conditions endangering staff and vessels.

There are numerous further/future applications which they are seeking to develop when the right commercialisation partners are identified. These include:

· Civilian/defence applications - positioned in a backpack, or rough terrain vehicle the technology could provide up to 10W of power for civilian and defence applications, the motion created will provide top up power. Of course for the wider consumer market, walkers -Y- hikers.

· Smartphone recharge device - micro technology to provide back up power. Enables the use of phones, tablets, etc. whilst on the move ensuring the person can recharge with their motional input.

· Capturing wind power - they are currently developing technology using a ´Dragonfly´ concept of capturing wind power from any direction for use by households where there is access to chaotic wind motion, providing a future wind harvesting technology that can be set up and dismantled easily to provide power in coastal and high latitude areas.

· Capturing wave power - no existing technology provides a consensus choice. The company has developed sealed units resistant to harsh sea environment, a ´fit -Y- forget´ solution which can be built from a few centimetres in size to many metres. It will work both on the surface and subsea where there is tide or current. They can also be daisy chained in an array. The technology will harvest power from surge -Y- pitch, sway -Y- roll, with no shock load. This offers twice the capacity for wave power conversion than other devices and is not sunlight dependant, if there is motion the technology will capture this energy and provide a power solution.

Commercialisation/development partners are sought on a technical or research cooperation agreement basis. The company will be working on product development and testing with a view to commercialise a range of products over the next 12 to 18 months.
Advantages and Innovations:
Motional energy is all around us, on land, sea and in the air and now there is a technology that can capture this motion and convert it into usable electrical power. The company is already working with global companies to bring out their first product into production for ocean and in the future offshore grid applications with many customers wanting product. Considering the market opportunity, the European Ocean Energy Association estimates an EU potential of 188 GW by 2050, satisfying 15% of European electricity demand and in some countries e.g. the UK, up to 20% of national demand. The global ocean energy market to be worth US$10.1bn by 2020 forecasts Transparency Market Research.

Considering future applications there are demonstrated market opportunities for the niche technologies that would allow:

· Investigating and testing in the marine industry - a solution in buoys and other marine devices that need power for example marine safety in lifeboats and survival raft.

· Consumer technology to recharge mobile phones/devices - according to Gartner, 1.8bn mobile phones were sold globally in 2013. The International Telecommunication Union (Feb 2013) assesses there are 6.8bn global mobile subscriptions worldwide.

· Global defence/military applications - modernization market worth $6.5bn (Mordor Intelligence).

· There are many other sectors for harvesting power in water, sea river or tidal. For example a power solution in sub sea oil and gas, also surveillance. Also power for offshore fish farms and of course additional power in buoys/floating devices to help understand what is happening in our oceans.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Partners are sought to help take the technology from research level prototypes to commercial products. Of specific interest are industrial/engineering partners including mobile phone developers, battery manufacturers, offshore grid providers, global small wind power developers/manufacturers/providers, defence and military and equipment developers for further development/practical application and role out of the new technology.

Collaborations on a technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreement basis are sought with partners willing to co-fund development with the aim to explore the commercial viability of taking the new technology to market.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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