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Tratamiento de agua, purificación y acondicionamiento de agua potable y aguas residuales


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa rusa especializada en tratamiento de agua ha desarrollado una nueva tecnología eficaz de tratamiento de agua, purificación y acondicionamiento de agua potable y aguas residuales industriales para compañías con concentraciones residuales bajas de contaminantes a un coste reducido. La tecnología se basa en un método de reactivos que ofrece un alto grado de purificación y aumenta el coeficiente de consumo de agua hasta 10,5 veces. El principal dispositivo tecnológico es un floculador patentado por la Federación de Rusia. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Water treatment, purification and conditioning of drinking water and wastewater technology.
A small Russian enterprise from Sverdlovsk region, specializing in water treatment, has developed a new and effective technology of water treatment, purification and conditioning of drinking water and industrial wastewater for industrial companies with lower residual concentration of contaminants at lower cost. The company is looking for partners for the establishment of cooperation in the framework of ¿ommercial agreement with technical assistance.
The company from Russia has extensive experience in audit and inspection of water management and the implementation of water treatment technologies for various industries since 1991. The company has developed innovative technologies for the purification of storm waters and waste water, water purification from radionuclides, water treatment technology, purification and conditioning of drinking water. There is a problem of deep purification of industrial and storm water from the most toxic contaminants (heavy ions and oxides and non-ferrous metals, radionuclides, components of cutting fluids and cleaning solutions, oil and other harmful substances) to established standards for relief into the natural environment.

There are a variety of water treatment technology and industrial effluents. But these technologies do not provide the required quality of cleaning performance and use of water by circulating cycles. The offered technology can reduce 30-40% of water consumption of industrial enterprises through the establishment of reverse systems; to provide high quality at lower cleaning cost.
The proposed technology uses a reagent method, which provides a high degree of purification and increases the coefficient of use of water by 10.5 times.The essence of the technology is the following:
At intensive hashing with a gradient is entered reagent in the form of a thin dispersed hydrosol and a cationic flocculant. Thr reagent is dosed in the conditioned water in the form of 3 - 5% of suspension. The additive of an organic cationic flokulyant in addition intensifies process of flakes formation and precipitation. This is followed by a flocculation stage, in which for 15-20 minutes there is the formation coarsely dispersed flakes with hydraulic size 0.2 - 0.3 mm/s.
After precipitation the slurry in a settler, the clarified water is filtered through the granular media, and is directed either in the recirculation system, or a reset. The resulting precipitate was dehydrated on the traditional scheme and fully utilized in the cement, mining and metallurgy. The residual concentration of pollutants in the treated water is significantly lower than in similar technologies. If a purified water used in circulation, imposed less stringent requirements, it can be used one-step purification scheme without filtration step.
The proposed technology has passed the experimental - industrial operation and is implemented by a number of large companies in Russia. Scientific developments are conducted under the direction of the famous Russian professor.
The scalability of the technology: The technology is easily scaled down and up. Can handle different volumes of wastewater: from 1 cubic meter per hour to several hundred cubic meters per hour for large metallurgical enterprises. Depending on the volume of water to be treated technological equipment is selected. The main technological device is a flocculator, patented for the Russian Federation. The technology can be used for chemical, metallurgical industry and storm water treatment areas to industrial sites.

The company is interested in establishing cooperation with foreign enterprises from treatment and purification sectors with the conclusion of commercial agreement with technical assistance. As a result of cooperation within the framework of the agreement the company sees the introduction of technology in an industrial plant that will ensure a cost-effective solution to the problem of water treatment and sewage, in a shorter time and at lower cost (at higher quality of cleaning) in comparison with other technologies. The company is ready to implement this type of cooperation, and to provide on-demand of a partner all necessary documentation, information about technology, results of the introduction of technology in other industrial facilities. The company provides partners the opportunity to enter into agreements with its customers for the implementation of the proposed technology.
Advantages and Innovations:
The innovative scientific and technical products related to this technology namely are:
· Sorbents - hydrosols (reagent) having no analogues in the world - own department investigated this fact.
Particle size of the sol ranges from 10 to 20 nm. These materials combine a possibilities of a strongly phase motionless sorbents and coagulants. Sorption efficiency is at the level of ion exchange resins. The technology used in the form of a solid-phase slurry avoids all the problems inherent in the ion exchanger and to realize all the benefits of advanced nanoscale surface.
· Settlers - flokulyator. Devices are created, first of all, for deep and high-intensity purification of industrial and storm sewage (2 patents of the Russian Federation).
Settler-flokulyator includes advanced cameras flakes of education (flokulyation) and upholding (sedimentation). The design of the device allows to adjust the modes of mixing of reagents with the process stream of water Settler-flokulyator has compact dimensions at the expense of an effective arrangement of knots of the device relatively each other.
The degree of purification in comparison with analogues:
a) Industrial storm sewage
- Oil products - 16 - 20 times higher extent of cleaning;
- Iron (total) - 7 - 15 times;
- Suspended solids - 3 times;
c) Wastewater electroplating
- Copper - 12 - 20 times higher extent of cleaning;
- Nickel - 15 - 20 times;
- Zinc - 12 - 18 times;
c) Potable water (water intake from underground sources)
- Iron - 5 - 10 times higher than the degree of purification;
- Manganese - 5 - 6 times.
The main environmental aspects of the technology:
· a high degree of water purification;
· minimizing the discharge of pollutants into the environment;
· maintaining the quality of water sources;
· maintaining the health of the population use water from water sources.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Two patents were granted in Russian Federation in 2001.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
SMEs, large companies (metallurgical, chemical, engineering, refining industry, instrument-making industry of the enterprise; water treatment plant)
Role: obtain the Russian technology and set it for the partner´s need.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
05005 Micro y nanotecnología
10004003 Reciclaje de aguas residuales
10004001 Tratamiento de aguas industriales