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Unidades y componentes de purificación de agua mediante radiación UV para aplicaciones centralizadas o descentralizadas/a pequeña y gran escala, autónomas o complementarias a otros sistemas de tratamiento de agua


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa alemana desarrolla unidades de tratamiento de luz ultravioleta y componentes eficaces y sin productos químicos para purificar agua. Los componentes eliminan bacterias, virus, esporas y gérmenes. Sus características únicas y protegidas y los diseños modulares permiten una instalación y manipulación sencillas y ofrecen bajos costes operativos/de mantenimiento y capacidad de adaptación a una amplia variedad de aplicaciones. La empresa busca compañías de ingeniería especializadas en tratamiento de aguas y operarios de plantas con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales.


Customised UV ( ultraviolet) irradiation water disinfection units and components for centralised or remote off-grid / large or small scale applications, stand-alone or complementary to other water treatment systems
A German company develops customised UV light treatment units and components for highly effective chemical-free disinfection of water by eliminating reliably bacteria, viruses, spores and germs. Unique, protected features and modular concepts allow easy assembly/handling, low operational/maintenance costs and adaptation to a wide range of applications. Company seeks water treatment engineering companies, plant operators or requests from potential application sectors for commercial agreements.
Although UV light is the oldest natural disinfection method, nowadays there are still misconceptions regarding its use in water treatment applications. UV radiation eliminates quickly, safe and very reliably bacteria, viruses, spores and germs without negative effects on the smell or the taste of the treated water and without generating any harmful by-products. UV treatment can replace or complement very effectively other treatment methods e.g. chlorination or physical treatment methods.
Based on these characteristics and advantages a German company has developed an innovative, very flexible and customisable range of UV light treatment devises and units for the highly effective, chemical-free disinfection of water. A unique, protected design of the casing and a modular concept allow safe and easy assembly and handling, low operational and maintenance costs as well as tailored design and dimension for specific applications.
The individual UV light devices are made of electro polished stainless steel, duly licensed for drinking water, designed for a 400 J/m² radiation dose, thus meeting drinking water regulations and ensuring a disinfection rate of 99,99% if the specified flow rate is maintained. The devices are provided ready for plug-in, with a poled connecting cable.
The company is DIN ISO 9001 certified.
Technical details:
According to the specific application, the necessary treatment capacity and the technical requirements on-site the UV treatment units can be adapted in terms of design, dimension, performance and electricity connection.
Single UV units with flow rates of 300l/h up to 2,5m³/h of drinking water can be connected to DUAL systems, thus increasing the flow rate from 2m³/h up to 42m³/h, depends on the electrical power supply.
For industrial scale applications of flow rates from 12-40 m³/h of drinking water (or up to 168m³/h for other domestic use e.g. pool water) MULTI systems of up to 8 single units can be parallel or serial connected and controlled via an electric control cabinet.
Electronic ballasts with high voltage tolerance (110-240 V AC 50/60 Hz) are used for varying power supply systems. Therefore the UV treatment units are applicable everywhere in the world.
Every individual UV treatment unit, but also every DUAL or MULTI system can be additionally equipped with functions for monitoring operating hours and/or UVC intensity.
The proposed UV light units are widely applicable: disinfection/preparation of drinking water at small scale (household) but also at industrial/municipal scale, ultra-pure water for pharmaceutical production and chemical analysis, warm water treatment > 45 °C/ Legionella prevention, treatment of swimming pool water complementary to filtering and chemical treatment thus reducing the use of chemicals by up to 70%, sewage water treatment, process/cooling water, cooling/lubricating emulsions, fuel, disinfection of tanks, water dispensers, fish ponds, Aquariums.

The company also offers special customised compact units for mobile autarkic applications in remote areas without central water or power supply, e.g. excursions, caravan -Y- camping or drinking water supply in third world countries. The so called "Tropics Box" is operating at 12 V DC. The build-in accumulator supplies the UV device as well as the water pump with power, while an integrated regulator controls the recharging of the accumulator.
The recharging can be realised via connecting cable to a photovoltaic system, but also via a car socket or a mains adapter operating from 100-240 V AC.

The company seeks partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance e.g. engineering companies in the water treatment sector or water treatment plant operators, but also enquiries from the above mentioned application sectors. The envisaged cooperation includes product design and adaptation, on-site installation, technical assistance and advice as well as maintenance services.
Advantages and Innovations:
- environmentally friendly alternative to other water disinfection methods e.g. chlorination, because it doesn´t need any chemicals and generates no harmful by-products
- no negative effects on the smell, the colour or the taste of the treated water compared to chlorination
- no skin contact witht the disinfecting active agent - no skin irritation or other health risks through the treated water
- more energy effiecient and technically less demanding than ozone treatment
- easy assembly, handling and maintenance of the UV treatment units based on a unique protected design of the casing
- application anywhere in the world due to various options for power connection/supply
- additional compact units for autarkic applications in remote areas without central water or power supply (e.g. excursions, caravan -Y- camping or drinking water supply in third world countries) with power supply options via photovoltaic system, car socket or a mains adapter
- very efficient stand-alone solution for the disinfection of water, but also very suitable to complement other mechanical, physical or chemical methods
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for engineering companies in the water treatment sector or water treatment plant operators in the field of drinking water, swimming pool maintenance, aquariums, ultra-pure water for pharmaceutical applications, etc.
Potential partners are expected to integrate the UV light disinfection units into new or existing water treatment systems.
The technology proposer seeks commercial agreements and provides customised development and adaptation to the particular needs, technical implementation and assistance as well as after service and maintenance


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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