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Búsqueda de fabricantes de tejidos y ropa termorreguladora para reducir el dolor crónico a causa del frío


Demanda Tecnológica
Una universidad británica especializada en desarrollar enfoques terapéuticos para mejorar el tratamiento, rehabilitación y calidad de vida de personas después de sufrir un ictus e individuos que padecen dolores crónicos y sensibilidad a causa de temperaturas bajas busca fabricantes de tejidos y ropa y científicos en el campo de tejidos que ofrezcan ropa inteligente termorreguladora. Los tejidos deben aislar y regular la temperatura a través de las mangas o las piernas. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de fabricación o cooperación técnica.


Manufacturers of textiles with temperature controlled capabilities are sought to reduce chronic pain cold sensations
A leading South West UK University focussed on developing therapeutic approaches to improve treatment, rehabilitation and quality of life after stroke and to others who suffer from chronic pain triggered by cold temperature and sensations seeks textile and clothing manufacturers or textile scientists with suitable smart, temperature controlled clothing or fabrics for manufacturing or technical co operation agreement.
An estimated 50% of people who suffer a stroke go on to experience unpleasant coldness in affected limbs. A smaller percentage suffer abnormalities in sensitivity to temperature and exposure to cold can trigger extremely unpleasant sensations and chronic pain, even a cool breeze can trigger severe pain. Current medication is reported as ineffective. Individuals generally resort to alternative solutions either wearing many layers of clothing even inside the home or applying heat pads to affected areas. Both are impractical and prolonged use of heat pads causes skin damage. Many who suffer will avoid exposure to cold stimuli and restrict daily activities which impacts greatly on quality of life.
The research team are currently working on a project to identify, source and test smart clothing to see if it can improve the comfort of people living with cold and painful sensations. They have access to clinical populations who would like to participate in the development and evaluation of smart clothing.
The University seeks textile scientists or manufacturers who have textiles with temperature controlling capabilities. The textiles need to meet the following requirements:
· Lightweight and suitable as base layer clothing - thin and soft as it will be in direct contact with the skin
· Regulate/isolate different temperatures to specific parts eg a sleeve or leg
· Any power needs to last several hours, be unobtrusive and safe when in contact with the skin presenting no risk of damage or burning.
· Washable
The South West UK University would like to work with partners to develop suitable garments which will be tested with potential users. Larger trials will be conducted if initial results prove positive. Partners with suitable textiles or who are currently developing smart textiles are requested for manufacturing or technical co operation agreements.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Manufactures or materials scientists with smart, temperature controlling fabrics.
Partners who have technology and have developed garments for individuals working in or exposed to cold, harsh and extreme environments eg military, explorers, extreme sports

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Partners will be scientists or manufacturers of textiles with temperature controlling capabilities. Partners will need to work with the research group to produce prototypes for user testing and depending on user feedback and successful initial results further develop suitable garments for larger trial groups.


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