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Tejido natural con propiedades de resistencia al fuego, impermeabilidad, elasticidad e hipoalergénicas


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa catalana ha desarrollado el primer tejido natural del mercado con propiedades de resistencia al fuego, suavidad, resistencia al agua, elasticidad y transpirabilidad. Este producto, indicado para ropa de cama, no contiene sustancias químicas peligrosas y cumple los requisitos necesarios para fabricar productos para el bebé. El método de producción es sostenible. El tejido puede lavarse (90 º) y secarse a máquina. La empresa busca socios industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica y comercial.


Natural textile with inherent flame-resistant, waterproof, stretchable and hypoallergenic properties.
A Catalan company developed the first natural textile in the market that unites inherent flame-retardancy, softness, waterproofness, stretchability and breathability. This product, suitable for bedding applications, is harmful-chemical free and meets the requirements established for baby articles. Its production is sustainable. It is machine washable up to 90ºC and tumble dryable. Industrial partners for technical or commercial agreement are sought.
Flame retardant products act as a barrier between flame and foam of the mattress or pillow, and can ensure an appropriate fire safety level. The common flame retardant products available in the market use chemical finish and surface treatments to offer fire resistance properties. These processes affect textile properties and durability.

The Catalan company offers a new solutions for both safe and comfortable night sleep. They developed a very innovative hypoallergenic textile that unites inherent flame-retardancy, waterproofness, stretchability and breathability.
This product is suitable for seats, mattress or pillow protection, as it doesn´t melt or form droplets in case of burning, and acts as a shield to prevent the further spread of the fire.
The flame-retardant and self-extinguishing properties are inherent, the protection is built into the fiber itself and can never be worn away or washed out, which means they can support up to 100 washing cycles at 95ºC without any alteration.
The product is waterproof and breathable, protecting foams again liquid spillage, stains, bacteria or allergen and reducing heat or humidity. The moisture management of the fibers provides a dry and comfortable environment and increase the comfort of the user.
The fabric is specifically engineered to provide the best user experience: chemical-free fibers, hypoallergenic components, 85% elastic recovery, climate and humidity control.
The manufacture process is eco-friendly, the product is 100 % biobased and doesn´t contain any harmful chemical.
This textile is recommended for sensitive skins and baby use according to international standards.

· UNE-ISO 12952 - Burning behaviour items
· BS7175 up to crib 7. Furniture. Assessment to ignitability
· BS7177 up to crib 5 Resistance to ignition of mattresses, divans and bed bases
· IMO part 9. Bedding components fire test to Marine equipment
· CFR title 16 part 1632. Flammability of mattresses and mattress pads
· EN597
· Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class I
· Waterproof: 700cm water UNE EN 20811
· Breathable: with at least 200gr/m2 BS 7209
· Stretchable: 85% elastic recovery UNE EN 15977

The Catalan company wants to keep manufacturing the textile and is looking for partners interested in using it for its own applications. Industrial partners for technical or commercial agreement are sought.

Advantages and Innovations:
Safe: The Catalonian company´s product offers an inherent and permanent flame-retardant solution based on a natural fibre textile, as opposed to usual flame-retardant product which uses chemical finishes.

Easy care: This means that the fire resistance of the product is intact after 50 washing drying cycles at 92ºC according to ISO 6330. (up to 100 washings at 95ºC according to the company´s internal procedure)

Natural: The textile surface is 100% biobased and differing with common flame retardant fabrics in the market, It does not contain harmful chemicals.

Comfortable : In order to ensure that each user has a safe and comfortable experience, textile properties have been increased :
· Textile softness
· Climate control
· Humidity control
· Stretchability

Hypoallergenic: The fibres are exceptionally pure and no burdened with pesticides. They are recommended for sensitive skins and baby use. This textile is used as a prevention system against bed-bugs infestations, dust mites, bacteria and fungi issues.

Eco-friendly: bio based and exclusively sourced from sustainable forest plantations. The water consumption during the production consumes only 1% of the water quantity used to grow conventional cotton.

This product has satisfied regulations and is internationally recognized.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patents granted,Trade Marks
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
patented in : US, Portugal, Spain, China, Canada, Australia

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Industrial partners for technical or commercial agreement are sought.

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Manufacturer of mattresses, pillows, cushions, seats or covers for them .

- Task to be performed for commercial agreement : The partner should apply and/or turn the fabric into tailored textile

- Task to be performed for technical agreement : The partner should give his specifications and be able to transform the fabric into tailored textile for his own application


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
02007018 Advanced Textile Materials
02007020 Biobased materials
10001003 Tecnología de seguridad contra incendios
03005009 Tejidos técnicos para aplicaciones industriales
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