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Trituración criogénica de polímeros


Oferta Tecnológica
Un instituto de investigación alemán con experiencia en trituración criogénica de diferentes tipos de materiales, especialmente polímeros, ofrece know-how y un servicio completo para diseñar productos personalizados. El instituto de investigación tiene experiencia y los equipos necesarios para llevar a cabo el desarrollo de productos, desde los estudios de viabilidad hasta la producción piloto. Una importante ventaja es la capacidad de procesar desde pequeñas cantidades (10 kg) hasta cantidades mayores (200 kg/h). El instituto busca socios industriales e investigadores con el fin de establecer acuerdos de servicio, cooperación técnica e investigación.


Cryogenic grinding of polymers
A German research institute with experience in cryogenic grinding of different materials, especially polymers, offers know-how and full service to design customized products. They have expertise and equipment to accompany the development of products from first feasibility test to pilot powder production. Partners from research and industry are sought for services agreements, technical and research co-operation.
A German research institute has 15 years of experience in cryogenic grinding of different materials
They offer support in all questions and tasks concerning powder production. They are able to accompany the development of a product from first tests to the introduction into the market. A special advantage is that their cryogenic grinding plants can process small amounts (10 kg) as well as bigger amounts (up to 200 kg/h). Furthermore, they have equipment for classification as well as labs to characterize powders or resulting products.

The process of cryogenic grinding is particularly suitable for heat sensitive materials because it uses liquid nitrogen (LN2). Typical materials are polymers such as thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers as well as waxes or natural materials. Materials like minerals or metals can be processed up to Mohs hardness 4. Particle sizes with d(0.5) < 100 µm are possible.

The institute has a multivendor-capability grinding and sieving facility at disposal. Different mills and sieves in lab and industrial scale for easy scale-up are available (e. g. cutting mills, counter rotating pin disc mill, ultra turbo mill, air jet sieve, oscillating sieve, tumbling sieve). There are also different ovens and mixers.

Since the powder lab is part of the institute, there are many possibilities to analyse powders or final products. The institute can also offer to support the product development, e. g. compounding, production of dry blends, test of new coating materials, selective laser sintering (SLS) trials with new sintering materials.

Solutions for special tasks will also be found.

Partners from industry and research are sought for services agreements, technical and research co-operation. Partners may be from plastics processing, recycling or other industries involving powders and in need of process support or further development.

Advantages and Innovations:
· A unique feature is that carrying out test with small amounts (10 kg) of material as well as bigger amounts (batches up to 2 t), is possible on the same mill
· Powders are not contaminated by other materials and can be used for further testing (this is usually not the case when performing tests at mill or plant manufacturers sites)
· Scientific backing of research and development
· Flexible and fast realisation of projects
· High demands on the quality of products are set
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Industry, Research

Area of activity of partner:
Plastics processing industry, recycling industry (e.g. rubber), production of powder coatings or SLS powders, respectively research partner with such activities

Tasks to be performed:
Grinding services, joint research and technical cooperation based on cryogenic grinding or powder development.

Services agreements: support design of customized products / accompany development through all stages up to pilot production

Research co-operation: e.g. grinding / processing and possibly testing of a material in the area of selective laser sintering (SLS).
Contribution to projects where powder or grinding plants are needed in combination with scientific backing, e.g. in the field of recycling

Technical cooperation: Technical development of customer-specific solutions. If desired the experts will give advice to the partner´s planning of their own grinding facility.


Type and Size of Client:
R&D Institution
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
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