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Telemetría, internet de las cosas y soluciones de monitorización remota para mejorar la eficiencia, logística y procesos en el sector de petróleo y gas


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme portuguesa ha desarrollado soluciones remotas en el sector de petróleo y gas para optimizar procesos en diferentes niveles de la cadena de suministro de gas y combustibles líquidos. El proceso se basa en la recogida de datos en tiempo real con equipos de telemetría (sensores, contadores, módulos de comunicación por radio y módulos de comunicación 2G y 3G) para facilitar la grabación y lectura de datos y enviar alarmas. Estos dispositivos pueden conectarse con diferentes tipos de sensores por cable o radio vía RTU (unidad terminal remota). La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica y participar en proyectos de I+D.


Portuguese SME specialized in Telemetry and Internet of Things, remote monitoring solutions for the Oil-Y-Gas market that improving efficiency, logistics and process for gas utilities and distributors
A Portuguese SME has developed Internet of Things(IoT) remote solutions for Oil-Y-Gas downstream sector. These solutions address Liquefied Propane Gas(LPG), oil and lubricants tank monitoring, in order to avoid run outs and reduce the number of deliveries through efficient delivery.
The company looks for research and also for technical cooperation agreements. The aim is to contribute for European research and development projects, according to new challenges.
The Portuguese SME is an international reference in real time remote monitoring solutions, with more than 110.000 telemetry units installed. With 26 years of expertise, continuous innovation is the key to the SME success.

The company has competitive advantages over its competitors in the Oil-Y-Gas downstear sector, since it offers a complete solution based on IoT, to optimize processes at different levels of gas supply chain and liquid fuels.
The process is done by collecting data in real time through telemetry equipment (sensors, meters, radio communication modules and 2G and 3G communication modules) that provides data recording, automatic meter reading and sending alarms. These devices may be connected to different types of sensors, by cable or radio, via RTU (Radio Transmitter Unit). With RTU is possible to create a wireless mesh network and thereby transmitting data between RTUs. This network increases solution´s coverage area through the use of a single central unit equipped with mobile communications. The received data is saved and sent to the data management software, that provides a set of detailed data and indicators for a more efficient distribution, transport gas storage and liquid fuels. This software has a web page interface or platform can be integrated into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) company. The main applications consist of LPG and Oil tank remote monitoring, cathodic protection monitoring of buried deposits, automatic meter reading and gas stock management and liquid fuels, allowing companies to manage more efficiently its gas and LPG tanks parks.
The company is following the recent evolution where devices that are associated with a single IP address can transfer data through a network without need of human interaction, by developing solutions for Smart Homes market, incorporating the concept of IoT for B2B2C segment (Business to Business to Consumer) for Oil-Y-Gas market.
Focused on developing its product and to assume an innovative role to its traditional customers - distributors of LPG and utilities - , the company intends through its solution for Smart Homes, that the end consumer can monitor gas consumption and heating oil, in real time, as well as, comfort parameters (temperature and relative humidity) through a web page or mobile applications.
The company is looking for research and cooperation agreements and technical cooperation agreements with universities and research and developement laboratories in Oil-Y-Gas fields.
Advantages and Innovations:
The company has competitive advantages over their competitors by offering a complete solution based on IoT communications, which allows to optimize processes at different levels of Oil-Y-Gas distribution chain.
In the nineties, the SME was pioneer with the launch of telemetry solutions in the market through Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) for remote tank monitoring and LPG counters. The last evolutions are related with 3G technology and SIM-less networks like LoRa and SigFox because they have a greater network capacity that allowing data transmission over long distances and a larger volume of data transmission.
With its recent Smart Oil-Y-Gas solution, the company presents a complete solution, whose main goal is optimizing all logistics processes in Oil-Y-Gas distribution, by reducing the number of deliveries and increasing the amount delivered in each supply. Different processes are treated in an integrated way, resulting in a complete solution that ranges from data collection units on the field, including the provision of information to customers and ending in a delivery of a differentiated service costumer. This solution is composed by four modules: a) mobile application to support installations and maintenance; b) hardware module that collects remotely readings of tank levels and communicates these readings; c) Software Module: platform that receives and analyzes the information to turn it into useful information to the customer; and, d) module of intelligent algorithms - built-in software, which ensures that the data sent by the equipment on the ground are automatically validated and made available to the customer in real time.
Mobile application: To support the installer, allowing the management and operability of the new devices installation and maintenance of existing devices. It was awarded the Global Positioning System - GPS and was included treatment of QR codes (Quick Response) for quick recognition of the device.
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Stage of Development:
Concept stage
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Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Industries with research and development laboratories in Oil-Y-Gas fields; Academy departments with active research and development in Oil-Y-Gas fields.


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Industry SME 11-49
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01003025 Internet of Things
09001009 Tecnología de sensores relacionada con la realización de medidas