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Búsqueda de experiencia en tratamiento de aguas residuales altamente tóxicas y no biodegradables


Demanda Tecnológica
Una pyme de Singapur de ingeniería ambiental especializada en ofrecer sistemas integrados de tratamiento de agua y aguas residuales busca socios tecnológicos con experiencia en tratamiento de aguas residuales altamente tóxicas y no biodegradables. El sistema propuesto se empleará principalmente para tratar compuestos orgánicos volátiles. La empresa busca pymes, multinacionales y centros de I+D especializados en investigación industrial con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Seeking expertise in the treatment of high toxicity and non-biodegradable wastewater
A Singapore environmental engineering SME with particular strengths and focus in providing integrated systems for water and wastewater treatment is seeking to work with technology partners with the expertise to treat high toxicity and non-biodegradable wastewater. The company would be keen on a licensing partnership with SMEs, MNEs and R-Y-D institutions involved in industrial research.
The Singapore company has also expanded capabilities in temperature control, air pollution control solutions, water and wastewater treatment systems, recycling and zero waste systems, converting waste to energy, power generation, and other environmental engineering and management.

Its business in providing engineering, procurement, construction projects has expanded beyond Singapore to also include Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Qatar, and China, etc.

They are seeking a high technology readiness level (TRL) solution that has been tested and can be modified to integrate with or replace some of the existing processes to treat high toxicity and non-biodegradable wastewater. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are also major pollutants that should be addressed by the proposed treatment system.

The current gap in existing process occurs between the physiochemical treatment and the final biological process where the chemical oxygen demand (COD) is around 10,000 ppm with high VOC and some toxicity after the physicochemical treatment. The feed going into the biological process should be at COD concentration of 2000-3000 ppm with low toxicity.

The company would like to introduce an additional process after the physiochemical process to address the gap or modify some of the existing processes to allow treatment of the wastewater to sewer discharge standards of COD: 600 ppm.

The company is keen to work with industrial partners including SMEs, MNEs and R-Y-D institutions on a licensing partnership.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The current process takes in wastewater from 3 different feed sources. Feed sources have a wide range of physiochemical characteristics and contain heavy metals, pharmacological active compounds, toxic solvents and recalcitrant complex organic compounds.

- Total volume: 50 t/D
- 24 hr operational flow: 2.0 m3/h
- Designed capacity: 2.0 m3/h
- Influent average COD range: 10,000 ppm
- Influent average biological oxygen demand (BOD): 5000 ppm
- Influent average total dissolved solids (TDS): 5000-10000 ppm

The treatment technology or process should consist of the following specifications:

- Able to withstand variations in the feed constituents as wide range of chemicals inputs.
- Expected influent COD is 10,000 ppm
- Expected treated COD effluent is 2000-3000 ppm for feed into biological processes.
- The tech partner should be able to provide engineering, design and consultancy support, preferably locally.
- Treatment process must be able to treat VOCs

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The type of partners sought include:
- MNEs
- R-Y-D Institutions
- SMEs of any sizes

The company would be interested in establishing a licensing partnership with the potential partner.

The role of the partner would be to provide the industrial expertise and solutions that would be able to address the current challenges that that company is experiencing in its toxic and non-biodegradable wastewater treatment processes.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: