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Búsqueda de pymes, proveedores y OEM en Alemania, Austria y Suiza para participar en un proyecto sobre componentes de seguridad para una arquitectura de referencia funcional que permita la conducción autónoma o en red


Demanda Tecnológica
Una universidad alemana busca socios con el fin de participar en un proyecto y desarrollar una arquitectura de referencia funcional para la conducción autónoma/en red basada en EAST-ADL y AUTOSAR, con especial interés en seguridad y vigilancia. Los lenguajes de descripción de arquitectura EAST-ADL y AUTOSAR ofrecen la base para la modelización de sistemas de automoción integrados de alta calidad. El principal objetivo es evaluar de forma crítica las medidas de seguridad actuales en vehículos autónomos y perseguir nuevos enfoques para implementar y garantizar una comunicación segura en sistemas Car-to-X en el futuro. La universidad busca pymes, proveedores y OEM en Alemania, Austria y Suiza.


SMEs, suppliers or OEMs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland wanted for project on safety and security components for a functional reference architecture for highly autonomous driving/highly networked driving
EAST-ADL and AUTOSAR are architecture description languages providing the fundament for modelling high quality automotive embedded systems. These languages are able to model safety issues (according to the ISO26262 standard) but are not capable as of now to model security issues.
In the envisioned project, a functional reference architecture for highly autonomous driving/highly networked driving based on the EAST-ADL + AUTOSAR shall be developed with a special focus on safety and security.
Highly autonomous driving/highly networked driving systems share many commonalities. These commonalities (e.g., safety and security demands of mission-critical cyber-physical system) are highly complex and require sophisticated engineering approaches. These engineering approaches shall be developed jointly in a project in order to achieve high quality systems with a reliability level meeting the expectations of the society. At the same time, a joint effort will decrease the respective costs that otherwise need to be defrayed by each individual player.

"Cars will be the next battlefront," said John Carlin, U.S. Assistant Justice Secretary for National Security and Spokesman at the SAE 2016 World Congress. Automobile vehicle systems have long been no longer just a matter of pure movement. They are highly complex, networked IT systems and communicate with their analogue and digital environment. Vehicle assistance systems such as ABS and ESP were only a microscopic step towards intelligent vehicles. Today, one talks about autonomous driving and networking of the vehicle and smartphone, tablet and other smart systems, even to networked infrastructures (keyword "smart cities"); In the case of networked vehicles, one speaks generally of the Car-to-X communication. Customers are increasingly aware of new technologies before purchasing a new vehicle, and in addition to functionality, they also require adequate security - both in terms of reliability and safety as well as protection against digital attacks and stability against cyber attacks (security). However, the threat of attackers is growing with increasing complexity and bandwidth. Security solutions such as cryptography and secure communication channels (protocols) are in a permanent race against new attack technologies. This is particularly disturbing at the moment, since automotive manufacturers use more resources to improve the functionality, such as connectivity to the driver´s smartphone, etc., than to security.
For example, the mobile application of an electric car manufacturer was already decomposed by reverse engineering and the API is distributed in forums. Also since May 2016 several critical accidents of autonomous driving vehicles have attracted the public interest. The reason for the accidents is the function "autopilot" of the manufacturer, which conveys the appearance of autonomous driving through different driving assistance systems (safety aspect).
The focus of this project is to critically evaluate the current safety measures in autonomously operating vehicles and to pursue new approaches to how secure communication can be implemented and ensured in Car-to-X systems in the future. The approaches and solutions developed are intended to prevent and protect against current and possible future cyber attacks, and to protect them against unauthorized access from the outside. In addition, the feasibility of the results obtained is compared with modern industrial methods and the usability is examined in standard standards (in particular AUTOSAR - AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture ). It also examines the extent to which automobile-specific standards (such as AUTOSAR, EAST-ADL - EAST-ADL) can be extended by means of security / safety mechanisms and whether a domain-wide approach is possible. In particular, an extension of EAST-ADL is focused on building blocks (with content) for security in the form of a reference architecture. An exemplary implementation with a model vehicle, for example Freescale Auto with AUTOSAR architecture, is suitable as a demonstrator.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
For testing and validating the automotive software and prototype solutions, access to test benches is needed. Tests involve the whole system but especially software.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partner sought should not only be interested in automotive software architecture, but especially in the AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) and EAST-ADL (Electronics Architecture and Software Technology - Architecture Description Language) stack.

Furthermore, expertise in manufacturing and developing for embedded systems in context of automotive and autonomous driving is appreciated. Further, it would be very advantageous for the partner to research and be interested in IT-security measures to secure those mentioned embedded systems in vehicles against maliciously attempted access.

Note: Client ist especially not interested in solutions regarding full-featured operating systems (like a full-sized Linux installation) as a host platform. The focus should be on industry standard embedded systems.

Further details on the partner sought:
· Automotive Software (advantageous: interest in AUTOSAR and EAST-ADL)
· Small and medium-sized enterprises (preferred)
· Original equipment manufacturer for automotive hardware / boards / vehicles
· advantageous: interest in secure systems and securing embedded systems / networks / car-to-x comunication

The focus on the sought partners is on industry partners - in form of small and medium-sized enterprises (preferred) or original equipment manufacturers for automotive hardware (boards, etc.) as an alternative. Examples for such enterprises and manufacturers are Freescale Semiconductor / NXP, and Continental.

The tasks to be performed by the partner sought:
Tasks to be performed by the future partner involve support and qualification in the matter of IT-security and the will to develop and integrate secure solutions as part of a software architecture into an (autonomously driving) vehicle. Intention is a modular extension of AUTOSAR as an additional security layer and modules for the EAST (Electronics Architecture and Software Technology) architecture description language. As a demonstrator of the project, it is planned to develop a prototype using a small-sized, autonomously driving model car.


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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