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Búsqueda de fabricantes de drones, incluyendo los sensores y el software, para inspección de estructuras marítimas


Demanda Tecnológica
Un proveedor sueco de infraestructuras marítimas está interesado en utilizar drones controlados de forma remota para reproducir modelos y analizar estructuras marítimas, detectar averías y daños y contribuir al mantenimiento del ciclo de vida. La empresa busca fabricantes de drones aéreos y marítimos para inspección de estructuras marítimas, así como sensores y software para inspeccionar los drones. Los fabricantes de drones buscados deben tener conocimientos en sensores y desarrollo de software para modelización óptica, térmica y digital y en inteligencia artificial para la integración e interfaz con el software con el fin de cubrir la estructura y su construcción y monitorizar el deterioro y mantenimiento. La cooperación se establecerá en el marco de un acuerdo de fabricación, licencia o joint venture. Esta demanda forma parte de un reto de innovación publicado en una plataforma abierta.


Looking for producers of drones, including sensors and software, for inspections of marine structures
A leading Swedish marine infrastructure solutions provider wants to use remote operated drones to render models to analyse marine structure, detect failures and damages and contribute to life cycle maintenance. The company is looking for producers of airborne and seaborne drones for inspections as well a sensors and software for inspections with drones. Cooperation would be within a manufacturing, licence or joint venture agreement. This request refers to an open innovation challenge.
The marine and offshore industry has suffered from more than a decade of economic instability, poor freight rates and high costs for implementing varying legislation compliance. Staff has been cut, more should be done by lesser people or projects gets closed - or not started - as the overall costs seems too high for profitability. In the same time, quantum leaps has been taken in other industries introducing Internet of Things, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and high speed connectivity. Combining the challenge with other sector industries developments will support the marine and offshore industry for providing support for cost and operational efficient asset life cycle maintenance.

Moreover. the marine infrastructure is very exposed. It is large structures used in demanding environment, heavy wear -Y- tear and varying load conditions. The Swedish company will have to know the structure built "as-is" meets requirements and fulfil the intended design and its purpose as well monitor wear -Y- tear for functionality, design purpose and best operational, economical performance through life time. This will benefit from optical, thermal and digital modelling where the use of artificial intelligence can analyse, detect and predict tear -Y- wear, life time expectations and schedule suggested maintenance. To optimize high resolution data collection and minimize interference on marine infrastructure, vessels etc it will benefit from remote operated drones supported by high resolution positioning via real time kinetics with 4G/5G and satellite provided carriers. What makes this service cost- and operational competitive is its efficiency in data collection and model rendering as well the use of advanced algorithms to measure, calculate and predict hot spots, life time and deliver high resolution optical, thermal and digital map "as-is" models.

The Swedish company is working with the shipping and offshore industry, i.e. ship/rig owners, repair yards, technical managers, insurance companies, classification societies, designers and consultants etc. as well as with other large marine infrastructure such as port equipment, link spans, wind farms etc.

The company is now looking for producers and partners interested in entering a manufacturing, licence or joint venture agreement. Collaboration is expected to lead to integrating initially airborne and later also seaborne drones for remote operation, sensors -Y- hard- and software for data collection and positioning and high resolution model processing.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Drone producers and manufacturers with knowledge in:
· Sensors and software development for optical-, thermal- and digital tread modelling
· Artificial intelligence for integration or interface to software with objective to primarily cover structure, it´s built, ware -Y- tear and maintenance

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Producers, manufacturers, developers service providers of airborne and seaborne drones for inspection of marine structures such as ships, offshore structures etc.

The partner should have experience and competences in sensors, hardware and software for inspections with drones for inspection, including e.g. remote operations, data collection, positioning and high resolution model processing.

Optimally, the partner is a producing company with a product ready to use after smaller adoptions. However joint ventures and financing of academic research may also be of interest, if needed. The partner will carry own development and related costs. Own and potential external financed separately. Majority ownership will be in a limited company.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500 MNE
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: