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Testigo digital: arquitectura de gestión segura para pruebas electrónicas con credenciales vinculantes


Oferta Tecnológica
Una universidad andaluza especializada en arquitectura de testigo digital ha desarrollado dispositivos personales con o sin arquitecturas de seguridad embebidas para colaborar y grabar e informar sobre pruebas electrónicas asociadas a un usuario. Estos dispositivos se emplean para denunciar actos cibercriminales u otras acciones que precisan garantías de no repudio. La universidad busca empresas y autoridades interesadas en establecer acuerdos de licencia, cooperación técnica, investigación o comercialización.


Digital Witness: Secure Management architecture for electronic Evidence with Binding Credentials.
An Andalusian university specialised in digital witness architecture have developed personal devices with or without embedded security architectures to work together in order to record and report electronic evidences linked to a user, to be used to denounce cybercrime acts or other actions that requires guarantees of non-repudiation. They are looking for companies and authorities that want to enter into a licensing agreement, or alternatively, a technical or research or commercial agreement.
An Andalusian University of Spain, with experience of embedded security architectures in mobile devices and other personal objects has developed a digital witness architecture in order to include these devices in the management of electronic evidence by deploying a Digital Chain of Custody for IoT environments (DCoC-IoT). Therefore, using this solution there is clear proof available of the attacks detected by the devices that are more restricted in resources, but also more widespread among the population. More specifically, a digital witness allows i) the generation of electronic evidence that is linked to a user ii) the registering of such evidence and iii) its storage in a protected area of the security chips that are embedded in the object. It also allows iv) the delegation of electronic evidence to other digital witnesses.

The use of embedded security architectures in mobile devices and other personal objects is below its potential. At present, the main purpose of these architectures is focused on i) protecting user data and ii) facilitating electronic payment. However, these architectures can offer much more. Users with this technology could denounce cybercrime acts, using the digital witness to provide the electronic evidence to the authorities.
Furthermore, the features that are defined to make all of this possible opens up new market possibilities, since any action that requires to ensure the identity of the sender, or to offer guarantees of non-repudiation, would be possible with a digital witness.

The University is interested to license agreements, subcontracting, technical assistance and possible future research consortium research projects.
Advantages and Innovations:
A. Technical advantages:
1) Binding credentials: delegation of identity between users and devices, in objects that use the security architecture described in the patent.
2) Adapting the management of electronic evidence to the IoT, including the procedures to deploy a DCoC-IoT.
3) Non-repudiation in mobile terminals and other resource-constrained devices.
4) Binding delegation based on roles. Sending the electronic evidence takes advantage of the IoT connectivity.
5) Seizure of evidences based on the user´s profile.

B. Economic advantages:
1) Identification of those responsible of actions in BYOD (bring your own device) and similar environments. Information leakage and attacks through mobile devices without knowledge of their users cause substantial economic losses to companies. The digital witness helps to detect attacks from their origin, and establish responsibilities.

C. User benefits (personal and economic):
1) Increased confidence in the infrastructures, and greater sense of security.
2) Agility in the acquisition of electronic evidences by authorized entities.

D. Manufacturers advantages:
1) Adds new functionality to the use of personal devices.
2) Clarifies the architectural requirements that are needed to improve the security features of a personal device and other IoT devices.
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type and activity of partner sought : Company, research institute or university
Specific area of activity of the partner : ICT (smart city, smart grid, unstructured data management, email Archiving, digital asset management, electronic document management system etc)
Task to be performed: research cooperation agreement or a licensing agreement on demand response management system for smart grid and unstructured-data management solutions. Potential partners interested on invest in the implementation and deployment of digital witness and also in the collaboration in national and international research projects.


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Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
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